Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled: Next Grand Prix Gasmoxia is the Final CTR GP

Crash Team Racing looks to end its Grand Prix tour on another planet and up against a galactic ruler.

Image Source: Activision

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled has continued to give its players free DLCs and online competitions since its launch in June 2019.

However, with the announcement of the latest CTR Grand Prix, the Gasmoxia Grand Prix, developers Beenox and publishers Activision have stated that this shall be the last Grand Prix.

As you would expect from Crash Team Racing’s big send-off to its much-loved Grand Prix events, the final GP is bringing in a lot of exciting new content – which includes an alien race track.

New CTR DLC: Gasmoxia Grand Prix

In the January CTR GP, players travelled around an arid race track that conjured up recollections of the movie Mad Max: Fury Road. In this latest and final Grand Prix, players will be contending on a new alien race track.

The Gasmoxia Grand Prix introduces the new Drive-Thru Danger tack. On this course, drivers compete amidst an ongoing fast-food war between Toxic Burger and Nuclear Pizza, just above the planet of Gasmoxia’s skyline.

Activision has hailed Drive-Thru Danger as “one of the most technical tracks in CTR history.” The game’s publishers say that it’s filled with potential shortcuts that require a great amount of skill and boldness to pull off.

As a part of the event, players will get to compete to unlock new Grand Prix Rewards, 18 of which can be unlocked with Nitro Points along the progression bar.

Image Source: Activision

While the new challenges and the Champion Kart with a signature decal are all part of the fun, the main attraction is the new character, Emperor Velo. He claims to be the true ruler of the galaxy and is unlockable through Nitro Points.

There are also some new paint jobs, stickers, kart sets, and wheels. There are plenty of new and exciting skins coming into the mix as well, including:

  • Space Spyro
  • Astronaut Kong
  • N.Brioctopus
  • Privateer Tawna
  • Corsair Liz
  • Buccaneer Ami
  • Marauder Isabella
  • Raider Megumi

This CTR Grand Prix event will be the last, with Emperor Velo setting plenty of absurdly challenging lap times to ensure that Gasmoxia Grand Prix leaves a lasting impression.

What comes next for Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled?

Image Source: Activision

Activision and Beenox may be signing-off on the Grand Prix events, but they say that they’ll continue to run online competitions and bring in new content to Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled.

According to their blog post, CTR players will still be able to race in all of the existing game modes, including the online matchmaking, and partake in new time trials, a new continuous challenge system, and claim new content.

Once the Gasmoxia Grand Prix concludes on 22 March, the game will be dropping in lots of new items, which come under the categories of:

  • New characters
  • New legendary skins
  • New legendary skin re-colours
  • New karts
  • New paints
  • New decals

The publishers have also mentioned that one of the post-GP drops will be one which they think is a long-awaited item that the player base desires.

As you would expect from a game that Activision sneakily snuck a grindy microtransaction store into post-launch, the publishers will continue to add new items that can be bought with purchased or earned in-game currency.

The final Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled GP, the Gasmoxia Grand Prix, waves its starting flag today, 20 February, at 15:00 GMT and will run until 22 March.

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