Beyond Blue: E-Line Media Announces Release Date Delay

The game looks stunning, but followers of the oceanic exploration title will have to wait a little longer to find out the release date.

Image Source: Beyond Blue Official Website

For anyone who has a particular interest in wildlife-themed games, Beyond Blue looks to be a very exciting prospect.

Not only have the developers, E-Line Media, been inspired by documentary series like Blue Planet, but they have even teamed up with BBC Studios to create this ambitious game.

The Beyond Blue team has also been joined by ocean experts Dr David Gruber and Dr Mandy Joyce, who have worked as advisors on the project.

Originally slated for an early 2019 release, the Beyond Blue release date was pushed back to February 2020. Now, the Beyond Blue team has informed followers that there shall be another delay.

When will Beyond Blue be released?

With the end of February fast approaching, E-Line Media made the call to inform fans of Beyond Blue that the game wouldn’t be ready for its previously slated release date.

In an email blast, the studio stated: “As you may have guessed, Beyond Blue will not be arriving in February as we’d originally hoped. We don’t have an updated release date for you just yet, but rest assured that it will be soon.”

E-Line Media will, however, be attending PAX East in Boston, Massachusetts (27 February – 1 March). At the event, the team will be showcasing a brand new Beyond Blue demo.

So, if you can’t wait for the new release date and you live in the area, it might be worth heading over to the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. E-Line Media will be at booth 26039. As you look at the expo hall map, they’re to the left of the Indie Megabooth, above the Tinybuild booth and the NIS America booth.

Based on what we know about Beyond Blue so far, it looks to be a very interesting game. If it lives up to its potential, it could prove to be one of the gems of 2020 in gaming.

The videos shown so far display how visually stunning Beyond Blue is; all that fans need now is a firm release date. The studio should take as long as they need to create the best possible product, but would-be players will hope that this delay doesn’t last too long.

Beyond Blue doesn’t currently have a release date, but it is set for release on PC, consoles, and mobile devices according to the official website.  

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