F1 2021 Game: What We Know So Far

The latest Formula One game from Codemasters is just around the corner; here’s what we already know about F1 2021.

Image Source: Formula 1® Game, via Twitter
Image Source: Formula 1® Game, via Twitter

Codemasters’ F1 series of games have become increasingly popular over the last few years, and we are just over a month away from the latest release of the series hitting the physical and digital shelves.

The excitement is well and truly building. So, is everything that we know so far on the latest release from Codemasters.

Braking Point introduces a new narrative to F1 2021

Image Source: Formula 1® Game, via Twitter

Without a doubt, the main feature and talking point in F1 2021 is Braking Point. This is a story-based career mode that Codemasters say will take five to six hours for the player to complete.

The mode will take you from the 2019 F2 season right up through Formula 1 in 2020 and 2021, with the player being able to choose between five teams to race for in F1. These teams will be Williams, Haas, Alfa Romeo, AlphaTauri, and Aston Martin (Racing Point).

The player will take the role of Aiden Jackson, with F1 2019 villain Devon Butler returning along with a new, more measured character in Casper Akkerman. The CGI cut-scenes for the mode have not been shown off yet, but they are reportedly highly realistic, and it sounds like it will be an interesting experience.

Three new tracks will be in the game

Image Source: Formula 1® Game, via Twitter

Much like the 2020 F1 season, the 2021 F1 calendar has already been rejigged due to the impact of the pandemic. This has seen Imola make its return, as well as Portimao, and the new street track in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, will also appear later in the season.

These tracks are set to be included in F1 2021, arriving in the form of an update down the line, but hopefully, not too long after the game’s initial release on 16 July 2021. Formula 2 is also going to be returning, with F2 2020 available at launch, and F2 2021 will become available later as a free update.

Customisable career modes

Image Source: Formula 1® Game, via Twitter

This year’s F1 game will feature what is perhaps the most customisable Career Mode to date: menus at the beginning of the Career Mode will allow you to tweak the experience like never before.

This will involve tweaking acclaim rates for yourself, the team and the AI, and you’ll be able to change the frequency that faults occur on your car.

R&D management can be turned off, and My Team can be set, so the game manages the facilities of your team for you. The R&D trees themselves have been tweaked in Driver and My Team career modes.

Practice programs will see extra objectives set to allow you to gain extra resource points, as will the addition of Quick Practice, which accelerates the practice programmes.

Real Season Start is now a feature, too. This is where you can pick a Formula One driver, take their car and points, and finish the season from whatever point the real-life season has reached.

New damage model comes to F1 2021

Image Source: Formula 1® Game, via Twitter

This one could be a game-changer. F1 2021 will see a new damage model introduced that brings in plenty of challenges for the player.

Not only can the front wing and tires be damaged, but the rear wing, sidepods, diffuser, and underbody of the car can all receive punishment, which can drastically affect your race as well as the AI’s.

The new game will also give players the ability to adjust the likelihood of a safety car or VSC coming out in a race. It’s a welcomed feature, with many races in F1 2020 lacking a safety car even when there were some major incidents in races.

These are the biggest changes and features that we know about so far from F1 2021, with more to be revealed as we edge closer and closer to release day.

There are still classic cars to potentially be announced, and we will hopefully see development shots of the new tracks for 2021 soon. In any case, it looks like we’re set for another interesting release in Codemasters’ F1 game series.

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