Century Age of Ashes: Controls Guide for PC and Tips

Trying your hand at mounted dragon aerial combat? Here is your complete controls guide and tips for Century: Age of Ashes.

Century: Age of Ashes has dropped on Steam – with console releases in 2022 – and seeks to fulfill all of your dragon-riding fantasy wishes.

Developed by Playwing Bordeaux, Century pits you as one of three Classes atop mounted dragons as you seek to eliminate your enemies while surviving yourself. Each Class and its associated dragons have different abilities, but all can shoot fireballs and spray a stream of fire.

Below, you will find a complete controls guide for Steam as well gameplay tips to help make you top dragon rider in the skies.

Century: Age of Ashes PC keyboard controls

  • Move and Aim: Mouse
  • Fireballs: Left-Click
  • Flamebreath: Right-Click (hold)
  • Boost: W (double-tap and hold for extended Boost)
  • Brake: S (hold)
  • Ability: Q
  • Class Power: E
  • Main Target: Trackball (click)
  • Switch Weapon: R
  • Ping: F
  • Score Table: Tab
  • Look Behind: Shift

Century: Age of Ashes PC controller controls

  • Move: L
  • Aim: R
  • Fireballs: A
  • Flamebreath: B
  • Boost: RT
  • Brake: LT
  • Ability: X
  • Class Power: Y
  • Main Target: L3
  • Switch Weapon: RB
  • Ping: LB
  • Score Table: Menu
  • Look Behind: R3

Note that in the Century: Age of Ashes controls above, L and R denote the left and right analog, while L3 and R3 are the buttons activated when pressing their respective analog sticks.

Before you head off into battle, here are a few tips to help ensure that you will find more success than defeat in the aerial battlefield.

Play Tutorial mode to familiarize yourself with Century: Age of Ashes

Sure, playing tutorials for any game is recommended, but even more so for Century. The Tutorial is a must if you have yet to play or have minimal experience with aerial combat games.

The Tutorial is long, making you complete 16 different steps. Some are simple, such as how to fly your mount and how to shoot fireballs. Others are more difficult, like locking onto a flying opponent to unleash a Class Power.

If using a mouse and keyboard, adjust the sensitivity to your liking. Your mount will react to the slightest movement, and the sudden shifts can affect your aiming, dodging, and overall visibility. The Tutorial and Free Flight modes are the perfect places to calibrate your mouse to mitigate these issues.

You will have to defeat several opponents during the Tutorial, luckily with only one aspect involving your enemies attacking you. You will also be given an overview of the different markers and icons on the battlefield.

It is recommended to go through the Tutorial or Free Flight mode with all three currently available classes as each has different abilities and Class Powers (more below). Find the one that best suits your play style, or the one you think gives you the best chance of success regardless of play style.

Century: Age of Ashes classes explained

There are three classes in Century: Age of Ashes, each hailing from a different part of the created world. The three classes are the Svard Marauder, Naerdor Phantom, and Skeldian Windguard.

The official website notes that the Marauder doesn’t owe fealty to any kingdom or homeland, and are skilled poachers and trackers. As such, their Abilities and Class Power center on marking and tracking enemies. They have the passive ability Relentless Predator, where eliminations and assists fully recharge the Ability and Power bars.

Marauders also are Bloodchasers according to the official site, “capable of smelling the scent of blood from the top of the mountains where it resides.” Marauders’ Power, Hunter’s Mark, marks and tracks the enemy, and their Rage mode Hunter’s Fury marks all enemies and extends the duration of Hunter’s Mark. Any dragon affected by Hunter’s Mark will take more damage from Fireballs.

The website also notes that Marauders use Gust or Frost Bolts in battle.

If you prefer tracking, the Marauder is for you.

The Phantom is for those stealthy players who prefer assassin archetypes. Their mounts, unlike the other two, are spiked dragons. Phantoms, hailing from the East, “are said to be the sole heirs of the first Dragoneer orders.

Phantoms are Nightsnaggers, “dooming those they spare to eternally fall into madness.” Their passive Guard Shatterer ability makes Phantoms deadly against shields, dealing more damage than the other classes.

Where Phantoms shine is in utilizing their Class Power and Rage. The Class Power, Mystic Shroud, briefly cloaks you and your mount, increasing the damage of a Fireball shot while in stealth. However, the Shroud will disappear if you take damage.

Mortal Shroud, the Rage ability of Phantoms, makes your character invincible and untargetable for a short duration while adding even more power to your Fireballs.

The website notes that Phantoms use Mine or Blast in battle.

The Phantom can certainly be formidable.

Lastly, there are the Skeldian Windguard. They are the protectors of the largest kingdom on the continent, serving as the backbone of the Skeld Army. As their name suggests, they prioritize defense while still packing an offensive punch.

The website marks them as Ironwing, “bringing good fortune to those that see them in nature.” This translates well to their passive Skeldian Resolve, making them less affected by shockwaves and able to shake off negative status effects faster than their counterparts.

The Class Power Salvation Surge is unique in that it targets an ally rather than a foe. You dash toward a locked ally and grant them a temporary shield that also heals them. The effect transfers to you as well.

The Rage Exaltation Surge enhances the Class Power, but it also turns the targeted ally Berserk for a short while. It does grant an additional shield.

The website notes that Windguards use Smoke Trail or Blast in battle.

If you prefer more of a support role, then Windguards are your class.

Century: Age of Ashes game modes

Aside from the aforementioned Tutorial and Free Flight modes, Century has three mode types with three additional gameplay settings.

Until you reach Level 10, you will be relegated to the 3v3 Rookie multiplayer mode. Once you reach Level 10, you unlock both the Ranked and Unranked (Quickplay) 6v6 modes. Once you select from one of these three modes, you can then select from one of three settings.

First, there is Carnage, 6v6 team deathmatch. Exactly as it sounds, you will team up with five others and use your Abilities and Class Powers to hopefully defeat your foes. Special powerups appear on the battlefield, so be on the lookout for those!

Second, there is Spoils of War. Here, you seek to steal gold and treasure from both creatures and the opposing team while protecting your own. The website notes there will be “unexpected situations” on the battlefield, testing your adaptability.

Lastly, there is Gates of Fire, a Capture the Flag mode. Each team fights over possession of the flag. Just holding onto the flag for longest will not win you the battle; there are gates that grant bonus points for flying through them in possession of the flag.

Those who like pure battling will like Carnage, while those who like adding a bit of creativity to their gaming may prefer Spoils of War and Gates of Fire.

Tips for battle in Century: Age of Ashes

The golden marks indicate a Flamebreath opportunity (note the hotkeys in the bottom-right)

If you followed this guide, played the Tutorial or Free Flight with each Class, and know which is your preferred, then you are already well on your way. However, there are still some things you can do to improve your chances regardless of which game mode you play.

Namely, use your Class Powers and Abilities, but do not become reliant on them! Because your main source of damage will still be from Fireballs and Flamebreaths, look for those moments to use your stronger powers when in a pinch or to help finish off a foe. If you become overly reliant on them, you may encounter a moment when you try to activate them only for the cooldown to not have finished, which may lead to your death.

Whenever you see the golden indicators as pictured, activate Flamebreath as it does far more damage than a Fireball. If you successfully spray your foe, their health depletes rapidly and if they die, the game says you “turn them to ash.” The tricky part is that you have to get close enough for the Flamebreath to hit, but this also puts you in position to be hit with a Class Power or Ability.

Pay attention to the red indicators on the screen, informing you of an oncoming attack. To dodge, either Boost away from the projectiles or sharply turn by utilizing the Brake function. Because Fireballs are basically homing missiles when shot at a targeted foe, rapidly shifting your direction can throw off the homing. Also, if you fly behind a structure – building, mountain – the Fireball can hit the structure, thus avoiding damage.

You will also take damage from fling into structures like mountains and buildings, or hitting the ground, so avoid that at all costs.

While mentioned earlier, a slight tweak here is to understand your partner’s Class Powers and Abilities. This is important for two main reasons. First, this will better allow you and your teammates to figure out how best to complement each other’s class and styles. Second, it should help reduce any redundancies in tactics and gameplay.

Finally, look for powerups and aids on the battlefield. There are markers for shields, always important to survival. You will find bits of rising blue lights, giving you a speed boost while sending you high into the air, a good way to avoid foes. If you fly along the lights along the ground or water, your stamina bar (used for Boosts) will refill rapidly.

How to progress and customize in Century: Age of Ashes

When you login to Century, you will be greeted at the Home Screen with your most recently selected Class and dragon. You will also see your rank as well as missions for you to complete. You will first have “Initiation Missions” that will give you modest rewards for simple tasks, such as playing with each Class one time and playing in three matches.

Rewards range from experience, coins, gems, and even dragon eggs. While you can skip the Initiation Missions, it is recommended you complete them because they are quite easy and will net you a dragon egg. As with most games, the missions become more difficult as you progress, but have better rewards.

The Shop for Century: Age of Ashes, which includes time-limited items

You also might be wondering you can obtain more dragons and customize them, the answer to both being yes.

As pictured above, some dragons can be purchased through the Shop as eggs. There is also a Bestiary you can access that will identify the dragons you have come across in battle or collected. However, the Bestiary notes that some dragons may require you seeing them twice to complete the discovery.

It is important to note that the official website states that paid skins for both dragons and rider do NOT imbue any extra benefits and are purely cosmetic. It is their aim to keep the battling as fair and equitable as possible.

You can also purchase items for your rider, like the pictured Stygitte’s Triumph, as well as experience boosters and gems – the latter the in-game currency represented by the red diamond-shaped symbol.

The Shop indicates that at least one future Class will be revealed as there is a shadow in that section. It seems what is missing from the original three Classes is a brute, purely offensive, so it would make sense if that is a future class.

Century: Age of Ashes is a fun and unique game that takes a creative spin on aerial combat. The game is out now on Steam, and set to release on consoles in 2022. Which Class will you choose to display your aerial superiority?

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