Among Us is finally on Nintendo Switch, and it has cross-play

As confirmed at today's Nintendo Indie World Showcase, Among Us is available now on Nintendo Switch and will support cross-play.

Among Us
Source: Nintendo's Official YouTube, Indie World Showcase

During today’s Nintendo Indie World Showcase, the company dropped news about many future titles, but one of the year’s most popular is available right now. Among Us has been an absolute hit in 2020, and the title is live on Nintendo Switch as of today.

Despite the fact that Among Us originally launched as a mobile game in June of 2018, the title from Innersloth has seen an enormous boost in popularity since mid-2020. In an interview with Kotaku Australia, the game’s programmer and business lead said Twitch was a huge factor and that the game had garnered more popularity in Mexico, Brazil, and Korea than it had elsewhere.

Innersloth expanded the game to Windows a few months after the initial mobile release in 2018, and at launch the game was fully compatible for cross-play. That means anyone playing via iOS, Android, or Windows would be able to play together.

Among Us surges in 2020 to multiple awards

The 2020 resurgence of the game has made it a favorite in recent months, and pushes Among Us into three major awards. At Golden Joystick 2020, it secured the Breakthrough Award over two years after the game’s release.

Most impressively, at The Game Awards 2020, Among Us won Best Mobile Game and Best Multiplayer Game. The most impressive of those two is Best Multiplayer Game, where Among Us joins juggernauts like Apex Legends, Fortnite, Overwatch, and Splatoon that have won the award in recent years.

Social gaming while social distancing

Among Us
Source: Nintendo’s Official YouTube, Indie World Showcase

There’s been speculation that another factor in the game’s burst of popularity has actually been the timing of the ongoing global pandemic. Among Us is a very simple and easy to pickup game for new players, and it provides a much-needed avenue for socializing in a socially distanced time.

The mix of cooperative and competitive play within the game is also a part of this, as players stuck at home get to embrace both their light and dark side depending on which role they end up playing during a game of Among Us.

Among Us is available now, and has cross-play

Among Us
Source: Nintendo’s Official YouTube, Indie World Showcase

The sudden announcement that Among Us was heading to Nintendo Switch today came with two great pieces of news. The first is that it’s already available to purchase and download, so fans won’t have to wait at all.

The second is that, like the release on Windows, the version available on Nintendo Switch will support cross-play with players on all other platforms. This is a huge boon, as it will mean this multiplayer-heavy title will come with a built-in player base.

Had the game launched on Nintendo Switch without cross-play, it would’ve taken time to build up the player base on the console. Unfortunately, the nature of multiplayer games is that their success and quality becomes reliant on the very people playing them.

However, with cross-play confirmed, you can rest assured that if you snag the game on Nintendo Switch you’ll have plenty of people to play with.

Finally, the game comes with a very affordable pricetag. For just £3.89 in the UK or $5.00 in the US, you can download Among Us through Nintendo Online right now and start playing.

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