Football Manager 2022: Best Right Wingers (MR and AMR) to Sign

On our list of the best right wingers in FM22, every AMR and MR featured has truly mastered the art of wing play.

By drifting inside and making space for an overlapping full-back or holding their width to bend crosses into the box, right wingers can change the complexion of any game singlehandedly if you use them in your tactical system.

Here, we’ve collated a list full of the most elite right wingers in the game, ranking these AMR and MR players based on their current ability (CA) rating in FM22.

Choosing the best young right wingers (MR and AMR) on FM22

This article highlights the best right wingers in FM 22, with Sadio Mané, Lionel Messi, and Bernardo Silva being among the best in FM22.

We’ve singled out these players based on their current ability (CA) rating and the fact that they have a position rating of at least 18 at rMR or AMR.

At the foot of the article, you’ll find a full list of all the best right wingers (MR and AMR) in FM22.

1. Lionel Messi (194 CA / 200 PA)

Team: Paris Saint-Germain
Age: 34
Current Ability / Potential Ability:
194 CA / 200 PA
£1,213,000 p/w
Value: £300 million
Best Positions: AMR, AMC, ST
Best Attributes: 20 Finishing, 20 Passing, 20 Dribbling

Lionel Messi will be forever known as arguably the best football player of all time after a record-breaking career at Barcelona, and now PSG, and on FM22, they’ve reflected his greatness by giving the Argentinian an eyewatering CA of 194, and a PA of 200.

With a maximum 20 rating in four technical and four mental attributes, including dribbling, passing, and flair, Messi is simply the best player on this year’s game, regardless of position. His ability to play off of the right, in attacking midfield, and up top provides unbelievable tactical versatility in addition to his footballing mastery.

Messi’s shock exit from his beloved Barcelona in the summer rocked the footballing world. However fans of PSG could hardly be happier as the recent Copa America winner signed on a free transfer. If PSG are to win that elusive Champions League, then they will have to rely on Messi’s unmatched quality, but in FM22, you’ll struggle to sign Messi as his wages and value will simply be too high.

2. Mohamed Salah (181 CA / 184 PA)

Team: Liverpool
Age: 29
Current Ability / Potential Ability:
181 CA / 184 PA
£225,000 p/w
Value: £127.4 million
Best Positions: AMR, ST
Best Attributes: 18 Finishing, 18 Off the Ball, 18 Pace

One of the modern greats of Premier League football, Mohamed Salah’s meteoric rise from big club outcast to global superstar has been represented in FM22, with the Liverpool legend boasting a CA of 181 and a PA of 184.

In real life, Salah’s game has traditionally hinged on his blistering pace and ruthless finishing, and on FM22, this is also the case. His 18 pace and acceleration twinned with 18 finishing highlight Salah’s strengths, but 18 off the ball and 17 vision suggest that the Egyptian is not just a pace merchant.

The first exposure that most fans had of Salah was when he transferred from FC Basel to Chelsea as a promising winger. After struggling to make an impact in London, Salah plied his trade for AS Roma, who profited greatly from his goalscoring ability and unerring consistency. His career for Liverpool has cemented his legacy as an all-time Premier League great, securing a first Premier League for the Reds, a Champions League, and a Club World Cup to go alongside a litany of individual honours. Signing Salah would be incredibly costly, and even though he’s one of the world’s best wingers, at 29-years-old, there may be better options out there.

3. Sadio Mané (177 CA / 184 PA)

Team: Liverpool
Age: 29
Current Ability / Potential Ability: 177 CA / 184 PA
£200,000 p/w
Value: £127.4 million
Best Positions: AMR, AML
Best Attributes: 18 Pace, 18 Acceleration, 17 Technique

Much like Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mané has made his mark on the game whilst at Liverpool, but his CA of 177 and PA of 184 suggest that the 29-year-old still has some brilliant footballing years ahead of him on Football Manager 22.

The former Southampton forward has dazzled Premier League fans with his sheer pace, electric footwork, and keen eye for goal, and thankfully, his eye-catching playstyle translates effectively into FM22. This is showcased by his 18 pace and acceleration, 17 technique, and 16 dribbling and flair.

Senegal’s star man has lit up defences alongside fellow African superstar Mohamed Salah in a Liverpool jersey, and as a result, they largely share the same trophy cabinet. That being said, Mané has records of his own, like the record for the quickest Premier League hat-trick ever (176 seconds versus Aston Villa). If you’re willing to stump up a hefty transfer fee, the versatile Mané could continue to break records in your save game.

4. Thomas Müller (170 CA / 170 PA)

Team: FC Bayern Munich
Age: 31
Current Ability / Potential Ability:
194 CA / 200 PA
£295,000 p/w
Value: £300 million
Best Positions: AMR, AMC
Best Attributes: 20 Anticipation, 20 Natural Fitness, 20 Off the Ball

A German and Bayern Munich legend, Thomas Müller’s icon status has been preserved in FM22 with a CA and PA of 170.

Although not the fastest, Müller’s genius derives from his footballing intelligence and sound technique. The German’s 20 anticipation, off the ball, and teamwork outlines his phenomenal mindset, whilst 17 passing and 16 crossing demonstrate the creativity that he provides when in any side.

It comes as little surprise to fans of German football to know that Müller is the most decorated German footballer of all time with 30 trophies, which is testament to his longevity, versatility, and skill. Regardless of who he has played under or with, Müller has excelled. If you can prise him away from his beloved Bayern Munich, the 31-year-old can demonstrate his extraordinary talents for your team in FM22.

5. Bernardo Silva (170 CA / 180 PA)

Team: Manchester City
Age: 26
Current Ability / Potential Ability:
170 CA / 180 PA
£125,000 p/w
Value: £126.5 million
Best Positions: AMR, AMC, MC
Best Attributes: 20 Work Rate, 19 Agility, 18 Technique

A current fixture in Pep Guardiola’s Man City side, Bernardo Silva’s immense quality is clear for all to see in FM22. The Portuguese technician has been given a 170 CA and 180 PA in this year’s game.

Bernardo Silva’s skillset is particularly rare in the modern game; not only can he split defences open with precise passing, but he’s also as hardworking as he is versatile. His 20 work rate, 18 technique, and 17 dribbling and vision perfectly illustrate Silva’s blend of industry and culture in FM22.

A three-time Premier League champion with Manchester City, Bernardo Silva has already accumulated 63 caps for Portugal at only 26-years-old. Only now reaching his peak, Silva is available for north of £100 million in FM22, so if you’ve got the budget, it is well worth signing one of the game’s most underappreciated talents.

6. Antoine Griezmann (168 CA / 180 PA)

Team: Atlético Madrid
Age: 30
Current Ability / Potential Ability:
168 CA / 180 PA
£350,000 p/w
Value: £75 million
Best Positions: AMR, AMC, ST
Best Attributes: 18 Off the Ball, 17 Flair, 17 Technique

Griezmann is famed for being one of the sport’s most affable characters, and with a CA of 168 and a PA of 180, the Frenchman is one of the sport’s great entertainers on the pitch.

The Frenchman’s 18 off the ball, 17 determination, and 17 flair epitomise Griezmann’s clever approach to wing play. He’s not a slouch, but he’s not a speedster either, so the former Barcelona striker relies on his mental attributes, as well as his 16 dribbling, crossing, and first touch to influence games.

 A World Cup winner back in 2018 with his native France, Griezmann has actually played his best football in Spain for Atletico Madrid – the team he re-joined on-loan from Camp Nou in the summer. After a very disappointing spell for the Catalan giants, Griezmann is looking to reignite his career back in the Spanish capital. Whatever happens in the future, the likeable winger is a force to be reckoned with on FM22.

7. Leroy Sané (167 CA / 175 PA)

Team: FC Bayern Munich
Age: 25
Current Ability / Potential Ability: 167 CA / 175 PA
£279,000 p/w
Value: £76.4 million
Best Positions: AMR, AML
Best Attributes: 19 Pace, 18 Dribbling, 17 Acceleration

A CA of 167 and a PA of 175 makes Leroy Sané one of the best wingers in FM22, and due to his physical prowess and ability to be productive on either wing, it’s hardly a surprise that he’s rated so highly on this year’s game.

His 19 pace is more than enough to leave opposition full-backs in his wake, but it’s his 18 dribbling and 16 flair that truly make Sané the dominant winger that he is – he’s not just rapid, he’s wonderfully skilful too.

After making his name at Schalke, Manchester City spent almost £50 million on a then 20-year-old Sané in 2016. Two Premier League titles and an FA Cup later, he returned to Germany, signing for Bayern Munich last season. Last year went very well for Sané as he notched 16 goal involvements in 32 league appearances. He’s already one of the best attackers in the world, but for around £75 million, you could sign the talented German and watch him hit new heights for your club in FM22.  

All the best right wingers (MR and AMR) on FM22

In the table below, you’ll find all of the best MRs and AMRs in FM22, sorted by their current ability ratings.

PlayerCAPAAgePositionTeamWage (p/w)Value
Lionel Messi19420034AM(RC), STParis Saint-Germain£1,213,000£300 million
Mohamed Salah18118429AM(LR), STLiverpool£225,000£127.4 million
Sadio Mané17718429AM(LRC)Liverpool£200,000£127.4 million
Thomas Müller17017031AM(RC)FC Bayern Munich£295,000£300 million
Bernardo Silva17018026AM(RC), M(RC)Manchester City£150,000£126.5 million
Antoine Griezmann16818030AM(LRC), STAtlético Madrid£350,000£75.1 million
Leroy Sané16717525AM(LRC)FC Bayern Munich£279,000£76.4 million
Raheem Sterling16718026AM(LR), M(RL)Manchester City£200,000£108.4 million
Ángel Di María16417533AM (LR), M(RL)Paris Saint-Germain£137,000£18.7 million
Serge Gnabry16317025AM(LR), STFC Bayern Munich£115,000£63.7 million
Jadon Sancho16217721AM(LR), M(RL)Man UFC (Manchester United)£250,000£128.5 million
Juan Cuadrado16216333D(R), WB(R), AM(R), M(R)Zebre (Juventus)£152,000£16.3 million
Federico Chiesa16117623AM(LR), M(RL)Zebre (Juventus)£51,000£55.6 million
Marcos Llorente16116326WB(R), DM, AM(C), M(RC)Atlético Madrid£85,000£72.5 million
Achraf Hakimi16017322D(R), WB(R), M(R)Paris Saint-Germain£170,000£166.2 million
Ousmane Dembélé15917124AM(LR), M(RL)Barcelona£287,000£97 million
Riyad Mahrez15816330AM(RC), M(R)Manchester City£160,000£61.5 million
Ángel Correa15816226AM(RC), M(R), STAtlético Madrid£82,000£68.1 million
Gabriel Jesus15717524AM(R), STManchester City£90,000£83.3 million
Gonçalo Guedes15616224AM(LRC), M(RL), STValencia£100,000£51 million
Hakim Ziyech15616028AM(LRC), M(RLC)Chelsea£100,000£61.1 million
Kingsley Coman15616525AM(LR)FC Bayern Munich£131,000£31 million

If you want a star MR or AMR to take your side to the next level in FM22, then look to the table above.

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