10 Great Mobile Games to Try in 2020

Want a great game to burn some hours on your smartphone?

Over the past few years, we have seen a strong batch of good titles enter the mobile gaming market.

With many worthy names to choose from today, it’s easy to get lost among the choices, leading to many great games getting overlooked. 

With that said, here is a list of ten mobile games that may have fallen under the radar, but have still managed to maintain a high-grade in 2020 reviews. 

Depending on your preferences, perhaps many of these will be worth a go: some might become mainstays on your mobile devices for the next several years.  


Ratings: 4.7/5 (App Store, Google Play) 

Image Source: Google Play

In the shooter category, many people are familiar with games like Call of Duty, Fortnite, and PUBG.

So in some ways, a game like JYDGE may have taken a backseat, making it one of the more underrated games to try in this category. 

For those unaware, JYDGE is a simple tilted top-down perspective shooter game with easy controls. You take on the role of JYDGE, a law enforcer situated in a dystopian city of crime. 

Your primary responsibilities include eliminating enemies and rescuing hostages across various levels. 

In the process, one gets to engage in intense gun battles against several enemies. They also can destroy the environment, such as by smashing through windows and shooting down walls. 

So, if you are looking for a gritty action-filled game, JYDGE literally might be worth a shot.

Mario Kart Tour

Ratings: 4.7/5 (App Store), 4/5 (Google Play) 

Mario Kart has been a household name in the gaming world for decades. In 2020, it has also been making some noise in the world of mobile gaming. Mario Kart Tour brings the racing classic to your fingertips! 

This game needs little explanation: race with your favorite character against friends or random players from around the world.

One of the most user-friendly games (rated E for everyone) in the racing category, it’s hard to go wrong with Mario Kart Tour. 

There are hours to explore across numerous real-world city maps such as New York, Paris, Tokyo, London, and Vancouver.

Within the mobile sensation, players get to earn exciting rewards, including new drivers, unique karts, and badges to equip for future races. 

Besides the traditional gameplay of racing and finishing first, it also includes bonus courses with other objectives, giving the game another element to explore.      

Pokémon Café Mix

Ratings: 4.8/5 (App Store), 4.4/5 (Google Play) 

Pokémon Café Mix is one of the more interesting games introduced to the mobile market in 2020. It’s a puzzle-based game that features Pokémon characters in a cafe setting. 

The basic objective of the game is to run a cafe smoothly and serve your Pokémon customers. Players fulfill orders by solving puzzles to make dishes and drinks for the customers. 

With each successful order, your relationship levels with customers grow. As such, perks and upgrades will be rewarded to help you to expand your business. 

Accordingly, your business will attract a broader client base of Pokémon customers, and you will also be given the ability to hire staff Pokémon to work at your cafe. 

In brief, this is a perfect hybrid game for Pokémon fans looking for something in the restaurant and cooking genre. 

Landlord GO – Money & Property Business Simulator

Ratings: 4.6 /5 (App Store), 4.4/5 (Google Play)  

Image Source: Google Play

Landlord GO is an intriguing game for those wanting to put their entrepreneurial skills to the test.

It’s an augmented reality game that gives one the ability to buy, sell, and trade digital properties in your own city. The GPS geolocation feature offers players a realistic simulation of the real-life economy around them.  

Players will strive to become a business tycoon in their city by making smart investments and shrewd business decisions to grow their portfolio.

In the app game, you can also challenge other players in your city and see how you measure up against other aspiring tycoons.  

Unlike in most mobile games, Landlord GO is a fun way for one to learn the fundamental concepts of investing, business management, and wealth creation on the go.  

One-Punch Man: Road to Hero 2.0

Ratings: 4.4/5 (App Store), 4.2/5 (Google Play)   

One-Punch Man: Road to Hero 2.0 is a dynamic anime-based strategy action card game. Players collect and train characters, assembling a squad for hours of epic battles. 

Teams consist of many fan-favourite heroes and powerful monsters from the anime series. So, if you are a fan of One-Punch Man, there is going to be a lot to enjoy here.

At the same time, the addictive strategic battle modes and ongoing challenges have given Road to Hero 2.0 a growing fan base of newcomers. 

All in all, this is a very well rounded game that may lead to you enjoying many hours of memorable gameplay. One-Punch Man is definitely worth a try for those looking to play a strategic RPG-based battle card game.

The Room: Old Sins 

Ratings:  4.9/5 (App Store), 4.9/5 (Google Play)  

Image Source: Google Play

The Room: Old Sins is the latest addition to the ‘The Room’ series from Fireproof Games. Simply put, it’s a  puzzle game with escape room objectives to overcome.

Investigating the sudden disappearance of an engineer and his upper-class wife leads to you hunting down a precious artefact.

Along your journey, you’ll wind through the captivating story, be met by challenging puzzles, search for clues, and explore unsettling locations.

Winner of a few awards, Old Sins offers a fulfilling yet engaging brain-stimulating experience for those willing to explore.

One could spend hours going through the immersive puzzles filled with exciting cliffhangers, keeping players engaged for hours on end. 

Combine that with a haunting atmosphere, intricate room details, stunning graphics, and fittingly spooky music, the game is rather well put together.

As there are not many games on the market today that can offer an incredibly detailed and seamlessly fun experience in the puzzle category, The Room: Old Sins is well worth a go.

Human: Fall Flat

Ratings:  4.2/5 (App Store), 4.2/5 (Google Play)  

Image Source: Google Play

Perhaps one of the most light-hearted titles on this list, Human: Fall Flat is a game that shouldn’t be overlooked. 

It’s a humorous physics puzzle platform game that puts you into the role of a wobbly human. You can walk, jump, climb, and interact with almost any object around you. 

Exploration and creativity are key for players as they manoeuvre through challenging puzzles with hilarious distractions along the way. 

Human: Fall Flat can be played solo, with friends, or with strangers from all over the world; better still, it can lighten the mood for just about anyone having a bad day.

You can work together with other players or suddenly surprise them by throwing them off the map at a moment’s notice. 

Overall, it is a humorous yet straightforward game that is wildly addictive and offers you into hours of fun with its unpredictable gameplay. 

Brawl Stars

Ratings: 4.7/5 (App Store), 4.3/5 (Google Play)  

Image Source: Apple App Store

Brawl Stars is another simple game that can hook you in for hours of fun. Brawling is the main object of the game: players enter a battle arena, brawl, and try to come out with a win. 

In the multiplayer arena, players can battle against friends, other similarly-skilled players, or AI opponents. 

With experience, players will build up their brawlers’ abilities, level-up their characters, and put together stronger fighters.

You can also unlock a bunch of special abilities to equip brawlers in the battlefield better as well. 

The game offers a variety of exciting modes such as heist mode, where the object of the game is to steal your opponent’s treasure.

There’s also bounty mode, which has the main objective of beating down foes on the opposite team.

In some ways, this game resembles games like Clash Royale and Clash of Clans. So, if those games are your cup of tea, Brawl Stars might be another title to try out on your smartphone.

Battle Chasers: Nightwar

Ratings:  4/5 (App Store), 4.6/5 (Google Play)  

Image Source: Google Play

Battle Chasers: Nightwar is an example of a classic console title that has found success in the mobile gaming world. 

It is considered to be one of the best mobile RPGs on the market and is the recipient of several awards. It’s a JRPG-style game with turn-based combat, a rich storyline, and a vast world to explore. 

In Nightwar, you’re tasked with helping Gully investigate the mysterious disappearance of her famous father, Aramus. With the help of five unlikely and unique heroes, you’ll face the dangers of the wilds head-on.

In the game, you interact with a huge cast of characters from the comic and embark while exploring an epic world of adventures.

Throughout the story, players will engage in battles and tactically-demanding encounters against notorious bosses and other surprises along the way. 

It is not only for players who are into the comic as it’s also engaging for those who like the superb aesthetics of the JRPG. The game has some of the most stunning graphics a mobile game can offer today.

Add that to the well-developed characters, a rich storyline, and a well put together fight system, and you can see why this game has garnered such high review scores. 

Graveyard Keeper

Ratings: 2.7 /5 (App Store), 4/5 (Google Play)  

Image Source: Google Play

Graveyard Keeper is another console-based game brought to the world of mobile gaming. It’s a role-playing game that allows users to build and manage their own graveyard in a medieval setting. 

Overall, it is a very interesting strategy game that encourages the spirit of capitalism as it challenges players to build and maintain a successful business. 

In the act of maintaining your graveyard, you will be faced with some tough ethical decisions, such as selling organs of corpses to earn extra income.

You may also end up exploring mysterious dungeons nearby to discover raw materials to benefit your business further. 

All in all, this is one of the more unique sim games on the mobile market and is worth a try for gamers looking for something a little different. 

In Conclusion

Even though some of these games may have slipped under the radar, most of them have still managed to maintain a solid rating in 2020. So, the games on this list may be worth a shot if you’re looking for something new to play on your mobile.

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