[Exclusive] Connie Geppert Interview: What’s Next for the Creators of Sea of Solitude after The Director’s Cut Physical Release?

Find out what's on the horizon for the creators of Sea of Solitude after they earned a physical release for the indie sensation.

It’s not often that an indie game gets a physical release, but Sea of Solitude: The Director’s Cut (SOS) is certainly one of the most deserving of the honour. Launched as a physical copy for the Nintendo Switch earlier this year, it marks the conclusion of the game’s incredible journey. So, what’s next for the developers, Jo-Mei Games?

To answer this question, and many more about the achievement that is getting a physical release for SOS, creative head Connie Geppert was kind enough to shed some light on all things Jo-Mei Games and The Director’s Cut.

The Director’s Cut furthered the incredible immersion, storytelling, and world-building of the original game. Can fans expect further additions to the experience with the physical release?

Thank you so much for the kind words! The physical release has an extra goodie in the box, but otherwise, it is the same as The Director’s Cut.

Many gamers like to collect and outright own copies of special games that they enjoy, and Sea of Solitude is certainly one of the indie gems of this console generation. So, is this physical release geared towards the collectors and hardcore fans, or is it more to extend the longevity of the game?

I think it is a bit of both, but we, the developers, always hoped we could one day hold our own copy of Sea of Solitude in our hands. It’s truly a dream come true for us personally, too!

As the writer, game designer, and art director of Sea of Solitude, you must be immensely proud of its extended success and the awards that it’s won. Do you have anything in the works for a sequel or perhaps a new game entirely?

Thank you! Yes, it is the most personal project that I’ve created so far! I’m immensely proud and feel so fulfilled by releasing SOS and then on top of it, The Director’s Cut, that I feel I could truly retire right now as I’ve achieved all my life goals already, bringing a true piece of art into the world that comes from my heart and connected with other peoples’ hearts! That sounds maybe a bit cheesy, hihi! But it is how I feel, and I think how many other artists feel about their work too.

And, yes, we are already deep into our new game, and I couldn’t be more excited. Each day I can’t wait to chat and develop the concept and game itself further with my best friend and co-founder, Boris, and our co-workers. It is like we take everything we learned from the production of SOS, look closely at everything that went right but also what went wrong. This knowledge we use to influence and create our new game. It is the best feeling when you wake up and can’t wait to go on creating your next (hopefully) piece of art!! I can’t wait to show you all what we are up to!

For me, it was the art style and character designs that made the game so enticing at first, and then addictive to keep coming back to; I’d even say that it has made Sea of Solitude instantly recognisable. Is this style one that any possible future creations will embrace, or will you look to explore something different?

The style of SOS is my style. It evolved since I started as a comic artist when I was 17. In the last 20 years, I refined it, and when I started Jo-Mei with Boris, I transformed it from 2D to work in 3D also. Sea of Solitude completely shows my style. We just needed to figure out so much with our first big 3D game, SOS, that we simply didn’t have time to do many things I had in mind. This will change for the next game as we now have a profound base with Sea of Solitude to build on, technically. For the next game, I want to push my style even further and embrace the next-gen hardware.

What’s next for Jo-Mei Games as a company?

Exciting times, as always! As mentioned, we are developing our new game already, but this is just the beginning! Please forgive me, but I can’t say more for now. 🙂

Just to sign off here, what is your favourite aspect of Sea of Solitude: The Director’s Cut?

The new voice actors had honestly blown our minds!! We never realised that finding the right voices would bring so much more depth and immersion to the game!

We’d like to extend our thanks to Connie Geppert for answering our questions and offering such great insights into one of the indie gems of modern gaming. Now, we’re greatly looking forward to what’s next from Jo-Mei Games.

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