Ark: Genesis – New Creatures, Items, Biomes Launching this Month

It’s the expansion’s third release date, but the developers have confirmed that Ark: Genesis will finally arrive in February.

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Ark: Survival Evolved initially launched to early access back in 2015 for PC and later Xbox, offering a terrific survival game where you’re thrust into a strange world of prehistoric creatures.

Since then, the game has evolved tremendously in its single-player form and through massive multiplayer events online, bringing in new environments, more creatures, and better items to craft.

On 25 February, the Ark universe shall expand once again with the first of the two-part DLC expansion Ark: Genesis. While fans of the game will be wary of the latest release date due to previous delays, 25 February looks set to be the real one.

“Putting the polishing touches” on Ark: Genesis

The tantalising fourth paid DLC expansion for Ark was initially penned for a December 2019 release, but that was pushed back to January 2020.

In January, Ark fans were unfortunately informed that Studio Wildcard needed an additional month to finish the highly-anticipated DLC. The studio declared 25 February as the new Ark: Genesis release date, and now, it has been confirmed once again.

In their latest Community Crunch post announcing the ‘Love Evolved’ event, Ark: Genesis was noted as being “on the horizon.” The post read:

“The team is hard at work putting the polishing touches on our next expansion… We can’t wait for February 25th!”

Less than two weeks away from the latest chapter of Ark: Survival Evolved, it’s time to excited about the newest creatures that survivors will encounter in the strange new world of Ark: Genesis.

What new creatures are in Ark: Genesis?

With a new DLC expansion comes a new wave of unique creatures, and these upcoming beasties look incredible. The new Ark: Genesis creatures that have been announced so far are the Giant Tortoise, Ferox, Magmasaur, Moeder, Bloodstalker, Blade Wasp, and Astrocetus.

Ark: Genesis is bringing in a bunch of new biomes to house these grand creatures, including ones of lava, bog, lunar, ones at high-altitudes among the mountain peaks, as well as some wide-stretching oceans.

Image Source: PlayArk

Quite possibly the most exciting unique creature coming to Ark: Genesis is that of the Giant Tortoise, which players will be able to build upon and ride across the oceans.

Seen in the image above, those who tame and build upon the huge reptile will also benefit from an air bubble being formed around the Giant Tortoise’s shell when it submerges – giving you an easy way to store materials and breathe in air while foraging along the ocean floor.

The next great creature – supposedly found lurking around the snowy mountain peaks – is the adorable little Ferox (seen in the header image). But don’t be fooled: the Ferox can shapeshift into a terrifying and vicious beast if it consumes element. The Ferox is said to be a shoulder-mounted pet, much like dimorphodons, otters, and bulbdogs.

Stalking the lava fields of the Ark: Genesis world will be the mighty Magmasaur. Tackling the beast in its natural habitat is a tough task as it gains strength and power through heat, consuming whatever it sees that will continue to power up its attacks. The Magmasaur is, however, averse to water and cold environments.

Under the surface of the spanning oceans, survivors might stumble across a giant eel with a wide, blue-hued mouth and shining blue eyes. This creature is Moeder: an aquatic midway boss, which can summon other eels to protect it from encroaching survivors.

The Bloodstalker looks to be a very fun creature to use once tamed. The bizarre-looking invertebrate appears to be more user-friendly than its name suggests with web-slinging being its primary feature. The Bloodstalker can hold up players to give better vision across combat areas as well as swing around to make a quick getaway.

Another invertebrate coming into Ark: Genesis as a unique creature is the Blade Wasp, but little is known about this new addition to the dossier as it stands.

The Ark: Genesis oceans are expected to be very large to allow for all of the massive creatures, like the Giant Tortoises, to traverse the open world. So, one would expect the new whale creatures to appear in the vast bodies of water.

Instead, the Ark: Genesis team decided to bring the whales, or Astrocetus, to the lunar biome. Space whales is a very intriguing concept, but the Astrocetus gets even better as it is said to be able to warp through hyperspace.

On top of these new creatures coming with Ark: Genesis, many old favourites will appear with new variations, stat boosts, and skin patterns based on their new environments.

Studio Wildcard has revealed that the allosaurus, smilodon, spinosaurus, parasaurolophus, paraceratherium, utahraptor, tapejara, and mighty mosasaurus will feature bio-specific reskins.

What new items does Ark: Genesis include?

The big-ticket new Tek-tier items coming with Ark: Genesis are the remote-guided Tek Cruise Missile, which is fired from the Tek Cruise Launcher, the Tek Shoulder Cannon, Tek Grenade Launcher, and Tek Claws.

The Tek Claws are used to stab enemies, coming in the form of holographic melee weapons. The Tek-tier structures crafting list is also getting a few more additions, with the Tek Jet, Tek Jump Pad, and Tek Alarm System on the way.

Also on the way is the mining drill, which has been shown to be a tool for harvesting almost anything that you want from any material source. As seen in the video below, there’s also a fishing net that you can craft in Ark: Genesis.

Survivors will be able to craft new pressure plate, wooden ocean platform, and metal ocean platform structures. Also revealed so far are the brand new saddles for the unique creatures of Ark: Genesis.

You’ll be happy know that you can saddle up on the fiery Magmasaur with the Magmasaur Saddle and ride a whale through hyperspace by crafting and equipping an Astrocetus Saddle.

All of these items and the other new items will be added to the existing selection of items in Ark: Survival Evolved.

The newest DLC expansion to the Ark universe, Ark: Genesis, will land on 25 February. The Ark: Genesis Season Pass gives access to the two expansion parts of Ark: Genesis and the exclusive HLN-A cosmetic pet, costing £29.99 ($34.99).

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