F1 2021 Game: How Good Will Braking Point’s Story Mode Be?

With the new Formula 1 game for 2021 comes a brand new story-based game mode, which could be set to enthral the fans of the sport and players of the game.

Image Source: Formula 1® Game, via Twitter
Image Source: Formula 1® Game, via Twitter

F1 2021 is going to be the latest iteration of the official Formula One game series from Codemasters when it launches on 16 July. With the new release comes the usual driver Career Mode and the return of My Team from F1 2020.

However, F1 2021 also sees a brand new story-based mode called Braking Point come to the game, but just how good could it be? While we don’t have many details right now, we can certainly work from what we know.

The story of Braking Point in F1 2021

The Braking Point Story Mode takes place over three seasons. You start out in the 2019 Formula 2 season, progress to Formula 1 in 2020, and then it concludes in the 2021 Formula 1 season.

Five F1 teams will be available for you to race for, which are Williams, Haas, Alfa Romeo, AlphaTauri, and Racing Point – which turns into Aston Martin for 2021. Codemasters have described it as being inspired by the Netflix F1 docu-series Drive To Survive.

The player takes on the role of Aiden Jackson, a young driver making his way into Formula 1. Devon Butler, the antagonist from F1 2019, makes his much-anticipated return to the game. Another driver called Casper Akkerman, a more mature and experienced driver, is also part of the line-up. Akkerman is said to be pondering whether he should retire from F1 or keep going.

Image Source: Formula 1® Game, via Twitter

More characters will be seen, too, such as the team boss and Akkerman’s family, which will see his wife and child play a role in the story. Even the player’s character, Jackson, will see his mother become a part of the story.

So, on the face of it, Braking Point looks to be a vastly expanded story mode compared to what we saw in F1 2019 with Lukas Weber and Devon Butler. Plus, unlike that mode, the F1 2021 mode will be totally separate from the Career Mode and will take from five to six hours to complete.

The story is set to be a linear one, or, in other words, it’ll be one very well crafted story and not multiple storylines that could be sub-par in quality.

Improving on F1 2019’s Story Mode

Image Source: Formula 1® Game, via Twitter

The return of Butler will bring back memories of F1 2019 for many fans of the sport and the game, but that Story Mode was far shorter compared to what we will get in the 2021 edition of the F1 series.

Back then, Butler and his rival, Weber, were part of a Formula 2 “mini-story,” in which the player would participate in three F2 race scenarios before progressing into the main driver Career Mode.

The two characters would follow the player into the series, but the conclusion of the F2 story would see them just become another two AI drivers, with the Story Mode ending after the player enters F1.

Image Source: Formula 1® Game, via Twitter

Braking Point looks set to be a massive advancement on the Story Mode that absolutely left fans of the sport hankering for more. F1 2019’s F2 story wasn’t bad: it was just too short.

That said, it was equally ground-breaking in that it was the first game that saw the inclusion of the Formula 2 championship, so we must thank Codemasters for including that experience.

The biggest question is: will Braking Point work, and will it be any good after all?

Braking Point’s chances of glory

Image Source: Formula 1® Game, via Twitter

The signs do very much point towards Braking Point being an expanded story mode that’ll engage and enthral in equal measure.

We know that the cut-scenes for the mode have been done professionally, outside of Codemasters, to give the mode a cinematic feel, which has been reflected in the features trailer for F1 2021.

Plus, the addition of all of these other characters and the hints of there being a lot of tension throughout the story would indicate that there’s going to be a lot of drama to enjoy.

All of this certainly implies that the story mode concept could potentially work very, very well in the F1 game series, but how will it fare against other sport story modes?

With the developers now being a part of EA’s studio portfolio, we could compare it directly to that of The Journey, the story mode in the FIFA releases that was first seen in FIFA 17. This allowed us to experience the story of a young up-and-coming footballer, Alex Hunter, first-hand.

Whilst they are focussing on different sports, Codemasters now have to be able to prove that the concept works in F1, and there isn’t a better way to prove that than directly against one of their owner’s releases, showcasing exactly why an F1 story mode is, indeed, a good idea.

Image Source: Formula 1® Game, via Twitter

That short F2 story mode in F1 2019 certainly shined a light on the potential of an F1 story mode and that the concept could work. Still, what we have lined up for F1 2021, Braking Point, could finally confirm that a Formula 1 story or campaign is something that every release of the F1 game series should include in some way, shape, or form.

How good it will ultimately be depends on the strength of the story’s writing and whether the on-track action that the player’s involved in matches up to the storyline.

There isn’t any point in having a dramatic story and cut scenes if the action that the player has a real say in isn’t so exciting.

Still, from what we can see so far, it looks like Braking Point could offer one of the best sport story modes that we have seen for some time: 16 July can’t come soon enough.

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