F1 2021: How to Reduce Tyre Wear

Tyre wear is a crucial factor in any setup, so here’s how you can manage it in F1 2021.

Whenever you step into a race on F1 2021, one thing that you will always need to look out for is the life of your tyres, and how much they wear. Tyre wear is a vital part of any race, and being able to reduce this as much as possible is key to your success. Whether you are on the softs, mediums, or hards, you must ensure that your tyres last as long as possible. Here, we’re going to tell you how.

1. Pay careful attention to your setup

Now, this might sound like quite an obvious statement, but you would be surprised by how many people don’t pay attention to the effect that their car setup has on the life of the tyres. Just a few incorrect settings in one or two areas could send your tyre temperatures through the roof, or see your tyres get abused even when you aren’t on a push lap.

Camber settings are one area in which you can reduce tyre wear, as are the tyre pressures. For the latter, higher pressures can help with straight-line speed but will increase the temperature of your tyres, and that, in turn, will wear them out faster. Likewise for camber, lower levels help out your tyre life but also cost you ultimate performance, so managing these settings can be quite a tricky balancing act.

2. Select the correct tyre strategy in F1 2021

While the race strategy won’t directly impact the tyres in itself, it will have an impact on how much life you take out of them and how fast you drive. For example, if you optimise your race around a two-stop strategy, you are probably going to drive quite a bit faster than on a one-stop. This is because you will need to make back the time you have lost with that second stop, but to balance it out, you will be able to push harder than your rivals or the AI. It’s a delicate balancing act.

Conversely, if you are on a one-stop, you will need to look after the tyres more, and thus getting the setup right is absolutely vital. A one-stop strategy is usually faster in a 50 per cent race in the game, but a two-stop can work and will certainly give you an advantage over longer race distances, such as a full race distance of 100 per cent. Bear in mind, though, if you try to undercut your rivals, you might find yourself managing the tyres more than them further down the line.

3. Pick the best driving style for your situation

How you drive the car in F1 2021 will also impact the life of your tyres. Some of us might drive akin to Jenson Button, a smooth, mercurial driver who could get the most out of the car without hurting the tyres too much. Other drivers, such as a younger Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, would typically drive more aggressively and take more life out of the tyres.

If you drive more aggressively, you will take more life out of the tyres. Get the setup right, however, and you can mitigate any disadvantage from this and quite possibly be able to push hard without taking too much out of the tyres. This is quite difficult to achieve, though, and can take a bit of practice.

4. The track impact tyre wear

The tracks you race on will also impact the life of your tyres. Tracks like Monaco have quite a low wear rate – in real life, this Grand Prix is a very easy one-stop, and the same can be said in F1 2021. However, if you are on a track like Silverstone or Spa, the tyre wear is much higher, even more so when you get to hot and sweaty Singapore. It’s quite remarkable how significantly the change in venue can impact tyre wear, so watch out for that. Adjust your setups to suit the track you are driving on.

These are just a few essential tips that can help you to get more out of the tyres on your car and preserve them for as long as possible. Tyre wear is quite possibly the most important part of any race, and if you get it right, you could have a major advantage over your rivals. Get it wrong, however, and you will be slipping and sliding all the way to the finish line.

Henry K

Keen player of both simulation and racing games. Can mostly be found playing the F1 series, Train Simulator, Assetto Corsa, with a bit of Battlefield thrown in between.
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