Ghost of Tsushima: Find Hachi, The Headman Guide

Need some quick help in the search for Hachi or later aspects of the Tales of Tsushima mission The Headman?

Ghost of Tsushima is filled with side quests, with the Tales of Tsushima seeing Jin help his people fight back against the Mongols and any other enemies that they encounter.

In this guide, we’ll be going through the Tales of Tsushima mission called ‘The Headman,’ in which you help Lady Masako track down Hachi to take another step along her quest for revenge.

Warning, The Headman Guide contains spoilers, with each part of the Ghost of Tsushima side quest detailed below.

How do you trigger The Headman Tale of Tsushima?

The Headman is the second part of a nine-part Tales of Tsushima line, which you can commence by completing the early main storyline quest of recruiting Lady Masako.

Once you’ve found The Headman quest and made contact with Lady Masako, the two of you will embark on finding Hachi, who is linked to the slaughter of the Lady’s family.

For completing The Headman, you’ll receive a minor legend increase, a Minor Utility Charm, and two pieces of Silk.

It’s not the longest of the Tales of Tsushima missions, but it does offer some decent rewards and takes you further along one of the great storylines of the early game.

Where to find Hachi in Ghost of Tsushima

After you’ve met with Lady Masako, you’ll follow her into the wilderness in the hunt for a man, Hachi, who is the brother of one of the conspirators behind her family’s slaughter, Headman Sadao.

Along the walk, you’ll come to a stop at the top of a hill, needing to search for Hachi. There’s plenty to explore, with a path turning left up the mountain and another going down the hill, as well as other hiding spaces.

However, to find Hachi in The Headman tale, you just want to keep on treading the forward path, going down the hill until you catch sight of Hachi and his cart.

Sneaking and following the Hachi

You’ll then need to follow Hachi, with there being plenty of hiding bushes and rocks on either side of the path the track Lady Masako’s target. Be sure to use the Crouch button to sneak around.

Partway through the tracking, Hachi meets with some horsemen, who you decide to track instead. As they’re so quick, provided that you stick to the side of the road, you’ll be able to track them undetected with ease.

You’ll want to keep to the left side of the road while tracking the horsemen as the meeting point for the next phase is behind cover on the left.

Tips for beating the Mongols in The Headman quest

Once you’ve worked out where the horsemen are headed, a small settlement with some stables, Lady Masako will charge in to kill all of the resident Mongols.

There are many, many Mongols there, with a couple of well-placed archers ready to irritate any warrior who chooses to charge in with Lady Masako.

By far, the easiest way to tackle the mini horde of Mongols is to remain behind the rock, allow Lady Masako to distract the enemies, and then pick off as many as you can with your bow.

After you’ve defeated the Mongols, you’ll need to find and interrogate any survivors of the encampment, leading you into the house opposite the stables.

Speaking to the woman will conclude The Headman section of the Masako Tale.

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