Death Stranding Arriving on PC with Bonus Features and Half-Life Crossover

Kojima Productions and 505 Games are bringing Death Stranding to two PC launchers this summer.

Death Stranding was one of the most highly-anticipated games of last year, and yet it proved to be one of the most polarising for reviewers – and not even from reviewer to reviewer.

Many critics cited the stunning aesthetics and grand story from Hideo Kojima, but the praise was invariably levelled by players struggling with some of the more tedious spaces in the game.

Regardless of how you view the gameplay, Death Stranding was a triumph in game direction and production, and now Sony is extending yet another olive branch to their PC brethren by bringing the PlayStation 4-exclusive to Steam and the Epic Games Store on 2 June 2020.

Death Stranding landing on PC this summer

In a blog post, Kojima Productions and 505 Games announced that Death Stranding is going to get a physical and digital PC release on 2 June.

Along with declaring that the PS4 game would be coming to both major PC launchers at the same time, the post also detailed some of the additional features and bonuses coming to the Windows version of the game.

The next Death Stranding launch features ultra-wide monitor support, a high frame rate, and a photo mode feature that will combine to enhance the experience even further for PC players.

Pre-ordering the game will also net PC players some HD wallpapers, gold and silver speed skeleton, gold and silver armour plate, Chiral gold and omnireflector sunglasses for Sam, and a Chiral gold and omnireflector cap.

To celebrate the 2 June 2020 launch, the Death Stranding team have also put up some new BB mobile wallpapers and BB theme ringtones, which can be downloaded from the publisher’s website.

Perfect time for a Death Stranding X Half-Life crossover

Along with some nice Death Stranding-themed bonus bits, PC players can also look forward to a crossover with a much-loved Valve franchise, Half-Life. In the video above, you can see Norman Reedus’ character, Sam, donning the iconic head valve as well as a rather dashing head crab.

At the end of the month, on 23 March, the Valve Index VR kit will finally get its flagship game, welcoming the long-awaited third full game to the Half-Life series.

Half-Life: Alyx will be drawing in existing fans of the incredible game franchise as well as newcomers: particularly those who have bought into the premium virtual reality kit. So, Half-Life will be thrilling fans for just over two months before Death Stranding lands on PC, with both titles hoping that the crossover will result in even more players indulging in both of the major releases.

Both games are primed to excel on the mighty PC platform, with the Alyx developers citing the power of the Valve Index as being necessary to the game, and Death Stranding perhaps being limited by its console origins. Kojima’s creation is a triumphant audiovisual experience which looks set to reach new heights when it lands on PC.

Sony allowing more exclusive titles to test the Windows waters

Major first-party titles that launch on the PlayStation 4 tend to remain platform exclusives. Xbox consoles have long been symbiotic with PC due to their parent company, Microsoft, but Sony has never been as forthcoming.

Now, however, the Japanese giant looks to be changing its stance on porting some of its exclusive titles to Windows. In late 2019, it was announced that MLB: The Show will be one of the first major PS4-exclusives to leap the fence of Sony containment to land on PC (as well as Xbox).

Predator: Hunting Grounds is also receiving a PC release, this time on the Epic Games Store. Initially billed as a PS4-exclusive, the upcoming 24 April release marks yet another PlayStation to PC launch.

On top of these two relatively minor ports, there are some very convincing rumours that the incredible Horizon Zero Dawn is on its way to PC as well. Until those rumours are officially confirmed, however, Death Stranding will, by far, be the biggest game to crossover from the PS4 to Windows.

On 2 June 2020, PC gamers will get to experience Death Stranding in what should be its finest form.

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