Destruction AllStars: Complete Controls Guide for PS5

Whether you’re trying to flip your vehicle or shake off a carjacker, these are the Destruction AllStars that you need to know.

From the creators of 2K Drive and Need for Speed Payback, Destruction AllStars has finally crashed its way onto the PlayStation 5, fully utilising the capabilities of the DualSense controller’s triggers and haptic features.

A primary feature of the colossal Future of Gaming presentation back in June 2020, the Lucid creation arrives as an additional game for PS Plus subscribers without an additional cost.

In the battle arena, vehicle combat game, you’ll need to master evasion techniques on foot and the destructive capabilities of your car; here are the controls that you’ll need to do precisely that in Destruction AllStars.

For the purposes of this Destruction AllStars controls guide, the left and right analogue are denoted as (L) and (R). The buttons of the d-pad are shown as Up, Left, Right, and Down.

Destruction AllStars driving controls

When you’re behind the wheel in Destruction AllStars, it’s all about smashing other vehicles, whipping around the arena, and trying to avoid losing the driving seat to one of your enemies.

Destruction AllStars Controls
Driver ActionPlayStation 5 Controls
AccelerateR2 (hold)
BrakeL2 (hold)
ReverseL2 (hold)
Slam Forward(R) tap upwards
Slam Right(R) tap rightwards
Slam Left(R) tap leftwards
Handbrake TurnO + (L)
Guide EjectionX + (L)
Exit VehicleTriangle
Summon/Activate Hero VehicleL1
Look Back(R) pull downwards
View LeaderboardTouchPad
Emote 1Up
Emote 2Right
Emote 3Down
Emote 4Left

Destruction AllStars on foot controls

Whether you’ve ejected yourself from your car or you just fancy trying to defeat your foes on foot, these are the Destruction AllStar controls that you’ll need to master for your character of choice.

Destruction AllStars Controls
On Foot ActionPlayStation 5 Controls
Double Jump(Active Hero Breaker) X, X
Grab LedgesX towards ledge
Enter VehicleTriangle
Activate Hero BreakerR1
Summon/Activate Hero VehicleL1
Emote 1Up
Emote 2Right
Emote 3Down
Emote 4Left
View LeaderboardTouchPad

What do shards do in Destruction AllStars

Dotted around each Destruction AllStars arena are several pink floating shards, which you can collect while using the on foot controls.

Often requiring you to perform a huge ejection exit from a vehicle (X), a double jump while your Hero Breaker is active (R1 + X, X), or some platform-leaping moves, the shards help to charge your character’s abilities.

Picking up the shards will charge both your Hero Breaker and Hero Vehicle ability gauges, giving you the edge over your fellow AllStars in the arena.

You will also be able to find Breaker pickups in team games, with five of them fully charging your team’s Hero Vehicle gauges.

How to take or wreck opponent vehicles in Destruction AllStars

When you’re on foot in Destruction AllStars, you can try to scramble to a new vehicle or take one that your opponent is already driving.

To get on top of another vehicle and ride the top, you’ll need to jump (X) or evade (O) nearby and then quickly tap ride (Triangle) to hop on top. You can also hop on from the ground (Triangle), but it is rather dangerous to attempt and doesn’t work if the other vehicle is going too fast.

Next, you’ll have to tap the buttons that appear on the prompt bar to unlock the ability to Take or Wreck the vehicle, often needing to tap Square and O to complete the sequence.

Complete the sequence, and you’ll be given the option to Wreck the vehicle or Take it over yourself (Square or O), but either way, your opponent won’t be driving the car for long.

How to shake an opponent off of your car in Destruction AllStars

When an opponent hops on top of your vehicle, you’ll need to try to fill the orange bar that they see under their prompts before they can fill the blue bar.

To shake them off of your car, you’ll want to wiggle around with the left analogue, slam into other vehicles with the right analogue, and perform sharp handbrake turns with O and the left analogue.

How to flip your vehicle in Destruction AllStars

At some point during your career as an AllStar, you’ll find that your vehicle is helplessly stuck on its roof with you inside.

Given the brutal, high-velocity nature of the game, you’ll want to be back on four wheels as quickly as possible. So, to flip your car in Destruction AllStars, you’ll need to hold the left analogue to the left or right until the vehicle turns over.

Now you know how to smash the opposing vehicles, power-up your Hero abilities, and carjack anyone unlucky enough to drive your way in Destruction AllStars.

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