Ghost of Tsushima: Burning House near Houren’s Pasture, For Tsushima Guide

Wondering what’s with the burning house in Ghost of Tsushima, and if it’s worth exploring?

Roaming around the Ghost of Tsushima map in each phase of the game will always reveal some secrets and side quests, but one of the more bizarre is the burning house.

With clear signs of foul play, the burning house that’s south of the Kuta Grasslands, southeast of Houren’s Pasture, and east of Kii’s Pond must be there for a reason other than to showcase more Mongol slaughter.

Here’s everything that you need to know about the seemingly random burning house in Ghost of Tsushima.

Warning, this For Tsushima guide contains spoilers, with each part of the Ghost of Tsushima tale detailed below.

Does the Ghost of Tsushima burning house have a purpose?

Being such a striking landmark, one would expect the burning house to have a purpose or to hold some rare items within.

If you encounter the burning house while out and about, you might be disappointed if you decide to venture into the flames.

To go into the burning house, you’ll need to find the crawl space at the front, as you can see below.

Inside, the only place that you need to explore is the top floor, which you can access via a ladder on the lower floor.

Once you’ve gone up, jumped across, and claimed the two Supplies and one Leather item, there’s nothing left to do in the burning house.

The reason behind the house being on fire is quite possibly because you’ve encountered the start of a Tales of Tsushima line which features the burning house, found to the west at the Azamo Inn.

Triggering the For Tsushima mission

The For Tsushima side quest gets underway once you’ve visited the woman practicing with her sword outside of the Azamo Inn.

After speaking to the woman, the tale will get underway, with some fair rewards on the table for completing the relatively short side quest.

By finishing the For Tsushima tale, you’ll receive a minor legend increase, a Minor Stealth Charm, and ten Linen.

For Tsushima gives the burning house a purpose

After speaking to the woman at the Azamo Inn, you’ll set off with her to find the peasants that she’s been training.

The woman, who is an acting guardian of the area, tells you that the leaders of the resistance group live in a nearby farmhouse. After a short ride, you’ll find that the farmhouse is that same burning house.

Upon arriving, you dismount your horse, and then you and the guardian take down the Mongols who have set fire to the farmhouse.

There’s another part to the mission, and you need to react quickly after you’ve killed the first batch of Mongols as the guardian will suddenly bolt on her horse to hunt down more.

So, as soon as the cut scene is complete, whistle for your horse (Right on the d-pad), mount it (R2), and then ride down the path until you find the next Mongol camp.

You’ll see that there are a fair few Mongols about, but you can utilise your sneaking ability down the right side to pick off a couple of archers and loose some arrows into the big-shield Mongol by the bonfire.

After you’ve eliminated the murderous Mongols and helped the guardian get her revenge, you will be rewarded for completing the Tale of Tsushima.

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