Cyberpunk 2077 Perks: Best Engineering Perks to Unlock

Cyberpunk 2077 has many options for character customization, including many Perks. Which Engineering Perks stand out as the best?

Engineering Perks

Cyberpunk 2077 is finally available, and the game’s unique character customization system has brought along many different ways to play. If you like to blow things up or use Technical Ability, chances are you’ll want to know the best Perks to unlock for Engineering.

As you play through Cyberpunk 2077 and start to make decisions about how your character is molded, you’ll notice that the majority of the game’s skills are combat-focused. However, some have benefits that will work for other kinds of combat or even outside of combat, making those skills worthwhile for every player.

Technical Ability has plenty of uses even outside of just unlocking the Perks for the Engineering skill, which can make even some of the Perks with significant Attribute Requirements worthwhile.

What are Perks in Cyberpunk 2077

When you build your character in Cyberpunk 2077, you’ll first be deciding to put points into one of the game’s five Attributes. Each has different effects on how you play the game and the things you’re able to do.

Connected to each Attribute is two or three different skills, which you can improve if you focus on that specific type of gameplay. Each skill, such as Engineering, has a large tree of Perks that will provide unique gameplay bonuses in Cyberpunk 2077.

You’ll have to invest Perk Points as you earn them throughout the game into whichever Perks underneath whichever skill you feel is most appropriate for your character. These can make a drastic difference in your effectiveness both in and out of combat.

How to unlock Engineering Perks in Cyberpunk 2077

Engineering Perks

In order to unlock Perks, you’ll need to spend Perk Points. These are earned in a few different ways as you play Cyberpunk 2077, but the most straightforward is just by leveling up. Every time your character reaches the next level, you’ll be awarded with an Attribute Point and a Perk Point to spend.

Attribute Points are key to improving your overall Attribute score for each of the game’s five Attributes, which for Engineering is Technical Ability. This will help unlock more advanced Perks, but you also can have the benefit of opening doors, turning off cameras, and accessing unique dialogue options if your Technical Ability is high enough.

The other way to earn Perk Points is to improve your overall Skill Level with the game’s different skills. The good news is that the Perk Points earned by Skill Level progression can be used for any skill, so it can be worthwhile to try out the ones you aren’t using to get some handy Perk Points to invest where you are putting your focus.

For Engineering, you improve the skill with any actions gated behind Technical Ability, damaging enemies with grenades, and damaging enemies with wall-piercing shots. The most consistent ways to improve this can be opening every door you see gated behind a particular Technical Ability, and manually turning off security cameras, which are also gated behind a particular Technical Ability score.

Best Engineering Perks in Cyberpunk 2077

While several of the game’s Engineering Perks are particular to a certain weapon type, there aren’t any that are completely useless as long as they fit your particular playstyle. On top of that, a few stand out as the best Engineering Perks in Cyberpunk 2077 and leave the rest in the dust.

Here, they’ve been broken down into three grades: S-Grade (must-have for all players), A-Grade (worth the investment), and B-Grade (only if it fits your playstyle. All three S-Grade Engineering Perks have made our best list, as well as two A-Grade Engineering Perks.

Mech Looter S-Grade Engineering Perk

Engineering Perks

One of only three S-Grade Engineering Perks available, Mech Looter has no Attribute Requirement and is worth everyone snagging with one or more Perk Points. While not in every single combat, you’re going to encounter drones, mechs, and robots fairly frequently throughout Cyberpunk 2077.

Like any other enemies in the game, you’ll want to take the time to loot these enemies after they’ve been neutralized. Mech Looter is here to make that loot even more spectacular by significantly increasing the chance you’ll snag a weapon mod or attachment when looting drones, mechs, or robots.

Cyberpunk 2077 can sometimes be a game of odds as much of the most useful items come from random loot, and Mech Looter is the perfect way to improve your odds. You might get something really special, but worst case you can always sell the extra mods and attachments you loot.

Blast Shielding S-Grade Engineering Perk

No matter how you decide to play Cyberpunk 2077, explosions are going to be a threat to you. As we’ve mentioned elsewhere, explosives are just as dangerous to you as they are to your enemies.

You can be in complete control of a combat situation, but that can end in the blink of an eye if you’re standing next to an explosive container when your enemy shoots it. Fortunately, Blast Shielding can help you out of these moments by reducing the overall damage taken from explosions.

This can save you from grenades and explosives of any kind. Even if the explosion only leaves you with a little health left, that can be enough to take cover and heal your character up before rejoining the fray.

Can’t Touch This S-Grade Engineering Perk

Engineering Perks

If you’re using grenades often, Can’t Touch This is a godsend. Even if you’re only using them every now and then, it’s an amazing Perk with a minimal required Technical Ability of 5 that everyone should drop one Perk Point into.

Can’t Touch This will give your character immunity from all damage and effects of your own grenades. That means that if you’re in a tight spot and surrounded by enemies, you can literally drop a grenade at your feet and usually be completely safe.

Usually is there because, as mentioned above, the game is sometimes packed with other explosives. Can’t Touch This will save you from your grenade, but if it causes something else to explode, that’s different. Even with that caveat, everyone should unlock this Perk.

Gun Whisperer A-Grade Engineering Perk

Like many of the Perks available throughout different skills, Gun Whisperer is specific to a type of weapon. However, because Tech weapons are a broad category encompassing several different kinds of weapons, and the sheer usefulness if this one, it makes it into the A-Grade category.

Gun Whisperer makes it so that any fully-charged Tech weapons won’t fire automatically. This can be a true game-changer, as you’ll be able to charge up a Tech weapon to full power while in cover, and then get the target in your sights and loose the shot.

It’s the specificity, and significant requirement of a Technical Ability of 14, that loses Gun Whisperer a chance to be S-Grade. However, if you’re using Tech weapons at all, this one is worth the investment.

Insulation A-Grade Engineering Perk

Engineering Perks

Finally, we have a particularly unique and useful Engineering Perk called Insulation. With the required Technical Ability of 14, this one is hard to justify as S-Grade, but that investment can be more than worthwhile.

Keep in mind having a Technical Ability of 14 will also open up Crafting Perks for you, open doors, and provide unique dialogue options throughout Cyberpunk 2077. Insulation, should you take the step of getting it, will give your character permanent immunity to shock.

This can make quests like Don’t Lose Your Mind significantly easier, and knock out a big way you can take damage from certain enemies. If you’re willing to drop some points in Technical Ability, you definitely need to spend a single Perk Point to unlock Insulation.

All Engineering Perks in Cyberpunk 2077

Engineering Perks

Here, we’ll detail all of the unlockable Engineering Perks in Cyberpunk 2077. Each entry on the table will note the necessary Attribute Requirement to access the Perk, and how many tiers it has.

Extra tiers means you can spend more than one Perk Point to improve a bonus, such as going from a 25% chance to a 50% chance. As mentioned above, these are also given a grade: S-Grade (must-have for all players), A-Grade (worth the investment), or B-Grade (only if it fits your playstyle).

Perk NameGradeDescriptionTiersAttribute
Mech LooterSWhen looting robots, drones, and mechs, there is a 25%/50%/75% chance of looting a weapon mod or attachment3None
Blast ShieldingSReduces damage taken from explosions by 10%/20%/30%3None
Can’t Touch ThisSGrants immunity to all effects from your own grenades15 Technical Ability
GrenadierBThe explosion radius of grenades is visible15 Technical Ability
ShrapnelBAll grenade types deal 20 damage in addition to their normal effects17 Technical Ability
BladerunnerBIncreases damage to robots, drones, and mechs by 20%/40%29 Technical Ability
Lock and LoadBIncreases Smart weapon reload speed by 5%/10%29 Technical Ability
Bigger BoomsBGrenades deal 5%/10%/15%/20%/25% more damage511 Technical Ability
TeslaBIncreases the charge multiplier for Tech weapons by 15%/35%/55%312 Technical Ability
Lightning BoltBIncreases Crit Chance with Tech weapons by 3%/6%/10%312 Technical Ability
Gun WhispererAFully charged Tech weapons do not shoot automatically114 Technical Ability
UberchargeBFully charged Tech weapons deal 50% more damage114 Technical Ability
InsulationAGrants immunity to Shock114 Technical Ability
Fuck All WallsBTech weapons discharge 50% faster116 Technical Ability
Lickety SplitBTech weapon reload time is reduced by 15%/30%218 Technical Ability
JackpotBGrenades can now deal Crit Hits120 Technical Ability
SuperconductorBTech weapons ignore Armor120 Technical Ability

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