FIFA 22: 6 Things We Want to See

Brand new FIFA, same old game: what about some of these changes for the upcoming FIFA 22?

Each year, there are rumours flying around regarding some of the new features that the next FIFA game might include. FIFA 21 saw a number of features added, particularly to Career Mode, but the consensus from the community would suggest that FIFA 21 still has the same issues that people struggled with in FIFA 20.

The list below includes some ideas as to how FIFA 22 could be the best iteration of FIFA yet. While some of the ideas below are features, others are just tweaks to the game that would take it to the next level.

1. Quell the influence of speed

For far too long, speed has been too influential in FIFA across every game mode. With the addition of through balls being overpowered in FIFA 21, speed has monopolised the gameplay.

Technical attributes, such as elements of passing, shooting, and defending, simply do not have the necessary variance that overrides a player’s speed. The only way to adjust the playing style so that speed isn’t so dominant is by moving the sliders, which cannot be done online.

What we would love to see is a balanced skill set that has a real impact in-game. How good a player is at passing the ball, moving off of the ball, blocking shots, or even at dribbling should be evident when using players of different ratings.

It’s appreciated that the FIFA developers are balancing the realistic nature of gameplay with an enjoyable experience, but the dominance of speed kills many matches.

2. Introduce custom dead ball tactics

One aspect of a professional footballer’s week that we don’t see or don’t experience on FIFA is tactics from a dead ball. Many hours are spent on the training pitch, developing and honing positions from set-pieces in real-life, and prove to be crucial in matches.

A welcome addition to FIFA 22 would be the ability to create your own custom dead ball tactics. Having the ability to choose whether to have players mark the post, which player goes to the near post, and even the run of the defender charging into the box would add an element of variety not seen in previous FIFA titles.

3. Rejuvenate Player Career Mode

Player Career Mode has stagnated after the push for The Journey in FIFA 17. Since then, the mode seems to have not had any effort put into it at all. Simply put: the game mode needs a revamp.

Other sports games include various story-based campaigns to work through before you make it to the professional level, but FIFA seems to have disregarded this element of the game.

4. Bring in a variety of commentators

The variety of commentators and commentary in FIFA has been the subject of many jokes due to its predictability. Derek Rae and Lee Dixon dominate the English commentary, with phrases reused over and over again.

How great would it be to have several different dynamic duos commentating on the game to give each match a unique feel? If FIFA could take note of NBA 2K and other sports titles that have an array of commentators and guests, with commentary teams being based around the clubs playing at the time, the experience would be significantly enhanced.

5. Update the interface to make it feel new

When you launch the new FIFA game for the first time, the menu interface is what you see. When that interface looks exactly the same as last year but with a different colour scheme, you begin to question the ‘newness’ of the game.

Opening the new FIFA game to a different menu would show the effort that’s gone into making FIFA 22 better, taking a step forward to enhance the usability of the interface. It’s an opportunity to add new features or even integrate real-world football into the game.

6. Mix in some new stadium cut scenes

Winning any trophy is an incredible achievement on FIFA, and walking out to a packed stadium of screaming fans should create a special moment. However, when you have watched the same cut scenes year after year, the joy of celebrating the triumph just isn’t the same.

It would be exciting to see the teams come off of the bus, prepare for the game in the dressing room, or even interact with the fans prior to kick-off. It would also be great to have more than one cut scene when you win a trophy. This writer, for one, is bored of the same graphic that we’ve had for what feels like forever.

Now that you’ve seen our list of desired changes and additions to FIFA 22, how do you think it could be improved?

Let us know in the comments below.

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Tim M

Tim is an avid football and basketball fan supporting West Ham and Toronto Raptors respectively. He also enjoys playing their digital counterparts FIFA and NBA 2K. When he’s not watching or playing, you’d find him relaxing in front of the tv with his fiancee and a glass of wine.
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