Away: The Survival Series also coming to Xbox Consoles in 2021

Star in your own nature documentary, and explore, fight and survive in the wild world of Away.

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Image Source: [email protected], via YouTube

Via Xbox News, Breaking Walls have revealed that after five years of development, Away: The Survival Series is heading to the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S in 2021. 

For those unaware, the series is a documentary-inspired exploration adventure game, developed by the independent Canada-based studio.

Accordingly, this announcement will go a long way in helping the game discover a new audience on the Xbox console. Previously, it was confirmed that the game will also be available on the PlayStation 4 and PC sometime this year.

Conquer, explore, and experience nature as small animals

In short, the game is set in a distant future, where nature has reclaimed the planet. Players take on the life of a sugar glider and are tasked with exploring the world of Away. In the process, players will have to brave the dense wilderness and embark on a journey to save their family. 

Away has the player immerse themselves in the game’s beautiful environment, which features a wide array of unique ecosystems. Examples include gliding through the forest, exploring underground caverns, and sneaking through the swamp. 

Essentially, players will be able to interact with every corner of the environment within the game, including with plants, insects, and other animals within the different ecosystems. Along the way, they will face challenges to avoid stronger predators, or in some cases, fight back against other creatures of the wild. 

There will also be brief sequences in the game where the player is given the ability to control other animals, such as insects, beetles, lizards, crabs, and more.

A personalized exploration adventure with a nature documentary feel 

Image Source: [email protected], via YouTube

We also learned that every move within the game is described with the help of a narrator, giving the gaming experience a real-life documentary feel. 

Creative Director, Laurent Bernier, stated that the main concept of AWAY: The Survival Series is heavily influenced by nature documentaries.

One of the main priorities for their team was to capture the nature documentary feel and present the right atmosphere through the game’s music and sound design.  

As a result, Breaking Walls partnered with the composer for BBC’s Life and Planet Earth II documentaries, Mike Raznick, to build in an orchestral and spellbinding ambience akin to those groundbreaking shows. Away’s musical score features a live 40-string orchestra to virtually enhance the experience and adventures enjoyed by its players.

Not many games like Away: The Survival Series on the market

Image Source: [email protected], via YouTube

In a nutshell, not many games on the market offer a similar experience to AWAY: The Survival Series. Many believe that it is one of the more unique games set to release this year.

This becomes apparent when we consider the combination of what Away offers, along with the other important components, such as the music and narration, added into the game.

As of the time of writing, Breaking Walls are yet to confirm the official release date for the game. However, they do encourage everyone that “likes nature documentaries such as Planet Earth, Blue Planet, Life, and Our Planet, or just enjoys a good hike through the woods” to keep this game on their watchlist. 

With yet another console added to the release slate, it shouldn’t be too long before Away: The Survival Series launch news is revealed.

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