Attack on Titan Episode 78 Two Brothers: Episode Synopsis and What You Need to Know

Here's everything you need to know about Attack on Titan episode 78, "Two Brothers."

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Attack on Titan aired episode 78, the third of the second half of The Final Season. Here’s everything you need to know about “Two Brothers.”

Previous episode synopsis

Eren continues his battle against Reiner and Porco, all in their Titan forms. Zeke suddenly appears atop the wall, assisting Eren and Paradis Island by launching crushed stones at the Marley soldiers, many of whom die. He uses his crushed stones to keep Reiner and Porco at bay while Eren slowly makes his way toward him, still recovering from the artillery shots to the head. Meanwhile, the Survey Corps attacking Pieck get caught in a trap, allowing Magath to shoot an anti-Titan artillery through the right shoulder and neck of Zeke, toppling him to the ground.

Earlier, Armin, Mikasa, and the others diplomatically escaped the dungeon. They decided to assists Eren to Yelena’s thanks. Falco is released with the others in the cellar, and Mr. Nile takes him to his brother, Colt, and tells them to flee. Gabi realized the people of Paradis Island weren’t devils, but just people.

“Two Brothers” synopsis

After the intro, the episode began with Zeke falling to the ground and Eren trudging his way to his elder brother. Porco bites down on Eren’s leg, but Eren uses his armor reinforced right hand to slam into the back of Porco’s neck several times with hammer fists before being shot by the anti-Titan artillery once more. Pieck, back in her Cart form, fights off some of Floch’s Survey Corps members.

Armin, Mikasa, Conny, and Jean note that there are soldiers in the houses and decide to move. They look down to see the members who had ingested Zeke’s spinal fluid through wine – identifiable through their black armbands – riding through the city on horseback with guns on their backs to take it to the Marley soldiers. Armin says they should follow and flank them, attacking the soldiers from behind. A firefight ensues between Marely’s soldiers on the rooftops and the Paradis Island troops on the ground.

Zeke regains consciousness, noting he fell to the ground. He sees Eren with Reiner in mounted position, Eren holding off Reiner with his left arm as his right hand was missing. Reiner yells to Porco to wake up and muster his strength. Reiner reaches back and touches Porco’s head, triggering the memory of Porco’s elder brother, Marcel – the Jaw Titan who was eaten by Ymir in her Pure form before he, Reiner, Bertholt, and Annie could reach the walls – telling Reiner he wasn’t supposed to be chosen as a Warrior. Marcel tells Reiner he did it all to protect Porco.

Zeke slowly rises enough to signal that he will call for the Titans – turn those with his spinal fluid into Pure Titans – but Eren reaches out to try and stop him. Suddenly, Colt cries out for Zeke to stop, telling him that Falco ingested the spinal fluid. Everyone reacts in shock as Colt reminds Zeke that he was chosen as the successor to prevent his family from being sent to Paradise. He says even though he never expected Zeke to turn on them, he at least implores him to wait to scream until Falco is out of range, then, “Kill each other as much as you want after that!

Zeke, with anguish in his voice as he grits his teeth, tells Colt he understands how much he cares for his little brother, “which is why it’s a shame.” He yells to activate the power. Colt grabs ahold of Falco as Falco tells him to let go, but Colt says it’s fine and that his brother is there for him. In slow motion, They show Gabi reaching out to Falco, Mr. Nile turning to his comrade, and Commander Pyxis taking a last drink as it dawns on them they’re about to become Pure Titans. Golden lights explode all around the city as those who ingested the fluid turn into their Pure forms. The Marley soldiers react in shock as their enemies suddenly became Titans.

Titans run amok as Zeke tells a blonde Titan, “Do it, Falco.” Titan Falco rushes Reiner as Gabi recovers, looking up to see Colt’s charred body. Reiner holds both Eren and Falco down, but notes he can’t hold both down and Eren will escape. He wonders if he should kill Falco, but the hesitation allows Eren to use a head scissors to toss aside Reiner. Reiner grabs Eren’s leg, but Falco goes for the nape of Reiner’s neck. Magath then shoots Zeke again, saying he’s finished for sure. He turns to Eren, but Armin hits them with a Thunder Spear. Mikasa takes out the soldiers defending Pieck and Magath.

Zeke’s body begins to steam and disappear as Reiner wonders if it’s over. He says if he just undoes his hardening, it’s the end for him. Seemingly resigned to his fate, Reiner says the one to inherit the Armor Titan will be Falco. However, Falco suddenly lets up as he turns to see Porco, outside of his Titan in his mangled human form, who says he’s not going down for nothing. He said he saw Marcel’s memories, going all the way to trick the army so they “made a loser like you [Reiner] a Warrior,” to protect him. Reiner yells out as Porco says it’s clear now that he’s always been better than Reiner. Falco eats Porco, thus gaining the power of the Jaw Titan.

Reiner, in anger, turns and punches Eren through the mouth to the ground. Eren uses his hardening to cover his entire body and Reiner up to the forearm. Suddenly, Eren ejects himself in his human form from the Titan, running toward Zeke’s Beast Titan skeleton. Zeke says he was just playing dead like Pieck, and is glad Eren noticed. Reiner breaks an arm free, but as he reaches for Eren he is struck by a Thunder Spear, and then another one to the head as Conny and Jean appear. Armin and Mikasa are shown fighting Pieck and Magath. As Eren makes it halfway to Zeke, he turns to see Gabi aiming aiming an anti-Titan artillery at him. She shoots, decapitating Eren.

The mid-episode info card was on Zeke’s yell or scream ability and how it turns those who’ve ingested his spinal fluid into Pure Titans for him to command.

They return to a flashback scene of Zeke and Eren meeting to discuss the Eldian euthanasia plan when Eren was playing a wounded soldier in Marley. Eren mentions that four years prior, he saw his father’s memory of killing the royal family inside the walls and eating the Founder, smashing children “like they were insects.” Eren adds if those children were still alive, the Founding would still be passed around within the family and the people of Paradis would be forced to choose death; “The death of those children allowed us to live.”

Zeke asks if Eren thinks their father, Grisha, was right. Eren responds that Grisha was wrong, but that he is also wrong. He says if Eldians hadn’t been born, then the people of Liberio wouldn’t need to die for their plans. He says never having been born is the greatest salvation of all. He says he’ll put an end to the 2,000-year history of being ruled by Titans with his own hands. Zeke, knowing they shouldn’t touch, says instead of a handshake, take this baseball. Eren misses the ball and says the hospital stay must have dulled his senses.

They return to real time with images of Pure Titans eating soldiers, crows flying amidst the destruction, Mikasa and Pieck battling, and people reacting to Gabi shooting Eren. The force of the artillery shot Gabi backwards. However, Eren’s head lands in Zeke’s hand, triggering the Founding. Images of his childhood and of history begin playing through Eren’s mind. He then appears at the Coordinate “where all paths converge.” He turns to see Zeke, sitting with his neck chained to six spots, who surmises this is where members of the royal family must come when they gain the Founding and make use of its power.

Zeke says he’s been waiting for what feels like years for Eren to recover and open his eyes. As Eren wonders about years passing, Zeke says whatever happens there takes place in a flash in the real world. He tells Eren that Gabi shot his head off, but he was able to make contact before dying. “We succeed.” Eren turns to see the girl who patched Zeke together using sand in episode 76. Zeke informs him she is the Founder, Ymir. When Eren asks how he knows, Zeke says who else would be wandering around here? Zeke continues to say she is molding the Titans here, using his experience of her fixing him and restoring his life as an example. He says when people yearn for the power of a Titan, she molds their bodies here. Eren says in despair that she was alone, all this time. Zeke tells Eren to use the power of Ymir to make their dream come true.

Eren finally notices the chains on Zeke. Zeke thanks him for the concern, but says they’re on him to take away his freedom there, in other words, the vow to renounce war. He says Eren is the only one who can move in the Coordinate freely, most likely because he holds the power of the Founding. He implores Eren to save the world, commanding Ymir to make Eldians unable to bear children. Eren, with anger in his eyes and voice, says he could never accept a plan so messed up as to euthanize every Eldian – proving Armin right. He tells Zeke he was just playing along to get to the Coordinate. Zeke reacts in despair, saying the hell will never end if there are still Eldians. When Zeke asks why, Eren simply says, “Because I was born into this world.”

Eren reaches out to Ymir, but she walks past him. Zeke says he knew it, but wanted to believe that Eren would understand. He asks if this was because he was brainwashed by Grisha. Ymir sits in front of Zeke, who says he learned a lot in the time it took Eren to wake up, including Ymir being able to make even the earthen chains around his neck that he simply pulled off and destroyed. He says as long as he wishes it, it will happen because he has royal blood as the daughter of Dina Fritz.

Zeke stretches and explains that unlike those within the walls, he arrived at the Coordinate without ever being influenced by the first King Fritz’s ideology. He adds that while Ymir holds immense power, she is “merely a slave with no will of her own.” She submits to anyone with royal blood, seeing them as her master. Zeke says Eren was merely the key to achieving the power of the Founding, then points at Eren who is now chained to the ground by each wrist. He says it isn’t Eren’s fault, and he just needs someone to rescue him. He tells Eren he will never abandon him and fix him with the power of the Founder. They touch heads, triggering an effect, as the show ends.

What named characters appeared in the episode?

  • Eren Jeager
  • Zeke Jeager
  • Mikasa Ackerman
  • Armin Arlert
  • Conny Springer
  • Jean Kirschtein
  • Theo Magath
  • Colt Grice
  • Falco Grice
  • Annie Leonhart
  • Bertholt Hoover
  • Marcel Galliard
  • Porco Galliard
  • Nile Dok
  • Dot Pyxis
  • Yelena
  • Reiner Braun
  • Pieck Finger
  • Gabi Braun
  • Floch Forster
  • Ymir (Founder)

More characters appeared in Eren’s vision as he made contact with Zeke, but were too briefly shown to identify all of them. However, it did appear as though the royal family of the Walls was shown.

What named characters didn’t appear in this episode, but appeared in the last episode?

  • Onyankopon
  • Keith Shadis (Sadies)

What named characters died in the episode?

Porco Galliard died after being eaten by Falco Grice, the latter in his Pure Titan form after Zeke’s yell triggered the transformation. Colt Grice died after his body was dismembered and charred from Falco’s transformation. Eren, as shown in the Coordinate, is still alive.

Many deaths were shown of unnamed characters, and it seems as if every Pure Titan thus far has survived, meaning named characters who are now Pure Titans are still alive.

What is the Coordinate?

The Coordinate is where paths cross. The Founding Titan is the Coordinate where the Titans and Subjects of Ymir paths’ cross. The Founding’s power includes commanding the Subjects of Ymir, altering their memories (as seen through the royal family within the Walls), and turning them into Titans. Ymir, as the Founder of all Titans, has been endlessly creating Titans for those of royal blood at the Coordinate. As Zeke mentioned, she is a slave to those with Fritz blood.

In the anime, the Coordinate is the big blue pillar of light in the sandy world that Zeke and Eren spend the second half of the episode.

On a smaller scale, each of the Nine Titans has a “Coordinate” of its own in which the current holder of the power can access the memories of each holder before them. This is how Porco was able to view his brother’s, Marcel’s, memory of his moments before death.

Who is the Founder, Ymir?

Not to be confused with the former Jaw Titan, Ymir was the first person to gain the power of the Titans. King Fritz of the time – whom she loved – abused her power by creating Titans to bring prosperity to Eldia and devastating the world. She died 13 years after awakening her powers by defending King Fritz. Rather than show any sorrow, he forced Ymir’s three daughters Rose, Maria, and Sheena, to eat their mother. This eventually led to the awakening of the Nine Titans.

However, as the Founder and Founding Titan, she remains at the Coordinate even after her physical death.

Why does ingesting Zeke’s spinal fluid turn one into a Pure Titan?

Because Zeke has the royal blood of the Fritz’s, his spinal fluid basically acts as a “Coordinate” itself. What it does is connect Subjects of Ymir who ingested it to his “Coordinate” through his royal blood. His roar or yell then activates the royal genes in his spinal fluid within those who ingested it, turning them into Titans. He can then control all of them because of their connection to his “Coordinate.”

What is Paradise?

Paradise is the euphemism used in Marley when they turn people into Titans and send them off to Paradis Island. In Grisha Jeager’s memories, people are injected with Titan serum and kicked from a high wall down to some sandy pits, where they become Pure Titans and wander off to Paradis Island.

What does the ending mean for the next episode?

The next episode, “Memories of the Future,” seems to be a journey through the memories of both Zeke and Eren. Zeke touching heads with Eren is most likely what triggers this trip down memory lane. It also appears that more of Eren’s abilities will be exposed based on the title of the episode.

Catch Attack on Titan on Crunchyroll outside of Japan.

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