Broomstick League: New Quidditch-inspired Game Hits Steam Next Month

Broomstick League’s exciting mix of Quidditch and Rocket League will soon be available for PC gamers.

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Revealed back in September 2019, Broomstick League now has an official early access date for its release on Steam.

The game is still running through its second beta playtesting phase, but based on the game’s Twitter account, many people are enjoying what Broomstick League has to offer already.

From 5 March 2020, PC gamers on Steam will be able to play Broomstick League in its early access form.

The Broomstick League team has said that this phase will be used to help them improve the game and allow them to uphold a relationship of collaboration with the community.

5 March announced as Broomstick League’s release date

Blue Isle Studios, the Canadian developers behind Slender: The Arrival and Valley, and Ark – Survival Evolved developers Virtual Basement haven’t been shy about their inspiration for Broomstick League.

Broomstick League plays quite similarly to Rocket League, but with players being airborne on broomsticks and able to use spells during matches. Of course, the game primarily draws from the sport of Quidditch from the Harry Potter novels.

While there is the underwhelming Broomball VR on Steam, fans of the fictional sport haven’t had a proper game since EA UK’s Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup in 2003.

The PC, PlayStation 2, and Xbox game was well-received by fans and many critics, but as it was released so long ago, Broomstick League is coming into the gaming scene as quite the novelty that should excite lovers of all things Harry Potter.

Broomstick League developers to build through player feedback

Image Source: Broomstick League

Broomstick League has been in its beta form for months, but the development team wants a softer release on Steam as an early access game in order to continue to build the gaming experience.

In a post on the official website, Blue Isle Studios stated that they believe that they have crafted a fast-paced and fun competitive multiplayer sports game, but that they want to continue to make it better with the help of the community. The post read:

“Having a clear line of communication with our players is a top priority, and we plan to use Early Access as an opportunity to build and maintain a relationship of transparency and collaboration.

“Your feedback will be used to influence the implementation of everything from new gameplay features and content, to refining and balancing existing mechanics.”

It’s always good to see developers utilising the communities that their game brings together, especially if it leads to in-game improvements.

The free-flowing nature of the sport of Quidditch can be very difficult to capture in a worthy video game by modern standards, even if Broomstick League is merely using it as inspiration as opposed to making a fully-fledged and licensed Quidditch game.

Rocket League has mastered the open arena, three-dimensional nature that a Quidditch-themed game would need, making it the perfect game for the developers to use as a model.

So, the early access option was a very wise choice by the Broomstick League team as more people will get to experience the game hands-on and give feedback while further adjustments and tweaks can be made to the game.

Broomstick League is expected to be in its early access form for about a year according to PC Gamer and will be available on Steam from 5 March.

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