Final Fantasy XVI Big Reveal Delayed to Spring 2022, FF6 Pixel Remaster Launches in February

Due to development complications, the next major FF16 reveal has been delayed.

Image Source: Final Fantasy, via YouTube
Image Source: Final Fantasy, via YouTube

Final Fantasy XVI continues to be one of the most beloved video game franchises around, with its 16th mainline instalment being on an increasingly distant horizon.

Of course, the delays to date have been due to the pandemic and the development team’s desire to release a fully-polished product. Now, FF16 producer Naoki Yoshida says that the next significant reveals will arrive in spring 2022, as opposed to an intended reveal in 2021.

Luckily for Final Fantasy fans, the delay isn’t too far-flung, and there’s a remaster of a true classic in the series coming out very soon.

Naoki Yoshida announces delay to FF16 information drop

As you can see in the announcement above from the official Final Fantasy XVI Twitter feed, Naoki Yoshida explains that complications stemming from the pandemic have resulted in a delay to the game’s development. As a result, the PlayStation 5 exclusive has been setback by almost six months.

Many video game development teams, particularly those trying to mitigate the press-maligned environment of ‘crunch,’ have had to allow for additional time, decentralise their workforces, and delay release dates as a result. For FF16, this “hampered communication from the Tokyo office,” leading to delays and sometimes cancellations of asset deliveries.

Entering 2022 – with these issues having been addressed or their impacts held to a minimum – the Square Enix Creative team can focus on pressing development tasks. These include refining combat mechanics, finalising cut scenes, optimising the graphics, and improving individual battles.

To conclude the announcement, Yoshida states that the next Final Fantasy XVI reveals will come in spring 2022. It will be a part of their campaign to increase the excitement for the eventual release of the highly-anticipated FF game.

Final Fantasy XVI is set in Valisthea, where Blight is causing a brewing conflict between the six factions that rule the continent. So far, brothers Clive and Joshua Rosfield, as well as their confidant Jill Warrick, have been detailed as some of the central characters to the story, as described on the Final Fantasy XVI official site.

FF6 Pixel Remaster arrives in February 2022

If any series of games was ever deserving of a remaster campaign, it’s the original Final Fantasy instalments. In July 2021, the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster range was revealed. Coming to PC, iOS, and Android devices, Final Fantasy through to Final Fantasy V are available now, with the FF6 Pixel Remaster set for a February 2022 launch.

As detailed in the announcement post below, the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster team are allowing themselves more time to apply the final bit of polish to the upcoming FF6 remaster. Perhaps due to this slight delay, new items will be added to pre-purchase deals of the game, including the Pixel Remaster Bundle on Steam.

The original SNES release was a huge hit when it launched in 1994. Sweeping up awards, FF6 is still hailed as one of the ultimate titles of the RPG genre, with its dark story, pitch-perfect character development, and immersive music making it iconic. Fans of RPGs, particularly JRPGs, will be greatly looking forward to the FF6 Pixel Remaster release.

Even though the next wave of reveals for FF16 has been delayed to spring 2022, fans of the franchise can experience the original glory of FF6 when its Pixel Remaster arrives in February.

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