Ghost of Tsushima: Find Shigenori’s Rest, The Heavenly Strike Guide

Need some quick help with the Mythic Tales mission ‘The Heavenly Strike’ and finding the location of Shigenori’s Rest?

The Mythic Tales offer some of the best gear items of Ghost of Tsushima as well as some mighty special attacks. They’re challenging, but very rewarding.

The Heavenly Strike is one of the Mythic Tales that rewards a powerful new move, as well as some other rewards. In this guide, we’ll go through each stage of the side quest – including where to find Shigenori’s Rest.

Warning, this The Heavenly Strike guide contains spoilers, with each part of the Ghost of Tsushima Mythic Tale detailed below.

How to find The Heavenly Strike Mythic Tale

Each Mythic Tale in Ghost of Tsushima can be triggered after completing the one before, which, in this case, is The Curse of Uchitsune. After that, talk to peasants and follow their rumours to a musician.

The Heavenly Strike rumours will take you to a musician in Komatsu, who sings the tale of Shigenori and his katana technique which was so fast that it could defeat creatures spawned by lightning.

You’ll find the musician sitting on a rock with a fire going: there are also corpses littered around the area.

Having listened to the tale of Shigenori’s Heavenly Strike, you’ll set off down the path where the bodies lie, in search of the nearby bridge and any survivors.

Once you’ve completed The Heavenly Strike Mythic tale, you’ll receive a moderate legend increase, the Heavenly Strike katana technique, and a new sword kit: the Heavenly Falcon.

On the path to Yasuhira’s camp

Your first task in The Heavenly Strike quest is to find the nearby bridge, which you can get to by following the path to the north, leading to the River Falls Bridge.

When you arrive, you’ll find a weeping woman under the bridge.

After talking to the woman, you’ll learn of a murderous warrior, Yasuhira, who fled the scene on horseback. So next, you follow Yasuhira’s horse’s tracks to his nearby camp.

Upon arrival, you can initiate a standoff to take out a few Mongols far away enough from the entrance that you can sneak-kill most of the other Mongols.

There are two more swordsmen and a couple of archers remaining in the camp. From the rock formation to the left of the entrance, you can sneak down into the long grass, assassinate the Mongols on patrol, and then take out the archers with your bow.

With the Mongols defeated, you search the watchtower for clues on Yasuhira’s whereabouts, with there being a decent stack of bamboo to pick-up on one of the mid-levels should you ascend the watchtower’s ladder.

Where to find the white-leafed tree

Leaving the watchtower, you can see your mission target. To get there quickly, follow the path to head up the hill and then turn right to get onto another path and follow it around to the top.

You’ll find that the path is blocked off by burning debris, so you’ll need to take the long way around to reach the shrine at the top. Here, you’ll see the large white tree on the adjacent peak.

Head towards the shrine and jump across the gap to the white-leafed tree rock.

On the other side, turn right, jump up the step, squeeze through the gap, and survey the space of white-leafed trees.

Afterwards, take the other passage down the leftwards trail of the white-leafed tree hill – it’ll lead directly to the white tree grove.

Along the path through the grove, you’ll encounter a small homestead being occupied by Mongols. Hearing some screams inside, you go about trying to rescue the hostage.

There are ten Mongols there, two by the front, four to the far side by the well and bridge, three around the back of the house, and one more guarding the hostage within the house.

Sneaking around is the best option here, but you can get away with making some noise on the outskirts of the settlement. After you’ve rescued the hostage, you’ll be directed to Shigenori’s Rest.

Where to find Shigenori’s Rest

You’ll be directed southeast, through the forest. You’ll likely encounter some bands of Mongols if you ride directly towards the search area on the map.

What you’re looking for is an area of heightened ground, for which you can find the entrance to at the map location shown below:

When you reach this position on the map, you’ll be able to see a fallen tree bridge which connects you to the path to Shigenori’s Rest.

Once you’ve made your way up the path and have squeezed through the gap, you’ll be faced with a bunch of Mongols to takedown, and lots of tall grass to sneak through.

You don’t need to sneak, but the trickier Mongols to take out – those with the hefty shields – can easily be assassinated. One stands by a pillar immediately on your right, with the other going to the left.

Tips for the Yasuhira Koga duel

Having defeated the Mongols at Shigenori’s Rest, you’ll make your way to a bloodied scene where you’ll find Yasuhira Koga.

Yasuhira tells you that he’s learned the Heavenly Strike move, and so, you must face him in a duel.

Yasuhira is very quick, so it’s best to assume a strategy of standing off so that you can read his moves, parry, and then counter. You’ll only be able to fit in two or three quick attacks on the counter, before needing to step away.

Your foe will also fly in with many of the orange-flicker attacks, which you’ll need to dodge as they deal a lot of damage. It’s best to use the Stone Stance in this duel, which you can activate by pressing R2+X.

Once you’ve whittled down Yasuhira’s health, you’ll be shown a prompt to use the Heavenly Strike katana technique (Triangle+O), defeating the opponent and earning the attack.

Mythic Technique: Heavenly Strike

Having defeated Yasuhira, you’ll be able to use the Heavenly Strike in combat from now on. However, pressing Triangle+O to activate the Mythic Technique will consume one orb of Resolve.

As well as the Heavenly Strike, you’ll also receive the Heavenly Falcon sword kit, as you can see below:

It’s a purely cosmetic item, with the description: “Strike without warning like the hunter of the skies.”

Now that you know how to find Shigenori’s Rest and how to complete The Heavenly Strike Mythic Tale, you can use the katana technique in any combat situation.

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