Digimon Survive Release Date May Still Be 2020

The new-found 2021 release date for Digimon Survive has seemingly been revised, with a release this year still possible.

It’s been radio silence from the Digimon Survive development team, Witchcraft, and publisher, Bandai Namco, for a long time.

Even though it wasn’t great news, Toei Animation’s designation of a ‘January 2021’ release date for Digimon Survive at least allowed fans to get an idea of when the game might launch.

Now, however, fans following the intriguing upcoming game have been sent back to square one, with Toei Animation revising their webpage.

Digimon Survive may still launch in 2020

Examining the same page on the Toei Animation website as we did to see the ‘January 2021’ Digimon Survive release date, it’s now clear that those details have changed.

As you can see above, the date has been completely removed on the Digimon Adventure page.

While the news of Digimon Survive’s potential release date didn’t exactly catch the mainstream headlines, it appears as though a stakeholder in the game caught wind of the articles and requested Toei Animation to change their page.

It may have been Toei Animation revising the page so as not to give false hope to Digimon fans. However, the ‘January 2021’ release window was revised from the studio’s official press release, which stated a 2020 launch, per Game Rant.

Equally, it could have been the developers or publisher Bandai Namco requesting the change, potentially due to the release date remaining as 2020. After all, it still says 2020 on the official page.

Digimon Survive has been labelled as a 2020 release since July last year. So, it’s somewhat troubling that Bandai Namco didn’t mention the Witchcraft game during their Play Anime Live event last month.

An ambitious game, but an update would be appreciated

Digimon Survive is pegged as the digital monster franchise’s big crack at adapting the Digimon World formula for the newer western and more casual audience.

The specialised mechanics of the Digimon World game make for a unique, deep, and addictive gameplay experience, but it’s seen as rather tricky for newcomers to adopt.

If the development team can keep the core mechanics, such as the brutal open-world, training, settlement building, different Digivolution tracks, and lifecycles, while making it more accessible, it could be a superb game.

It was always going to be a hefty task to create this new line of gaming, but all of the Digimon Survive details that we have so far point to it developing into an intriguing title.

Most gamers following Digimon Survive, having seen it be delayed before, are expecting a further delay due to the pandemic, with the ongoing lack of official communications rationalising that thinking.

As it stands, the most up-to-date official information that we have is that Digimon Survive will arrive in one of the remaining four months of this year.

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