Train Simulator 2021: Caledonia Works and Dovetail Games Release New DLC

These new DLC releases bring in a unique steam loco and a well-known commuter line to the Train Simulator world.

Image Source: Caledonia Works, via Facebook
Image Source: Caledonia Works, via Facebook

The developers behind Train Simulator 2021, Dovetail Games, have released a brand new piece of downloadable content to the sim, bringing players the Birmingham Cross Country line.

In addition to this, third-party developer Caledonia Works have released their first DLC of 2021, the LNWR Single-Wheel Steam Loco No. 3020, also known as “Cornwall.” The steam locomotive built in 1847 is preserved as part of the National Collection, and can now be a part of your selection in Train Simulator 2021.

Find out more about both Train Sim DLC below, which are now available for you to purchase.

Dovetail Games delivers the Birmingham Cross City Line

Image Source: Steam Store

The Dovetail Birmingham Cross City Line pack covers the 37 miles of line between Lichfield Trent Valley to Bromsgrove & Redditch, via Birmingham New Street. The BR Class 323 EMUs are included as stock in the pack, with the 350/1, 350/2, and 350/3 available as variants.

The new expansion for Train Sim 2021 includes the famous Lickey Incline, which is the steepest sustained main-line railway incline in Great Britain and a mecca for steam enthusiasts in the 1950s and 1960s. The Class 323 also makes its debut appearance in Train Simulator with the DLC.

Train Simulator’s newest route add-on is now available via the Steam Store, costing £24.99 at its full retail price or £22.49 at a ten per cent discount until 26 March.

LNWR Cornwall rolls in via a new Caledonia Works DLC

Image Source: Caledonia Works

Releasing before the official DLC from Dovetail Games, the Caledonia Works content takes the form of a representation of the LNWR Single-Wheeler, No. 3020 “Cornwall.” The Single-Wheeler designation comes from the single, massive driving wheel that the engine has, compared to say ten or six on other locomotives.

Caledonia Works’ usual high-standard is an ever-present in this DLC, with a 3D firebox and coal, custom sounds, and more advanced scripting thanks to SimNation’s Locomotion v1.4.

“Cornwall” was built in Crewe in 1847 as the only example of her class, going on to be rebuilt extensively in 1858. The locomotive became a famous and successful high-speed express engine, reaching speeds of 70 mph on a run from Crewe to Chester.

The loco is now preserved by the National Railway Museum and is on display at the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre.

You can grab this new steam locomotive pack from the Caledonia Works website, costing £11.99 to get “Cornwall” into your Train Sim game.

These two expansions are the latest to emerge for Train Simulator 2021. Better still, things should pick up in the coming months, with Caledonia Works currently preparing to release the GWR Cathedral Class and Lancashire & Yorkshire Class 5 Tank Loco.

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