Football Manager 2022: Best Left Wingers (AML) to Sign

Find out who rules the roost from the left wing; we have all the best left-wingers (AML &ML) on FM22 for you to sign.

Occupying the left wing are some of the most iconic names dominating the footballing world right now. Armed with blistering pace, pinpoint crossing, and lethal finishing, these players are integral to creating and scoring goals for any team.

As important in real life as they are in FM22, here, we’re looking at the left-wingers boasting the highest current ability (CA) in FM22.

Choosing the best left-wingers (AML, ML) on FM22

This page highlights the best left wingers, with Sadio Mané, Kylian Mbappé, and Jack Grealish ranking among the top AMLs and MLs on FM22.

The players in this list were chosen based on them possessing a positional rating of 18 in either the AML or ML positions and them having a minimum of 158 CA.

At the foot of the page, you’ll find a full list of all of the best left wingers (AML, ML) in FM22.

1. Kylian Mbappé (184 CA / 196 PA)

Team: Paris Saint-Germain
Age: 22
Current Ability / Potential Ability:
184 CA / 196 PA
£412,000 p/w
Value:  £100 million
Best Positions: AM (LR), ST
Best Attributes: 20 Acceleration, 20 Pace, 19 Off the Ball

Gifted with enormous natural talent, Kylian Mbappé is already one of the world’s best, which has been reflected in FM22, with the Frenchman possessing an outstanding 184 CA and 196 PA.

Benefitting from ridiculous 20 pace and 20 acceleration, Mbappé is nearly untouchable in a foot race. Add his 18 dribbling, 18 flair, and his Tries Tricks trait to the equation, and you get a terrifying attacking prospect. His athleticism and ball control are just the tip of the iceberg, as Mbappé also holds an impressive 17 finishing, 18 composure, and 19 off the ball ratings.

The 22-year-old has been Ligue 1’s top goalscorer for three years running now. In all competitions, Mbappé scored 42 goals from his 47 games, chipping in with 11 assists as his side agonisingly finished second behind LOSC Lille.

2. Neymar (180 CA / 190 PA)

Team: Paris Saint-Germain
Age: 29
Current Ability / Potential Ability:
180 CA / 190 PA
£601,000 p/w
Value: £178 million
Best Positions: AM (LC), ML
Best Attributes: 20 Dribbling, 20 Technique, 20 Flair

This world-renowned talent has a penchant for embarrassing opponents with his unrivalled skill, so Neymar’s 180 CA and 190 PA in FM22 are well deserved.

One of the best with the ball at his feet, Neymar’s stupendous 20 flair, 20 technique, and 20 dribbling give him the edge against any defender trying to win the ball from him. Combined with his exceptional technical ability is his dead-ball prowess, exhibiting such ratings as 16 corners, 17 free-kick taking, and 16 vision.

An injury-ridden season meant that the 29-year-old missed 20 games last term. Determined to show his class, despite his woes, the enigmatic winger managed 17 goals and 11 assists from the 31 games he played – winning his third Coupe De France in the process.

3. Sadio Mané (177 CA / 184 PA)

Team: Liverpool
Age: 29
Current Ability / Potential Ability:
177 CA / 184 PA
£200,000 p/w
Value: £127 million
Best Positions: AM(LRC), ST
Best Attributes: 18 Acceleration, 18 Pace, 17 Technique

Unrelenting Liverpool forward Sadio Mané gets the third spot among the best left wingers in FM22 with his impressive 177 CA and 184 PA.

Armed with excellent speed, the 18 acceleration and 18 pace attributes at Mané’s disposal give him a huge advantage when breaking through the opposition’s backline. True to his position, Mané is more than capable with the ball at his feet, boasting 16 dribbling, 17 technique, and 17 first touch.

The 29-year-old was in his usual good form last season, netting 16 goals and setting up a further nine from his 48 appearances to help his side to a third-place finish in the league. This season, with the African Cup of Nations approaching, Mané has a fantastic opportunity to win his first tournament with Senegal – who he’s represented since 2012.

4. Heung-Min Son (172 CA / 172 PA)

Team: Tottenham
Age: 28
Current Ability / Potential Ability:
172 CA / 172 PA
£192,000 p/w
Value:  £94 million
Best Positions: AM (LR), ST
Best Attributes: 18 Finishing, 18 Off the Ball, 17 Composure

Heung-Min Son claims a spot in the featured best left wingers in FM22 thanks to his 172 CA and 172 PA. Despite playing at his full potential, the South Korean easily has a few more seasons of replicating his current form.

The highlight of Son’s attributes come in the form of his 18 finishing, 18 off the ball, and 17 composure, making him a potent threat inside the box, with his 16 long shots also enabling him to be deadly at range. Another key aspect of Son’s game is the engine that he possesses, driven by 17 work rate and 16 stamina.

Tottenham Hotspur’s dynamic South Korean winger has been fantastic for the Premier League side since he arrived from Bayer Leverkusen for a bargain £27 million in 2015. The 28-year-old six-time South Korean Footballer of the Year enjoyed a fantastic season in front of goal last term, scoring 22 and setting up 17 more.

5. Jack Grealish (168 CA / 175 PA)

Team: Manchester City   
Age: 25
Current Ability / Potential Ability:
168 CA / 175 PA
£250,000 p/w
Value:  £198 million
Best Positions: AM (LRC), M (LRC)
Best Attributes: 17 Dribbling, 17 Flair, 17 Technique

After what some might call a breakthrough season last year, Jack Grealish finds himself rated among the best left wingers in the game, with his 168 CA and 175 PA placing him in fifth.

Being comfortable on either foot, Grealish already makes for an appealing option on the left wing, but if you take into account his 16 vision, 17 dribbling, and 17 technique, he becomes a player who could improve almost any side. The Englishman is a headache for even the best to play against due to his 17 flair, 15 finishing, and 15 work rate.

He made a dream move from boyhood club Aston Villa to Premier League champions Manchester City this summer for an exuberant sum of £105 million. His consistent form and impact at Aston Villa earned Grealish a reputation as a tenacious attacking player.

6. Raheem Sterling (167 CA / 180 PA)

Team: Manchester City
Age: 26
Current Ability / Potential Ability:
167 CA / 180 PA
£200,000 p/w
Value: £108 million
Best Positions: AM (LR), M (RL)     
Best Attributes: 20 Natural Fitness, 19 Off the Ball, 19 Agility

Elite winger Raheem Sterling’s 167 CA and 180 PA place him narrowly behind his new teammate Jack Grealish on this list of the best left wingers in FM22.

Equipped with a lightning speed of 18 acceleration and 17 pace, Sterling’s physical prowess extends further, with him also sporting 19 agility t make him somewhat of an escape artist down the left flank. Sterling is an exceptionally hard-working player. His 16 work rate and 17 stamina maintained by an outstanding 20 natural fitness enable him to stay fit throughout the busiest spells of the season.

Raheem Sterling has been touted as a brilliant talent since he made his Premier League debut for Liverpool at 17-years-old. Just three years late, and Sterling was lining up for Manchester City having signed for £57 million. Since then, he’s won almost everything with the Cityzens, pulling in three Premier League titles, five League Cups, and an FA Cup.

Leroy Sané (167 CA / 175 PA)

Team: Bayern Munich
Age: 25
Current Ability / Potential Ability:
167 CA / 175 PA
 £279,000 p/w
Value:  £76 million
Best Positions: AM (LRC)
Best Attributes: 19 Pace, 18 Dribbling, 17 Acceleration

Leroy Sané comes in at seventh on this list of the top-rated left-wingers in FM22, with a 167 CA and 175 PA showing the German’s class.

Tearing down the left wing, using every bit of his 17 acceleration and 19 pace, Sané finds his teammates with ease thanks to his 16 crossing and 15 vision stats. Sané has proven himself to possess a mean left foot, enjoying testing goalkeepers with his 16 free-kick taking and 15 long shots from set-pieces.

The 25-year-old’s debut season in Bavaria was a great start as he made an immediate impact, scoring ten and assisting 12 more during 44 games as his new side ran out as the Bundesliga and Club World Cup winners last season.

All the best left wingers (AML & ML) on FM22

In the table below, you can find all of the best players in the AML and ML positions in FM22, sorted by their current ability. You may notice Antoine Griezmann is in the top seven within the table but not a feature in the main article; this is due to him being on-loan from Barcelona and is therefore unavailable to sign during your first season in FM22.

PlayerCAPAAgePositionTeamWage p/wValue
Kylian Mbappé18419622AM (LR), STParis Saint-Germain£412,000£100 million
Neymar18019029AM (LC), MLParis Saint-Germain£601,000£178 million
Sadio Mané17718429AM(LRC), STLiverpool£200,000£127 million
Heung-Min Son17217228AM (LR), STTottenham£192,000£94 million
Jack Grealish16817525AM (LRC), M (LRC)Manchester City£250,000£198 million
Antoine Griezmann16818030AM (LRC), STAtlético Madrid (on-loan)£350,000£75 million
Raheem Sterling16718026AM (LR), M (RL)Manchester City£200,000£108 million
Leroy Sané16717525AM (LRC)Bayern Munich£279,000£76 million
Eden Hazard16618530AM (LRC)Real Madrid£380,000£74 million
Yannick Carrasco16316427WBL, AM (LR), MLAtlético Madrid£141,000£79 million
Serge Gnabry16317025AM (LR), STBayern Munich£115,000£63 million
Koke16316629M (RLC)Atlético Madrid£262,000£67 million
Jadon Sancho16217721AM (LR), M(RL)Manchester United£250,000£128 million
Federico Chiesa16117623AM (LR), M(RL)Zebre (On-Loan)£51,000£55 million
Lorenzo Insigne16116630AML, STNapoli£139,000£38 million
Dušan Tadič16016032AM (LRC), STAjax£57,000£300 million
Luis Díaz15916824AMLPorto£25,000£40 million
João Félix15917721AM (LC), STAtlético Madrid£154,000£123 million
Ousmane Dembélé15917124AM (LR), M (RL)Barcelona£287,000£97 million
José Gayà15916026DL, WBL, MLValencia£57,000£48 million
Marcus Rashford15917323AML, STManchester United£180,000£128 million
Mike Oyarzábal15816724AM (LRC)Real San Sebastián£36,000£64 million
Christian Pulisic15817022AM (LRC), M (RL)Chelsea£150,000£129 million
Memphis Depay15816127AM (LC), STBarcelona£158,000£59 million
Saúl15816226DM, M (RLC)Chelsea£206,000£41 million

Take your team to the next level by signing one of the world’s top left wingers (AML, ML) from the table above.

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