Animal Crossing New Horizons: June Fish Arrivals and Departures

It’ll be June soon, which means it’s shark season in the Northern Hemisphere!

With another month comes another wave of fish arriving and departing from the oceans around your New Horizons island.

In the Northern Hemisphere, it’s finally sharksSeason, with the Great White Shark, Hammerhead Shark, Saw Shark, and Whale Shark all arriving. So, you’d best brush up on how to identify a shark in Animal Crossing.

In the Southern Hemisphere, the lengthy Oarfish will be coming to your shores.

Below, you’ll find all of the fish leaving the Northern and Southern Hemisphere when 1 June arrives, as well as all of the fish arriving this month.

New Horizons June Fish Departures

The incredibly valuable Golden Trout is leaving the river clifftops the Southern and Northern Hemisphere of Animal Crossing at 9 am on 31 May, so you’d best get to fishing!

Northern Hemisphere fish leaving in June

LoachRiver400All DayMarch-May
Golden TroutRiver Clifftop15,0004pm-9amMarch-May, September-November
OarfishOcean9,000All DayDecember-May
Zebra TurkeyfishOcean500All DayApril-May, July-November

Southern Hemisphere fish leaving in June

CharRiver3,8004pm-9amMarch-May, September-December
Mitten CrabRiver2,0004pm-9amMarch-May
Neon TetraRiver5004am-4pmOctober-May
Golden TroutRiver Clifftop15,0004pm-9amMarch-May, September-November
Cherry SalmonRiver Clifftop1,000All DayMarch-May, September-December
Barred KnifejawOcean5,000All DaySeptember-May
SeahorseOcean1,100All DayOctober-May
Zebra TurkeyfishOcean500All DayJanuary-May, October-November

New Horizons June Fish Arrivals

While there’s not a huge amount to get excited for if you’re fishing in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s finally time to find some sharks in the Northern Hemisphere.

There are also plenty of other incredibly valuable fish arriving in the Northern Hemisphere in June, including the Dorado, Arapaima, and Arowana.

From 1 June, these are the fish that northerners and southerners will be able to find in their waterways.

Northern Hemisphere new June fish arriving

TilapiaRiver800All DayJune-October
Giant SnakeheadPond5,5009am-4pmJune-September
SuckerfishOcean1,500All DayJune-September
Great White SharkOcean15,0004pm-9amJune-September
Hammerhead SharkOcean8,0004pm-9amJune-September
Saw SharkOcean12,0004pm-9amJune-September
Whale SharkOcean13,000All DayJune-September

Southern Hemisphere new June fish arriving

Pond SmeltRiver500All DayJune-August
Saddled BichirRiver4,0009pm-4amJune-March
OarfishOcean9,000All DayJune-November
Sea ButterflyOcean1,000All DayJune-September
SquidOcean500All DayJune-February

While the Northern Hemisphere of Animal Crossing has the more exciting and valuable fish coming in, the Southern Hemisphere does welcome a couple of gems in June, with the Oarfish and Saddled Bichir.