Captain Tsubasa Rise of New Champions: Complete Controls Guide for PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch

Here’re the console controls and some gameplay tips to help you conquer to field in Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions.

Drawing from the anime series of the same name, the Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions game puts a unique, suspense-building spin on the football simulation formula.

With slick animations, dramatic shots and saves, and skill moves to be used at will, the game from Tamsoft offers a different way to battle on the pitch.

Here, we’re running through the Captain Tsubasa controls on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and the Nintendo Switch. Further down, there are also some tips to help you get started, such as how to score goals in Captain Tsubasa.

For the purposes of this Captain Tsubasa controls guide, the left and right analogues are listed as (L) and (R) for either controller. The d-pad buttons are denoted as Up, Right, Down, and Left.

Captain Tsubasa offence controls

With the ball at your feet, it’s time to move it up the pitch and work an attempt on the goal. The Captain Tsubasa offensive controls noted as a ‘Move’ are those that will usually trigger an animated cut, such as by performing a powerful ‘Shooting Move.’

ActionPS4 / PS5 ControlsSwitch Controls
Short PassXB
Long PassOA
Long Pass MoveO (hold and release)A (hold and release)
Through PassTriangleX
Shooting MoveSquare (hold and release)Y (hold and release)
Dash Dribble (Sprint)R1 (hold)R (hold)
Dribble MoveR2ZR
Activate V-ZoneL2ZL
Change TacticsUp, Right, Down, LeftUp, Right, Down, Left
Pause MenuOptions+

Captain Tsubasa defence controls

Even without the ball, the Captain Tsubasa: Rise of Champions controls give you the tools to pull off some show-stopping manoeuvres. As above, the Captain Tsubasa defensive controls listed as a ‘Move’ control can activate a quick cinematic cut when successful.

ActionPS4 / PS5 ControlsSwitch Controls
Switch PlayerL1L
Dash (Sprint)R1 (hold)R (hold)
Dash TackleR1R
Tackle MoveR2 / OZR / A
Chase the Ball CarrierXB
Teammate ChaseSquareY
Clear the BallSquareY
Goalkeeper DiveTriangleX
Activate Super SaveL2ZL
Change TacticsUp, Right, Down, LeftUp, Right, Down, Left
Pause MenuOptions+

How to score a goal in Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions

To score a goal in Captain Tsubasa, you need to deplete the opposing goalkeeper’s Spirit, which is shown by the yellow gauge above the goalie. A goalkeeper’s Spirit Gauge is cut down every time that they have to stop one of your shots, with less Spirit increasing the likelihood of a shot getting past the keeper.

So, you need to unleash plenty of shots on goal to grind down the bar and increase your chances of scoring. Just firing a weak shot from outside of the box will do little to reduce their Spirit Gauge: it’s better to get into the box and fire powerful shots by charging up (hold Square/Y) first.

Shooting Moves are the best way to cut down a goalie’s Spirit bar, especially if fired in from close range. To use a Shooting Move, hold Square/Y until the red Kick Gauge above your player’s Spirit Gauge fills up and fills the next block, and then release the button to activate the special shot.

The Shooting Moves differ from player-to-player, but those with the special shot abilities require at least a 50 per cent full Spirit Gauge. To fill up the Spirit Gauges and Kick Gauges of your players faster, you can activate V-Zone by pressing L2/ZL.

At the bottom of the screen – just underneath the player picture – is a yellow bar known as the ‘V-Zone Gauge.’ You charge this up by dribbling, tackling, duelling, or with Critical Defence (tackling an opponent who’s charging up a shot). When it’s fully loaded, you can activate V-Zone, draining the bar to power-up your team.

Even if a fully-charged Shot Move doesn’t hit the back of the net, the more powerful ones will fully deplete a goalie’s Spirit Gauge. Without any Spirit, most basic shots from inside the box will be able to breach a goalkeeper’s coverage.

How to score easy goals in Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions

There is a method of scoring easy goals in Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions which can work even if the opposing goalkeeper has a full bar of Spirit.

First, you’ll need to work your way into the opposition’s box by using Dash and Dribbling Moves (R1, R2/R, ZR) to get past the defenders. Alternatively, as this method of scoring easy goals requires a one-on-one situation, you could use a through pass (Triangle/X) to create the opportunity.

When in the box, move towards the goalie down either side of the penalty spot, but not going to close to avoid getting smothered by the keeper. Next, power-up a shot (hold Square/Y) to cause the goalie to charge you down, and then head towards either wing.

At a certain distance away from their crease, but while you’re still in the box, the goaltender will double back and run towards the net. As soon as their back is turned, face the net and release the shot to score an easy goal in Captain Tsubasa.

How to save opponent Shot Moves in Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions

While the V-Zone (L2/ZL) boost can greatly help you to score goals, it would be wise to keep it stored if you’re against a particularly tricky opponent or in a close game. This is because you can activate the potentially game-saving ‘Super Save’ by draining the V-Zone Gauge.

Immediately after an opponent and activates a Shot Move, as shown by the animation playing before they shoot, you can activate Super Save (L2/ZL) to stop the shot. If you get the timing right, your goalkeeper can stop even the most overpowered of Shooting Moves.

How to dummy a shot in Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions

Without V-Zone active, it can take a very long time for a shot to power-up enough to cause a problem for the goalkeeper or trigger the Shooting Move. So, defenders tend to have plenty of time to swoop in, tackle your forward, and run away with the ball.

A good trick to keep in mind while shooting is that you can still perform other manoeuvres while your shot charges. To perform a dummy shot in Captain Tsubasa and skip away from defenders, when a defender comes in, simply tap Dribble Move (R2/ZR) while still holding shoot.

Doing this dummy shot will cancel your attempt on goal, but it will allow you to keep possession by evading the tackle, likely taking a defender out of play for a short spell.

Now you know the core controls for Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions, as well as a few tips to help play the novel football game.

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