Attack on Titan Episode 77 Sneak Attack: Episode Synopsis and What You Need to Know

Here’s what you need to know from episode 77 of Attack on Titan.

The second episode of the second half of the Final Season of Attack on Titan aired, following the events of last week’s return. Read below for an overview of episode 77, “Sneak Attack.”

Previous episode synopsis

Eren fought off a surprise attack by Porco (as the Jaw Titan) while also fending off Pieck (as the Cart Titan) and the Marley soldiers. In the dungeons, Onyankopon revealed the full euthanasia plan to the captives (Armin, Mikasa, Conny, Jean, and the others). Onyankopon said he had no idea about the wine. Eventually, they’re set free and debate what to do from that point. Armin defended Eren while the others were predictably angry.

Meanwhile, Reiner dropped from an airship and transformed into the Armor Titan to take on Eren, in his Attack Titan form. Eren hardened both forearms in preparation for the battle, which commenced. Eren seemed to gain the upper hand until the Cart shot anti-Titan artillery at Eren, hitting him several times and stunning him. Porco and Reiner went for the kill, but Eren was still able to activate the War Hammer to impale his foes on spikes.

“Sneak Attack” synopsis

The episode began with the end of last week’s discussion where Armin told Mikasa he thinks Eren lied about her fate as an Ackerman. Armin continued to defend Eren against the insinuations the latter wants to sterilize all Eldians, saying he had no choice but to agree to go along with Yelena and having the power of the Founding Titan means he could defend the island with the Rumbling. After some silence, Jean reiterates he said as Cadets that Eren would lead them all into hell, but he always envied Eren so even if it makes him mad, he doesn’t want Eren to die yet. Conny agrees because he wants to punch Eren in the face.

They showed the battle in Shinganshina with Magath reminding his soldiers that this was to avenge Willy Tybur. Reiner (as the Armor) runs through Eren, pleading with him to stop, but Eren doesn’t relent. Porco makes a desparate plunge for the nape of the neck, but Eren backhands him all the way to the walls. Reiner then takes Eren down, saying he just wants this to end. He goes for the nape of the neck, but Eren reaches up and, using his armored hand, rips Reiner’s upper jaw from its face with a guttural yell. Suddenly, Zeke as the Beast Titan appears on top of the wall. He told Eren he’s late, but he met up at the desired point. He told Eren good job for hanging in there and to leave the rest “to your big brother.”

After the opening credits, Zeke hurls crushed stones at the Marely airships, blowing them apart. Pieck takes aim at Zeke, but not before Zeke is able to launch stones at her, forcing her to cling to the walls to escape the throw. The Survey Corps with Floch show up, aiming for the Cart. Eren slowly makes his way toward Zeke.

Those who drank Zeke’s spinal fluid were shown trapped in a cellar, Falco included. A Jaegerist tried stopping Jean and the rest from leaving, but they relented and opened the rest of cells. Pixis was fine, but Shadis was beat up. Pixis gives a speech to fend off the invaders, telling all those who drank the wine to go with him. Mikasa is shown equipping the ODM gear and leaving the red scarf behind, rebuffing Louise’s attempts at bonding. Jean, Conny, and Armin follow her out, all equipped with ODM gear and guns, with Mikasa carrying a load of Thunder Spears. Yelena is shown reveling in the destruction, saying, “The moment which shall change history is at hand!

The mid-episode info screen was on the surprise attack. “The goal of the surprise attack is to retake the Founding Titan.”

Reiner charges Eren, but is met with several stones from Zeke. Jean asks why Zeke is here, knowing Hange and Levi wouldn’t just let him go. Yelena replies that it seems Zeke defeated them, and Zeke promised to meet Eren. His friends shocked, Armin said their only choice is to help Eren, Zeke, and the Jaegerists. After looking like she was going to attack Armin, Yelena thanked him and asked them to help Eren and Zeke with tears in her eyes.

Falco exits the cellar and sees his brother, Colt, who tries to hide quickly. Falco tells the Mr. Nile, who acts like he’s going to tie Falco up in a house. Instead, he escorts Falco to his brother and Gabi and lets them escape. Falco thanks Nile as they leave. Colt asks Gabi why she trusted the enemy, but before she could answer they hide. A group walked by seeking refuge, and it was the family of Mia and Ben, those who helped Gabi and Falco even knowing they were from Marley. Sasha’s younger sister walks by, saying she wished Gabi and them were dead, crushing Gabi’s spirit.

She says in resigned acceptance, “There weren’t any devils. On this island…there were just people. I finally understand Reiner.” Marley just decided Eldians were devils, leading to a cycle of war and destruction. She apologizes to Falco, but he admits he played a part in the Liberio massacre by unknowingly sending letters from Eren back to Paradis Island. He then confessed his love for Gabi and that he became a candidate so she didn’t become the Armor and that they could live a happy, married life together. Colt and Gabi just stared at each other in shock. He said he wanted it to be said in case he turns into a Titan. She pulled off his black armband – indicating he drank the fluid – and Colt said if Zeke hears that Falco drank the fluid, he might stop.

Porco chases Eren, but Zeke also takes him out with stones. Zeke encourages Eren, saying they’re close to the end. The Cart is shown as a skeleton as the Survey Corps celebrate, but it was a trap as they turned the anti-Titan rifle and shot Zeke through the right shoulder, catching part of his neck. Zeke falls from the wall to the ground below head-first. Eren continues forward as Reiner prepares to make one final stand, saying the one person who shouldn’t have that power is Eren. Magath and the Marley soldiers quickly begin their descent, saying Zeke will scream – creating Pure Titans – if he even has “one ounce of life left.”

Here are some quick answers to questions you may have coming out of episode 77, “Sneak Attack.”

What named characters appeared in the episode?

  • Floch
  • Zeke
  • Eren
  • Yelena
  • Gabi
  • Pieck
  • Onyankopon
  • Porco
  • Reiner
  • Magath
  • Conny
  • Jean
  • Armin
  • Mikasa
  • Dot Pixis
  • Colt
  • Mr. Nile
  • Keith Shadis (Sadies)
  • Louise

Which named characters didn’t appear in this episode, but appeared last week?

  • Hange
  • Levi

Were there any notable deaths?

Aside from side characters without names, there weren’t any notable deaths of named characters. However, it remains to be seen the fate of both Hange and Levi after last week’s episode.

Why does Eren need to physically touch Zeke?

Remember that to control Titans, the person possessing the Founding Titan either needs to have royal blood or come into contact with someone with royal blood. This is how Eren was able to save himself by sending Pure Titans at Reiner after touching the Pure Titan form of Dina Fritz (“The Smiling Titan), Zeke’s mother.

Zeke being the son of Fritz means he has royal blood. If his younger brother, Eren, can make contact, then because Eren also has the Founding Titan (along with the Attack and War Hammer Titans), he can awaken the Colossal Titans who make up the three walls Paradis to activate the Rumbling and wipe out 80 percent of humanity as they walk across land and sea.

What does the ending mean for the next episode?

The ending indicates it will be a scramble to accomplish either killing Zeke (for Marley) or protecting Eren and Zeke long enough for them to touch (Jaegerists). The episode title, “Two Brothers,” also has a dual meaning as the episode preview seems to indicate there will be more on the relationships between the two sets of brothers in these episodes: Zeke and Eren, and Colt and Falco.

Attack on Titan airs every Sunday. You can catch in on Crunchyroll outside of Japan for English-speaking countries.

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