Deep Rock Galactic: Complete Controls Guide for PC, PS5, PS4 & Xbox One

Everything you need to know about the controls for Deep Rock Galactic on PC, PS5, PS4 & Xbox One.

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Deep Rock Galactic is not only one of the most highly-rated games on Steam, but it’s also been very well-received on Xbox One.

You and up to three other dwarves are tasked with exploring the destructible, procedurally-generated caves in deep space, with the first-person shooter never failing to excite.

In the Ghost Ship Games-developed title, you’ll spend your time between the Space Rig and the mission areas, customising your dwarf before taking a drop pod down to the action.

So, here’s what you need to know about the in-mission controls, the controls for roaming around the Space Rig, and your role depending on which dwarf you decide to play as in Deep Rock Galactic.

Deep Rock Galactic Space Rig controls

When you start out in Deep Rock Galactic, you’ll wake up in your bay room on the Space Rig. Once you exit the cabin, you’ll be able to engage in many different activities, such as buying a round of drinks for your team, playing the barrel kick challenge, and upgrading your gear.

To move around the Space Rig, you’ll need to use L (left analogue) or W,A,S,D, R (right analogue) or the Mouse Movement to look around, and X or E to interact with terminals and items.

You’ll likely spend some time switching off the artificial gravity and booting barrels around on the Space Rige while preparing for the next mission.

The most important area, though, is the Mission Terminal. As you can see below, the Mission Terminal is a large spherical hologram from which you can select and confirm your team’s next mission.

After you’ve locked in your mission, you’ll need to embark on the expedition. To do this, turn to the steps near the Mission Terminal and climb them to enter the big Drop Pod.

In between missions, you can also use the Medbay, Abyss Bay, the Forge, and the Equipment Terminal on the ground floor of the Space Rig.  

Deep Rock Galactic Xbox One, PC, PS5 & PS4 Controls

Whether you’re using an Xbox One controller or a keyboard and mouse, Deep Rock Galactic utilises fairly simple controls – allowing you to pick up the game and explore its universe quickly.

For the purposes of these Deep Rock Galactic controls, either Xbox One controller analogue is denoted as L or R, with the press of the left or right analogue being L3 or R3. The four D-pad controls are denoted as Left, Up, Right, and Down.

ActionXbox One ControlsPC ControlsPS4 & PS5 Controls
Move L W,A,S,D L
Move Camera R Move Mouse R
Interact / Activate / Pick-Up / Use X E Square
Sprint L3 Shift L3
Jump A Space X
Shout LB X L1
Salute R3 V R3
Push to Talk N/A Z N/A
Fire Weapon RT Left Mouse Button R2
Use Pickaxe LT Right Mouse Button L2
Reload X R Square
Throw Flare B F O
Toggle Headlight B (hold) F (hold) O (hold)
Throw Grenade RB G R1
Terrain Scanner View Tab TouchPad
Call M.U.L.E Y C Triangle
Toggle Laser Pointer LB (hold) Ctrl L1 (hold)
Primary Weapon (Gear 1) Up 1 Up
Secondary Weapon (Gear 2) Left 2 Left
Utility Tool (Gear 3) Down 3 Down
Mobility Tool (Gear 4) Right 4 Right
Resupply Tool Down (tap twice) 5 Down (tap twice)
Previous Item N/A Q N/A
Switch Equipment N/A Scroll Mouse Wheel N/A
Open Menu Menu Esc Options
Close Menu / Close Terminal B Esc O
Toggle HUD N/A H (hold) N/A
Invite Friends N/A C N/A
Accept Invite N/A Y N/A
Reject Invite N/A N N/A
Ignore Invite N/A I N/A

Dwarf class roles in Deep Rock Galactic

Image Source: Coffee Stain, via YouTube

In Deep Rock Galactic, you’ll play as one of four dwarf classes: the Driller, the Engineer, the Gunner, or the Scout.

Playing as a different dwarf class changes your optimum playing style and your primary role on the team.

Driller Class in Deep Rock Galactic

As the Driller dwarf, you’ll be loaded with Satchel Charges, Reinforced Power Drills, and a mighty CRSPR Flamethrower.

So, the Driller’s main job is to help others to reach difficult to access areas by blowing out steps and new entrances, while using the spread of the flamethrower to hold back and direct waves of enemies.

Engineer Class in Deep Rock Galactic

As the Engineer dwarf, you’ll tote a Platform Gun and an LMG Gun Platform, both of which are optimised support weapons.

The idea of playing as the Engineer is to create new platforms for teammates to jump on to get to out-of-reach materials. Then, of course, the turrets can be planted to help fend off waves of enemies.

Gunner Class in Deep Rock Galactic

As the Gunner dwarf, you’re on the team to cut down any creature that attempts to attack your fellow dwarves.

Armed with almighty weaponry, like the Powered Minigun, and key defence tools like the Shield Generator and Zipline Gun, the Gunner dwarf is there to protect their team at all costs.

Scout Class in Deep Rock Galactic

As the Scout dwarf, you’ll be in charge of getting to the hard-to-reach areas and extracting valuable materials that the other dwarves can’t get to as easily.

The Scout dwarf has a Grappling Gun to get them to new areas, but they also have several team-friendly tools at their disposal. The Jury-Rigged Boomstick, Flare Gun Deepcore GK2, and the Inhibitor-Field Grenades make the Scout dwarf more than a mere fetcher of precious items in Deep Rock Galactic.

How to turn off motion controls in Deep Rock Galactic

To turn off the motion controls in Deep Rock Galactic, particularly if you’re on a PS5, you need to:

  • Open the Menu with Options/Menu/Esc;
  • Select the Options tab and then the Controls sub-tab;
  • Scroll down to the Motion Sensor section;
  • Untick the box for Motion Sensor.

While you never quite know what to expect when soaring down in the Drop Pod, with this controls guide, you’ll at least know what buttons to press when once you touch down.

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