eSports Boxing Club: New Features, Trailer, Partnerships & eSports Tournaments Announced

Steel City Interactive lets us know more about their vision for eSports Boxing Club, its many features, and a former world champion who’s joining the roster.

It’s been a very long time since boxing fans have been able to enjoy a fully-fledged, triple-A boxing game – which is why there’s so much excitement surrounding eSports Boxing Club.

Revealed to be in the works earlier this year, the team behind the exciting project, Steel City Interactive, have now unveiled a considerable amount of information for their upcoming game via a new press release.

Here’s the latest news about the upcoming RPG-based boxing game as well as the former champion who has joined the roster.

eSports Boxing Club game modes and features

The team behind eSports Boxing Club says that they aim to bring fight fans a game that does justice to the sport of boxing, with their vehicle being an in-depth, action-RPG.

In the game, players will take control of their boxing destiny, create their own fighters, and work towards becoming a world champion.

As a boxing RPG, you’ll have to decide which contracts to accept, which opponents to fight, who joins on your team, and the attributes that you level-up.

eSports Boxing Club boasts in-depth RPG mechanics, with each fighter having over a dozen separate attributes – ranging from their popularity to their discipline – to influence their path.

Joining the RPG-driven format will be Hardcore Mode, which has been designed for dedicated gamers who want to experience innovative features that have been overlooked in boxing games of the past.

Steel City Interactive have also revealed another exciting new game mode, ‘The Club,’ with more details to be revealed soon, according to the team.

Bringing boxing to eSports

Fighting games like Tekken 7, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Street Fighter V have been huge hits in eSports, with sports games like FIFA also having a competitive offering.

Now, eSports Boxing Club looks to muscle into the scene with the combat sport of boxing and its own fully-sanctioned eSports tournaments.

The ESBC eSports Tournaments will give participants from all over the world the chance to compete online for the eWBC World Title Belt and to become the ultimate Ring Champion.

Both are fully endorsed by boxing’s governing bodies, with officially licensed eBelts on the line for the very best competitors.

The licensed roster adds another former world champion

Several legends of boxing and active athletes have been revealed for the eSports Boxing Club roster, and now, yet another former world champion is being added to the list.

Officially joining the game is the 51-3-2, former middleweight and super-middleweight world champion Sergio Martinez. The Argentinean climbed as high as third in the pound-for-pound rankings and was named Fighter of the Year in 2010.

Known for his athleticism, speed, ability to lure in opponents with his low hands, and his incredible counterpunching, the wily southpaw makes a grand addition to the ever-growing eSports Boxing Club roster.

The inclusion of Martinez helps to bring Steel City Interactive closer to their goal of building a realistic boxing simulation.

They’ve signed current and former world champions from several promotions, partnered with the WBC, Ring Magazine, IBF, and BBBofC, and teamed-up with commentators and boxing broadcasting professionals to deliver an authentic boxing experience that is as varied as the sport is in the real world.

Astounding visuals unseen in boxing video games

The ‘actual game engine footage’ shown already sets a very high standard for the final product. To achieve this feat, Steel City Interactive partnered with leading digital scan company Ten24.

As such, the team that powered the incredible visuals of games like Death Stranding and the upcoming Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II will be bringing boxers of the past and present to life in eSports Boxing Club.

Touted as “true next-gen visuals,” the aesthetics of the game look to match the ambition of the whole project.

eSports Boxing Club is on the way

The new boxing game doesn’t have a confirmed release date yet, but development looks to be coming along well, with the grand coup of bringing in Sergio Martinez only fuelling the excitement around eSports Boxing Club.

With an ever-growing roster, compelling and in-depth game modes revealed, stunning visuals, and an exciting focus on the eSports scene, eSports Boxing Club might just be developing into the game that boxing fans have craved for over a decade.

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