Biomutant: Complete Controls Guide for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S

Here’re the Biomutant controls that you need to navigate the post-apocalyptic setting and take on the mutated beasts that inhabit the lands.

After a long wait, Experiment 101’s open-world, Kung-Fu-inspired RPG has arrived, bringing with it a colourful post-apocalyptic world in the midst of tribal warfare and cataclysmic disaster.

The game is very combat-centric, so most of the Biomutant controls are based around performing attacks, dodging, and combining moves for a flashier encounter.

On this page, you’ll find the Biomutant controls for its console releases, as well as some other useful details for playing the game.

For these Biomutant controls, left and right analogue controls are shown as (L) and (R), pressing the analogues to activate the buttons is shown as L3 and R3, and Up, Left, Down, and Right denote the d-pad controls.

Biomutant controls for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S

In the table below, you’ll find the default controls for the core Biomutant gameplay on Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

Biomutant All Basic Controls
ActionPS4 / PS5 ControlsXbox One / Xbox Series X|S Controls
Move Character(L)(L)
Move Camera(R)(R)
Foo Roll (Dodge)OB
Bunny Hop (Jump)XA
Bouncy Hop (Double Jump)X, XA, A
Panther Sweep (Melee Attack)SquareX
Viper Bite (Dodge into Melee)O, SquareB, X
Rabbit Fury (Jump into Melee)X, SquareA, X
Wuji Stance (Stun Foe)Triangle (just before enemy attacks)Y (just before enemy attacks)
Air Strike (Vault Stunned Enemy)Triangle (on stunned enemy)Y (on stunned enemy)
Feather’s Flight (Shoot Ranged Weapon)R2RT
Sliding Snake (Dodge and Shoot)O, R2B, RT
Phoenix Flight (Jump and Shoot)X, R2A, RT
Use Biogenetic AbilityL2 + Bind (X/A/B/Y)LT + Bind (X/A/B/Y)
Use PSI-Power AbilityL2 + Bind (X/A/B/Y)LT + Bind (X/A/B/Y)
Quick ConsumableUpUp
Access Consumable WheelUp (hold)Up (hold)
Melee Weapon Select WheelRight (hold)Right (hold)
Ranged Weapon Select WheelLeft (hold)Left (hold)

Biomutant combo controls

Below are the initial combo moves that you can perform in the Wung-Fu disciplines, with each button input set generally being transferable across each weapon type within the disciplines. For example, under Close Combat, each of the combinations follows the same structure for Unarmed, One-Handed Slash, and Dual Wield Melee.

Biomutant All Combo Controls
CombinationPS4 / PS5 ControlsXbox One / Xbox Series X|S Controls
Close Combat Single StrikeSquareX
Close Combat Dodge StrikeO, SquareB, X
Close Combat Jump StrikeX, SquareA, X
Close Combat Five-Hit ComboSquare, Square, Square, Square, SquareX, X, X, X, X
Close Combat Special Attack ASquare, Square, TriangleX, X, Y
Close Combat Special Attack BR2, R2, TriangleRT, RT, Y
Range Combat Single ShotR2RT
Ranged Combat Jump ShotX, R2A, RT
Ranged Combat Dodge ShotO, R2B, RT
Ranged Combat Special Attack AO, Square, R2B, X, RT
Ranged Combat Special Attack BX, X, R2A, A, RT
Air StrikeTriangle (to stun), TriangleY (to stun), Y
Spiral CloudTriangle (to stun), Triangle (to vault), SquareY (to stun), Y (to vault), X
Flying PancakeTriangle (to stun), Triangle (to vault), R2, R2, R2Y (to stun), Y (to vault), RT, RT, RT
Titanic ThumbTriangle (to stun), Triangle (to vault), XY (to stun), Y (to vault), A
The Terrible ToeTriangle (to stun), Triangle (to vault), TriangleY (to stun), Y (to vault), Y

How to remap the Biomutant controls

You can remap the Biomutant controls should you have any difficulty adjusting to the default set-up of the game. To remap the controls, you need to:

  1. Go to the Settings part of the menu or start screen;
  2. Switch the tab to move to the Mapping section;
  3. Scroll down to the controls that you want to remap;
  4. Press the select button on the control and then press the button that you want to change it to;
  5. Press the back button to save your remapped controls or the default button to reset the controls.

How to get and use special abilities and powers in Biomutant

In Biomutant, you can utilise special abilities and powers in the form of Biogenetics and PSI-Powers. The two offer additional combat actions for you to deploy on top of the melee and ranged attacks.

To unlock Biogenetics abilities, you’ll need to explore Nuclear Tower sites for containers and defeat Biocreeps to get Biopoints. You can then spend these Biopoints in the Mutations section of the character menu.

PSI-Powers also require their own currency to unlock, PSI-Points, which are gained by making certain dialogue choices, interacting with Shrines, and speaking to civilians and captives. These are also found in the character menu’s Mutations section.

However, you will also need to reach a designated Aura score to unlock some of the PSI-Powers. As such, once you’ve picked whether you want to go Light or Dark, commit to it so that you can reach a higher Aura score faster. That said, you can collect Light and Dark points, so to get all of the PSI-Powers, you’ll want to switch lanes at some point.

When you unlock new PSI-Powers or Biogenetics, you’ll be asked to bind them to one of the symbol buttons of your controller – this doesn’t replace the existing controls. Once you’ve done this, you can then use them in the game by holding L2 or LT and then pressing the symbol button that the power is bound to.

Those are the essential controls and controls features that you need to know to get going in this post-apocalyptic, mutant-ravaged tale.


Here are some quick answers to a few common questions about the Biomutant controls, settings, and gameplay features.

How do you turn off the Narrator in Biomutant?

To effectively turn off the Narrator in Biomutant, you need to minimise their frequency and the speech volume, as follows:

  1. Press the menu button and go to System;
  2. Select Settings and switch tabs to Audio,
  3. Scroll to Speech in the Volume section and reduce to zero;
  4. Scroll to Narrator in the Frequency section and reduce to zero;
  5. Press the back button to save your settings.

Reducing the Narrator frequency to zero will not turn off the narration entirely, merely reducing the amount that they speak while you’re roaming the world.

That said, taking off Speech may also remove some other audio features in the game, even though most of the beings that you talk to do so in what’s termed ‘Gibberish’ in the game’s settings.

How do you get the different endings in Biomutant?

Ultimately, you’ll get a different ending to the Biomutant story based on your Aura; the Light and Dark paths of the game produce different endings to the tale.

How do you invert the movement and camera controls

To invert the analogue sticks and change the direction of Biomutant’s movement and camera controls, you need to press the menu button and go into the Settings section. Next, switch the tab to the Controls page and then adjust all of the invert options.

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