FIFA 21: Lazio Player Ratings

Look no further to discover S.S. Lazio’s best players in FIFA 21 according to EA.

On the back of their recent success in the Coppa Italia and the consequent Supercoppa Italiana, Lazio are hoping for more silverware in the near future. Players like Ciro Immobile are in their prime whilst others such as Sergej Milinković-Savić are coming into their prime. However, they do have a number of ageing defensive players that may restrict their window of success.

In this article you will find the highest rated players for Lazio, as well as a table of all the players below containing key information such as their best attributes on FIFA 21. The top five players are sorted by their rating and each have their own section discussing them in more detail.

Ciro Immobile (OVR 87)

Club: Lazio
Best Position: ST
Age: 30
Overall: 87
Skill Moves: 3
Best Attributes: 93 Positioning, 93 Finishing, 90 Reactions

After moving numerous times throughout his early career, Immobile seems to have finally found a home in Lazio. He has played in the Italian, Spanish and German leagues before settling in Rome’s capital.

Immobile led all goal scorers last season with 36 in an astonishing 37 games in Serie A last season. His nearest year to that statistically came when he scored 29 goal in 33 games two seasons prior. He also notched 8 assists in last year’s domestic campaign, matching the best output in his career.

Ciro Immobile’s recent prolific goal scoring streak is echoed in FIFA 21, where he owns a 93 rating for Finishing and Positioning. A player who doesn’t have blistering pace (82 Acceleration) nor is a beast in the air (77 Jumping), Immobile may be best used as a fox in the box, putting balls into him and letting his superior positioning get him in great positions to score.

Luis Alberto (OVR 85)

Club: Lazio
Best Position: CAM
Age: 28
Overall: 85
Skill Moves: 4
Best Attributes: 90 Short Passing, 89 Long Passing, 88 Ball Control

Similar to Ciro Immobile, Alberto had bounced around various teams in Europe such as Barcelona and Liverpool before flourishing in Lazio. In the last three seasons he’s seen consistent starts and minutes on the pitch, culminating in an impressive output.

Last season Alberto notched a league-high 16 assists to go along with 6 goals, the highest assist amount of his career. At 28 years old he is hitting his prime and looking like a serious contender to earn his second cap for Spain in the near future.

Alberto’s excellence is found when the ball is at his feet, not necessarily dribbling past players but dictating the attack with his Ball Control (88) receiving the ball and his incredible distribution passing the ball. His Short Passing (90) and Long Passing (89) ability to go along with his Vision (88) make him a maestro in the middle of the park.

Sergej Milinković-Savić (OVR 85)

Club: Lazio
Best Position: CM
Age: 25
Overall: 85
Skill Moves: 4
Best Attributes: 88 Strength, 88 Ball Control, 86 Dribbling

Arriving at Lazio when he was just 20 years old, Sergej Milinković-Savić has become a complete midfielder. He is strong, very comfortable on the ball, can pick out a pass and can score a goal. Last season he scored 7 goals and assisted on 6 more.

Playing from central midfield, he is adept at supporting the attack or bolstering the defence. If you were to search for him on any video platform and check out his highlights you’d witness skills to get him out of trouble, driving runs, clinical passing and a goal or two.

On FIFA 21, Sergej Milinković-Savić is the complete midfielder. Statistically he’s slightly better offensively than he is defensively but may be best used as a box to box midfielder. He’s strong (88 Strength) with great Ball Control (88) and Passing Ability (85 Short Passing and 85 Long Passing). He’s a player you’ll want with the ball at his feet driving the attack forward and distributing to teammates in forward positions.

Lucas Leiva (OVR 84)

Club: Lazio
Best Position: CDM
Age: 33
Overall: 84
Skill Moves: 3
Best Attributes: 87 Interceptions, 86 Composure, 84 Standing Tackle

Despite having been a professional footballer for over 15 years, Lucas Leiva has only ever played for three clubs – Gremio, Liverpool and now Lazio. He’s not a player who’s going to get you lots of goals and assists but his contribution to the team cannot be overlooked.

Leiva predominately plays as a central defensive midfielder but has also played as a centre back for Lazio. He is adept at making interceptions and breaking up the play. Though his physical attributes may be on the decline, his instincts for the game are still top class.

As mentioned, Leiva’s instincts and awareness of the game are where he excels. He is not quick (58 Spring Speed) or strong (61 Strength) but his Interceptions rating of 87 and his Composure rating of 86 show he’ll be in the right place at the right time.

Leiva may be best played alongside a second central defensive midfielder who has the physical attributes that Leiva lacks, for example in a 4-3-2-1 formation. At 33, he won’t be a long-term player but he’ll be more than adequate for a couple of seasons.

Francesco Acerbi (OVR 83)

Club: Lazio
Best Position: CB
Age: 32
Overall: 83
Skill Moves: 3
Best Attributes: 87 Marking, 87 Standing Tackle, 86 Strength

Francesco Acerbi has spent his entire career in Italy, joining Lazio two years ago from Sassuolo. Though his stats don’t stand out, his presence on the pitch is definitely felt, providing invaluable experience and defensive awareness for his team.

Central defenders aren’t brought in for their goal scoring prowess, however, Acerbi contributed 2 goals and 2 assists last season. He has also only been sent off twice in 9 years in Serie A, both of them coming after two yellow cards.

What Acerbi lacks in pace (59 Sprint Speed), he more than makes up for in defensive ability and Strength (86). Standing Tackle (87) and Sliding Tackle (85) to go along with his Reactions (85) and Composure (85) make him an adept defender physically and mentally.

Acerbi may be best used alongside a quick full back in a 4-4-2 or as the centre back in a formation that has three at the back. Having him drawn out to the flanks may expose his lack of pace to chase attackers to the byline and beyond.

All of the best Lazio Players in FIFA 21

In the table below are the all of Lazio’s players on FIFA 21 sorted by overall ability.

NameOverallPositionAgeBest AttributeClub
Ciro Immobile87ST3093 Positioning, 93 Finishing, 90 ReactionsLazio
Luis Alberto85CAM2890 Short Passing, 89 Long Passing, 88 Ball ControlLazio
Sergej Milinkovic-Savic85CM2588 Strength, 88 Ball Control, 86 DribblingLazio
Lucas Leiva84CDM3387 Interceptions, 86 Composure, 84 Standing TackleLazio
Francesco Acerbi83CB3287 Marking, 87 Standing Tackle, 86 StrengthLazio
Thomas Strakosha83GK2588 Goalkeeper Reflexes, 86 Goalkeeper Diving, 81 Goalkeeper PositioningLazio
Joaquín Correa81CF2688 Dribbling, 86 Ball Control, 86 Sprint SpeedLazio
Manuel Lazzari81RM2791 Acceleration, 89 Balance, 87 Sprint SpeedLazio
Marco Parolo79CDM3587 Shot Power, 84 Long Shots, 82 PositioningLazio
Stefan Radu78CB3486 Standing Tackle, 85 Interceptions, 84 MarkingLazio
Felipe Caicedo78CF3291 Strength, 84 Shot Power, 82 PositioningLazio
Senad Lulic78LM3489 Stamina, 84 Shot Power, 80 CrossingLazio
Jony78LM2985 Sprint Speed, 82 Agility, 81 CurveLazio

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