Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Aveberie Megaliths Standing Stones Solution

AC Valhalla is filled with many Standing Stones, but what is the solution to the Aveberie Megaliths in Hamtunscire?

Aveberie Megaliths

The open-world of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is filled with Mysteries for you to uncover and solve – as marked by the light blue dots when undiscovered on the map – such as the Standing Stones formations.

While the most well-known standing stones are Stonehenge, which are also in AC Valhalla, various Standing Stones are scattered all across Europe and placed in many spots throughout ancient England in the latest Assassin’s Creed.

Here, we’re looking into the Aveberie Megaliths of AC Valhalla, going through where you can find and how you can solve the Standing Stones mystery.

What’s the benefit of completing Standing Stones?

Aveberie Megaliths

You can find Standing Stones in many places, and they’re one of the best ways to increase Power and level up in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Unlike some Mysteries, Standing Stones don’t just give you a chunk of XP.

Instead, they’re one of four kinds (along with Fly Agaric, Treasures of Britain, and Offering Altars) that give you one full skill point regardless of how much experience is needed to reach that next level of Power.

You’ll also earn some XP just for discovering the location, and get one step closer to completing all the Mysteries in a specific region.

Where do you find Aveberie Megaliths on the map?

You can find the Standing Stones known as the Aveberie Megaliths in Hamtunscire, which has a Suggested Power of 340. With that high difficulty, it’s usually one of the final regions you’ll venture to, even after the main story is complete.

Aveberie Megaliths

You can enter Hamtunscire prior to reaching the Suggested Power of 340, but if you’re significantly below that then you’ll be at higher risk of encountering an enemy you can’t defeat. While there aren’t any enemies at the Aveberie Megaliths, there are locations you may pass on the way that do have them.

If you’re coming in underpowered, make sure to save often and be careful while making the journey to Aveberie Megaliths. They’re not too far from Wincestre, so traveling to a synchronization point there or elsewhere in Hamtunscire is a good start. You can also take the river and go by horseback from the shore.

What is the solution to the Aveberie Megaliths Standing Stones?

Aveberie Megaliths

With all Standing Stones, the challenge is to position yourself in exactly the right spot with exactly the right camera angle to perfectly recreate a specific symbol. Read the central stone at the Aveberie Megaliths to get a bit of text about this location and see an image of the symbol you’re trying to recreate.

With some Standing Stones, you need to be positioned on the ground. With others, you need a vantage point from atop a nearby stone. There can also be breakable obstacles blocking your solution, but fortunately that isn’t the case at the Aveberie Megaliths.

With two full circles scattered with several Standing Stones among them, Aveberie Megaliths can be a bit confusing at first. This will be one of the Standing Stones where you need to climb to find the perfect vantage point.

In this case, there’s a tall and thin stone just behind the central stone you read the symbol on upon arrival. The above image shows you which one you need to be perched atop.

Once you’re on it, you have the fortunate scenario that you don’t need to bother inching in any specific direction. You’re either on this stone or you’re not.

Aveberie Megaliths

However, you will need to do some minute adjustments to your camera angle. Once things zoom in like you see above, you’ve almost got the solution in place and just need to change your perspective a bit to get it just right.

Aveberie Megaliths

Once the solution finally triggers, you’ll have completed the Standing Stones known as the Aveberie Megaliths. This will check one of the Mysteries in Haumtunscire off your list, and score you a Skill Point to raise your Power.

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