Civ 6: New Frontier Pass Final DLC Release Date and Content Revealed

Find out when the final expansion of the New Frontier Pass will launch on Civilization VI, as well as what the DLC includes.

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Civilization VI initially released the New Frontier Pass in May of 2020, but we’ve continued to see new pieces of it drop, and now, we finally know what to expect in the sixth and final DLC.

The fifth DLC Pack in the New Frontier Pass hit back in January, with the Vietnam & Kublai Khan Pack revealing a new Civilization, two new Leaders, a new game mode, and more. 

We already knew that another game mode and Civilization were coming in this March 2021 DLC Pack, but now it’s finally been revealed that Portugal will be the final Civilization to join the fray in the New Frontier Pass.

As for the new game mode, it’s about to get delightfully sci-fi in Civ 6 with a hunger for brains. 

When does the Portugal Pack release for the New Frontier Pass? 

Image Source: 2K United Kingdom, via YouTube

After the five-minute Developer Update for Civ 6, we finally got a release date for the Portugal Pack; this final addition to Civ 6’s New Frontier Pass will go live on March 25, 2021. 

It’s unclear exactly what time the download will trigger for those who have already purchased the New Frontier Pass, but midday on March 25 is probably what can be expected.

If you haven’t yet purchased the New Frontier Pass, you can also get the Portugal Pack by itself – as is the case with other pieces of the New Frontier Pass. 

How much is the New Frontier Pass and the new Portugal Pack? 

While some players have already snagged the New Frontier Pass for Civ 6, others may still be looking at whether or not it’s worth adding to their game. The New Frontier Pass is available on Steam as DLC for Civilization VI for $39.99 (£32.99). 

There are six different DLC Packs included in the New Frontier Pass, the final of which will be the Portugal Pack. Each of the past ones are available individually for the following prices: 

  • Maya & Gran Colombia Pack: $8.99 (£7.39)
  • Ethiopia Pack: $4.99 (£3.99)
  • Byzantium & Gaul Pack: $8.99 (£7.39)
  • Babylon Pack: $4.99 (£3.99)
  • Vietnam & Kublai Khan Pack: $8.99 (£7.39)

While the Portugal Pack isn’t live on Steam just yet, it will likely cost $4.99 (£3.99), the same as the other New Frontier Pass DLC Packs that included just one new Civilization. The total cost of buying the individual packs is just under $42 (just over £34), meaning that you will save a bit if you purchase the New Frontier Pass instead. 

However, if you’ve already purchased one of the individual packs, you could end up spending more if you then grab the New Frontier Pass. In that case, you are better off purchasing them individually to make sure that you aren’t paying for one twice. 

What new content is included in this Civ 6 DLC Pack? 

Image Source: 2K United Kingdom, via YouTube

This final DLC Pack for the New Frontier Pass in Civ 6 has three big pieces to it, and the first is the addition of Portugal as a new Civilization. When the release is live, Civ 6 will boast a massive 50 different Civilizations, which is the largest total the Sid Meier’s franchise has ever seen. 

Players can also look forward to Zombie Defense Mode, which is the newest Game Mode added to Civ 6. The New Frontier Pass had previously introduced Apocalypse, Secret Societies, Dramatic Ages, Heroes & Legends, and Monopolies & Corporations as new Game Modes. 

New Frontier Pass Portugal Pack content

While the new Game Mode and Civilization are the biggest pieces of the Portugal Pack for Civ 6 in the New Frontier Pass, there are some other exciting additions as well. All of the following things will be available in the Portugal Pack and provided to those who have the New Frontier Pass: 

  • New Civilization: Portugal
  • New Game Mode: Zombie Defense
  • Two New World Wonders: Torre de Belém and Etemenanki
  • New Map Type: Wetlands

The details on Portugal were a bit scarce, as the developers plan to release a First Look video in the coming days to take a deeper dive on all of the aspects of this new Civilization. However, we did get some great information about the other pieces of the Portugal Pack. 

Zombie Defense Mode comes to Civ 6

Image Source: 2K United Kingdom, via YouTube

In the new Zombie Defense Mode, players are given a whole different kind of challenge as every unit killed in battle could rise again as a Zombie. Any non-Zombie unit successfully killed in combat by a Zombie unit will then rise again as a new Zombie unit. 

New trap and barricade builder improvements are available to deal with the ongoing threat, and they’re able to be built on owned and neutral territory. Two new city projects also allow players to temporarily take control of zombies to attack enemies or to get them away from their own cities. 

Spies will get a new operation, allowing a whole new way to target your enemies. The new Zombie Outbreak Spy Operation will spawn a new Zombie unit for each tile worked by the enemy city, which can make a huge impact. 

New World Wonders and Map Type for Civ 6

Image Source: 2K United Kingdom, via YouTube

In addition to the new Civilization and Game Mode, there are two new World Wonders in the Portugal Pack. Torre de Belém, inspired by Portugal, is a World Wonder with a trade focus that gives bonus gold for Trade Routes based on Luxury Resources. It also grants free buildings to cities that are not on your Civilization’s home continent. 

The second World Wonder joining the fray is Etemenanki,  which is also inspired by Portugal. This new World Wonder must be built on Floodplains or Marsh, and it’ll provide additional Science and Production yields for Marsh and Floodplains tiles in your City and Empire.  Those bonuses tie perfectly into the final piece of content being added: the Wetlands Map Type. This new Map script creates a continent map with an overwhelming amount of Rivers, Marsh, Woods, Flood Plains, and Rainforests for a new kind of challenge. 

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