Chivalry 2: Best Footman Subclasses to Use Ranked

Which of the Footman subclasses fares the best on the field of battle? Find out right here.

We’ve been spoilt for choice in the latest instalment of the Chivalry series, Chivalry II, with 12 playable units diversifying the battlefield, each possessing its own mechanics. Our focus in this article is the Footman class, and which of the subclasses is the best to use in the heat of battle.

Each subclass may have access to a different set of weapons and items, but the units under the Footman banner all have the same base 150 Health, 100 Speed, and 80 Stamina, which is partially why the Footman class is possibly the most beginner-friendly in the game.

Each subclass of Footman equips the Bandage Kit as their special item, and they share the Medic trait, which recharges your Bandage Kits by healing and reviving other players. So, the Footman subclasses are primarily support units in the army’s ranks.

In this article, we break down each of the Footman subclasses of Chivalry II, ranking them in order from worst to best.

3. Poleman

The first unit of the Footman class is the Poleman, and as the name suggests, this unit is always armed with the longest reaching weapons in the game. These are useful for keeping your enemies at a distance while still dealing a great deal of damage.

A unique mechanic with this subclass is they have two special attack abilities: Sprint Charge and Tackle. The Poleman also gets a 25 per cent increase to their sprint attack damage.

The combination of special attacks and sprint damage boost make the Poleman great for charging into the enemy lines and breaking their formations, all while adding support to your team via Bandage Kits. The Poleman can also lay down Spike Traps to slow down the enemy, furthering their ability as a support unit.

This unit is a good starting point for beginners to get to grips with the game. The Poleman’s weapons allow you to get involved without leaving yourself vulnerable, and its survivability is increased dramatically by the Bandage Kit. Still, due to their user-friendliness, it seems to make their builds among the more basic in the game, which leaves the Poleman in third place for the best Footman subclasses in Chivalry II.

2. Field Engineer

The Field Engineer has one of the most niche builds in Chivalry II; this unit lives and breathes to support the army on the battlefield. Unlocked at level seven, the Field Engineer is definitely for the more experienced players to try due to the more complex playstyle needed to succeed as this subclass.

They’re not built for combat. Instead, the Field Engineer is equipped with placeable defences to halt and harass the enemy. A Field Engineer’s secondary can either be a Spike or Bear Trap, and they even have Barricades in their inventory.

The only weapons that they have access to are tools turned into weapons, like a trusty sledgehammer, with little armour to defend them. As such, fighting shouldn’t be the primary focus when playing as a Field Engineer.

This subclass benefits from some fairly strong support buffs to add to their chest of defensive structures. Reviving teammates will heal you for 25 per cent of your health, so be aware of your allies running into trouble. Furthermore, the Field Engineer can also deal 100 per cent extra damage to breakables, enabling you to forge paths through enemy defences with ease.

The Field Engineer beats the Poleman to second place primarily because of the huge impact an effective Field Engineer can have on the battlefield compared to the Poleman. So, the Field Engineer ranks as the second-best Footman subclass in Chivalry II.

1. Man at Arms

The undisputed best subclass of the Footman is the Man at Arms. Playable at Level 4, the Man at Arms is the best unit for beginners to use while still being able to influence the battle.

This nimble unit gets a 10 per cent movement speed increase with single-handed weapons, and their dash cooldown is decreased by 50 per cent, giving the Man at Arms fantastic manoeuvrability for evading attacks. Even if you don’t manage to get of the way, the light shield gives you sufficient cover to block the incoming attack.

Due to the bonuses enjoyed by the Man at Arms, their power hasn’t got the one-shot potential of some other subclasses, but the agile nature of this unit is what makes it so great for new players.

The ability to traverse the battlefield, learning the timings involved in the fights whilst being able to heal yourself and others, is invaluable as you become more adept at taking down enemies.

The unit’s agility and survivability enable players to be a thorn in the side of the opposition throughout battles without having to succumb to a more cumbersome subclass. This aspect, plus the learning curve that players can achieve by playing as the Man at Arms, is primarily why it’s at number one in our rankings of the best Footman subclasses.

That concludes our breakdown of the top Footman subclasses in Chivalry II. The balanced nature of this class as a whole makes each subclass brilliant for beginners, but there’s still a challenging role for experienced players with the Field Engineer.

Dan Plummer

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