Assetto Corsa: Best Classic F1 Mods to Use in 2022

Assetto Corsa has an incredible selection of Formula One cars available, especially when it comes to classic cars; here’re the best of the bunch.

Image Source: Race Department
Image Source: Race Department

Assetto Corsa is one of the very best racing simulators out there, and what has ensured its longevity is the sheer breadth and depth of mods, especially when it comes to classic F1 cars.

Here‘s a look at what we consider to be the very best classic F1 car mods that you can get for Assetto Corsa.

1. Jordan 191 (VRC Modding Team)

Image Source: VRC Modding Team

Price: Free
Download: VRC Modding Team

The Jordan 191 from VRC is one of the best 1990s Formula One cars available, being dubbed ‘Formula Alpha’ on their website.

This car is what gave Michael Schumacher his thunderous F1 debut back in 1991, helping him to a stunning 7th-place in qualifying at the Spa circuit in Belgium. Coupling its association with the legendary driver, the Jordan 191 has also gone down as one of the prettiest Formula One cars ever created.

The VRC Modding Team car is a joy to drive and is one of the best free mods for Assetto Corsa out there, delivering on its promise of great 1990s action.

2. Formula RSS 2000 (Race Sim Studio)

Image Source: Race Sim Studio

Price: €3.80
Download: Race Sim Studio

Race Sim Studio probably make the very best Formula One mods for Assetto Corsa, and the RSS 2000 is possibly their best classic F1 mod.

It is based upon the 2000 Formula One season, loosely drawing on that year’s Ferrari, standing as a truly magnificent mod. The glorious V10 soundtrack is something to behold, and its lively nature makes it a handful to drive.

The Ferrari F2000 of that year won both the World Drivers’ and World Constructors’ Championships in the hands of Michael Schumacher, who won Ferrari’s first World Drivers’ title since 1979.

3. McLaren MP4-20 (VRC Modding Team)

Image Source: VRC Modding Team

Price: Free
Download: VRC Modding Team

Another insane car to come from VRC’s modding team, the 2005 McLaren was one of the finest cars produced by the Woking-based team and one of the fastest Formula One cars ever built.

Despite this, as well as the fearsome combination of the car with Kimi Räikkönen, it failed to win a world title in 2005 thanks to its Mercedes-Benz engine being incredibly unreliable.

VRC’s mod offers a great experience of that incredible car that feels glued to the ground while offering, perhaps, the greatest soundtrack heard on any Formula One car ever. That Mercedes V10 might have been unreliable, but it sure could make a good sound.

4. Ferrari F2002 (RaceDepartment, SalmanderSoldier)

Image Source: Race Department

Price: Free
Download: Race Department

Originally uploaded onto RaceDepartment by SalamanderSoldier, and revisited in 2020 by Bobby Deacs, the Ferrari F2002 in Assetto Corsa is beautifully recreated and allows you to relive the glory days of Schumacher and Ferrari.

It was one of the most dominant Formula One cars ever seen, winning 15 of the 19 races that it contested. This car allowed Michael Schumacher to wrap up his fifth World Drivers’ title incredibly early – at that year’s French Grand Prix – and was feared by the likes of McLaren and Williams.

These are some of the best classic F1 car mods that you can get for Assetto Corsa. Three of them are free and one of them is payware, but even that one’s very cheap and perhaps undervalued mod too. Each of these mods will provide a fine driving experience and, quite frankly, almost endless hours of fun.

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Keen player of both simulation and racing games. Can mostly be found playing the F1 series, Train Simulator, Assetto Corsa, with a bit of Battlefield thrown in between.
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