Deathloop: Controls Guide for PlayStation 5 and How to Play

Get to grips with all of the Deathloop controls so that you can break the loop on PS5!

Destined to push your luck a bit too far on numerous occasions, Deathloop will have you attempting to sneak around, go guns blazing, and even try some distraction tactics while you explore the maps and story.

Here, we’re going through all of the Deathloop controls that you need to know on PlayStation 5, as well as details about some of the game’s mechanics that are worth knowing to help you get started.

Deathloop PS5 Controls List

  • Move: Left Analogue
  • Look: Right Analogue
  • Interact/Pick Up: Square
  • Throw Held Item: R2
  • Sprint: L3 (hold)
  • Dodge: Move sideways and tap L3
  • Kick: R3 (tap)
  • Slide: R3 (to sprint), O (to slide)
  • Use Held Item: Square
  • Aim Down Sights: L2 (full-pull)
  • Shoot Right-Hand Weapon: R2 (tap for single shots/hold for rapid-fire)
  • Shoot Left­-Hand Weapon: L2 (tap for single shots/hold for rapid-fire)
  • Reload: Square
  • Clear Jam: Square (when prompted)
  • Put Weapons Away (Sheathe Weapons): Square (hold)
  • Draw Machete: R1
  • Swing Machete: R1
  • Crouch: O
  • Sneak: O and move
  • Perform Execution: R1 (when prompted)
  • Lean: O (hold) and move
  • Peek: L2 (hold) with gun equipped
  • Jump: X
  • Long Jump: R3 (to sprint), X
  • Vault: X (hold) while moving towards a wall
  • Climb: Look to a ledge, X (hold)
  • Use Equipped Slab or Gadget: L1 (hold)
  • Quick Change Gun: Triangle
  • See Gun Wheel: Triangle (hold), Left Analogue to select
  • Deploy/Collapse Turret: Square (hold)
  • Quick Select Slab: Up
  • See Slab Wheel: Up (hold), Right Analogue to select
  • Toggle Dual-Wield: Right (with weapon in right hand)
  • See Off-Hand Weapon Wheel: Right (hold), Right Analogue to select
  • Toggle Weapon Mode: Right
  • Use Tag: Down
  • Use Focus: Down (hold)
  • Use Alert: Down (as Julianna)
  • Select Gadget: Left
  • See Gadget Wheel: Left (hold), Right Analogue to select
  • Memories Menu: TouchPad
  • Game Menu: Options

How to use the Strelak Sapper Charge in Deathloop

To use the Strelak Sapper Charge, you need to equip it to your left hand by pressing the Left button, and then hold the Left button to select its mode (Grenade, Proximity Charge, or Trip Mines).

To use Grenades:

  • Press L1 to throw a Grenade;
  • Or, hold L1 to cook the Grenade and then release to throw.

To use Proximity Charges:

  • Press L1 to throw a Proximity Charge;
  • Or, aim at a surface while standing close to it and then press L1 to place.

To use Trip Mines:

  • Press L1 to place a silent Trip Mine to create a trap.

How to heal in Deathloop

The most prevalent way to heal in Deathloop is to find cans of Fiz-Pop. As shown above, these look like small gas canisters with a red-and-white colour scheme. When you spot them, press Square to heal a portion of your health bar (the red diagonal line in the top-left of your screen).

Another way to heal is to find a Health Station. As you can see in the image above, Health Stations look like large white-and-red pills. To heal at a Health Station, stand still and hold Square until your health bar is filled.

As you progress and defeat more Visionaries and Eternalists, you’ll pick up more Trinkets, some of which will grant auto-heal perks and extensions to your maximum health. In the early game, you can find the Trinkets of a low-tier Never Say Die and Comeback Kid, which enhance your maximum health and health regeneration.

How to pick up new weapons in Deathloop

Whenever you defeat an enemy, you’ll likely be able to pick up their weapon. To pick up the weapon, look at it on the floor and hold Square. If you have an empty weapon slot, it’ll fill one of those slots.

However, if your weapon inventory is full, you’ll need to swap the new weapon with one of your weapons. To do this, equip the weapon that you want to drop in your right hand (hold Triangle and select it from the wheel), look at the new weapon, and then hold Square. You cannot change weapons if you’re holding the Machete.

How to store weapons in Deathloop

To store weapons in Deathloop, enabling you to pick more up on your next run, you’ll need to access your Loadout in between runs (Triangle from the menu).

On the next screen, hover over any of your guns, wait for the pop-up to show, and then press Square to unequip. Any weapons that aren’t equipped to your Loadout when you leave this area are left in storage.

While you’ll likely want to keep at least one gun on your Loadout when you leave, having one or two open slots can allow you to quickly grow your weapon inventory, giving you more choice for each run. Leaving weapons behind also means that you don’t need to worry about dropping and losing a gun to get a new one.

However, as you collect more guns, you’ll want to be even more cautious about avoiding death. Running out of Reprise will wipe away your collection in the early game.

How does Reprise work in Deathloop?

During the prologue, you pick up a Slab that grants the Reprise ability; having this ability allows you to respawn if you die during a run, just at a point further back along your trek. However, there’s a catch: the Reprise ability will only work twice per run.

So, you can be killed twice and still complete your run in that district by returning to your base without dying again. You’ll also keep all of the equipment that you’ve collected, and the enemies that you defeated will remain as such – provided that you only die twice.

Going down a third time during one run will end that loop, resulting in you waking up in the morning of the subsequent loop. When this happens, you’ll lose all of the equipment that you collected in the last loop.

Reprise can work to your advantage if you’ve taken a wrong turn or encountered a swarm of enemies on high alert. It’ll usually respawn back to safety a good distance away from the scene of your death. Furthermore, you’ll be granted a few seconds of invisibility, allowing you to escape from harm’s way.

When you travel between districts and return to your base, the number of times that you can use Reprise to respawn is reset. So, you don’t need to worry about dying again if you use Reprise twice in the run prior.

Now that you know the Deathloop controls on PS5, go out into Blackreef and see if you can break the loop!

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