Ghost of Tsushima: Get Gosaku’s Armour, The Unbreakable Gosaku Guide

Need some help with the Mythic Tales mission ‘The Unbreakable Gosaku’ and claiming Gosaku’s Armour?

The Mythic Tales of Ghost of Tsushima are challenging but offer some grand rewards.

‘The Unbreakable Gosaku’ Mythic Tales is not only very long and often tricky, but the reward armour is one of the best sets in the game.

In this guide, we breakdown each of the many stages of The Unbreakable Gosaku side-quest, which results in you getting Gosaku’s Armour for Jin.

Warning, this The Unbreakable Gosaku guide contains spoilers, with each part of the Ghost of Tsushima Mythic Tale detailed below.

How to find The Unbreakable Gosaku Mythic Tale

To find The Unbreakable Gosaku mission, you’ll need to reach Act II of the Ghost of Tsushima story.

By talking to peasants, you’ll be told about a musician telling the tale of a mythical and ancient suit of armour in Akashima Village. You’ll find the musician sitting out in the open, in the middle of the village.

After hearing the tale of a farmer, Gosaku, facing the Red Hand Bandits to defend Akashima, you’re told that you’ll need to find six keys to unlock the passage to the hiding place of Gosaku’s Armour.

For completing The Unbreakable Gosaku Mythic Tale, you’ll receive a moderate legend increase and the almighty Gosaku’s Armour.

If you haven’t already, you’ll also receive further rewards for liberating each of the six farmsteads that hold the keys to Gosaku’s Armour.

Tips for finding the Gosaku’s Armour key in Iijima Farmstead

The Iijima Farmstead is one of the more difficult parts of The Unbreakable Gosaku mission. There are four hostages to rescue, and most of the Mongols are of the stronger, teal-armoured variety.

Approaching the Iijima Farmstead, you’ll notice a short watchtower, which is an excellent place to start.

You’ll likely have to assassinate a couple of Mongols on the way to it, but from up the steps, you can find the locations of the hostages.

One hostage is being held outside near the collapsed bridge, which has a Mongol fishing on it, with another in the huts behind the collapsed bridge. Save them both, but then go back the way you came to the watchtower.

After saving the first two, go back up the watchtower to locate the other two hostages that’re being held across the river.

Go down the steps and swim across the river to your right (as you come down the steps), but be careful of the patrolling Bankhar dogs.

For this third hostage, several Mongols are patrolling outside, with some situated in the huts surrounding the hostage.

It’s a good idea to keep moving to find opportune moments to assassinate as many as possible before the all-but-inevitable brawl around the hostage.

From the location of hostage surrounded by huts across the river, you have a straight shot at the fourth hostage.

There’s a bridge across the waterway with many Mongols on it, leading to the hostage, but there’s some tall grass to the left side of the bridge.

Here, you can use the Longbow and Heavy Arrows to pick off the watching Mongols while remaining undetected.

With a bunch of Mongols taken down, you can sneak across the river, into the adjacent hut that stands on the water, and around the back of the remaining Mongols while they’re distracted.

After freeing the fourth hostage of the Iijima Farmstead, you’ll receive the Key of Iijima: one of six keys said to lead to Gosaku’s Armour.

Freeing the Iijima Farmstead will also reward you with a minor legend increase and ten Steel.

Tips for finding the Gosaku’s Armour key in Koshimizu Farmstead

Next, you’ve got to travel north to find the key in Koshimizu Farmstead. There are three hostages, all of whom are found by exploring the same side of the farmstead.

If you climb to the top of the massive watchtower, you can spot the locations of at least two hostages by looking to the left, with the third being nearby.

Going to the upper-levels on the western side (to the right of the watchtower view) isn’t necessary unless you’re to liberate the farmstead. However, those Mongols patrol close enough to the watchtower that you’ll need to sneak around.

The nearest hostage is relatively easy to save, being out in the open with six guarding. Two are in a nearby hut, which you can sneak into from the back. They’ll spot you, but you can take them out before the others notice.

You can sneak towards the next hostage, hopping into the nearby hut standing over the river to assassinate the Mongol on guard when their back is turned.

You’ll need to shoot down the Mongol on watch over the bridge and then defeat the Mongols on the ground. If the hostage is worried about enemies being nearby, there’s probably another across the lake.

The final hostage is by the huge lake house, surrounded by Mongols. If you approach from the side with the covered bridge, you can use your bow and assassinate many of the Mongols from the tall grass near the bridge.

Defeat those Mongols, cross the bridge, and rescue the third and final hostage to receive the Key of Koshimizu, the second of six keys said to lead to Gosaku’s Armour.

To liberate the Koshimizu Farmstead, you’ll need to go to the other side of the settlement and defeat the many Mongols up the path. Doing so will earn you a minor legend increase and ten Steel.

Tips for finding the Gosaku’s Armour key in Yagata Farmstead

The third key is hidden in the southern part of the map, in the Yagata Farmstead. Approaching from the north, you’ll find a small settlement with low fences and plenty of huts and walkways to sneak around on.

There are three hostages being kept here, the first of which you’ll see by a fire pit if you choose to sneak across the rooftops. Mongols without armour and Bankhar dogs surround this hostage.

Behind the houses and down a step, the next hostage is being held at the stables. Across from the entrance, there’s a bit of high ground and some tall grass. You can use your bow to take out most of the guarding Mongols from this position – including one on the adjacent roof.

Having saved the hostage at the stable, you can loop back around to find the third and final hostage on the east side of the settlement.

There are plenty of straw fences and huts which you can sneak behind to assassinate the duos patrolling the area. Or, as they’re quite weak Mongols, you could just confront them around the hostage.

Freeing the third hostage will earn you the third key leading to Gosaku’s Armour. Freeing the people of Yagata Farmstead will also get you a minor legend increase and 12 Iron.

Tips for finding the Gosaku’s Armour key in Kuta Farmstead

Now, it’s off to the eastern side of the map, to the Kuta Farmstead, where you’ll encounter many, but weaker, Mongols guarding three hostages.

A good way to approach this part of The Unbreakable Gosaku Mythic Tale is to get onto the rooftops, with the first hostage being near the fire behind the line of houses.

From the rooftop, you can shoot down a few of the Mongols with your bow, use some quickfire weapons to take out a few more, and then hop down to katana the rest.

You can find the next hostage by following the same row of houses down the side of the farmstead. So, jump back onto a roof, move to the side facing away from the other houses, and then sneak along to the next hostage.

This one is guarded by Bankhar dogs, though, so you’ll probably want to hit them with arrows while hiding on the nearby rooftop, and then jump down to kill the Mongols.

After saving the second hostage, climb onto the roof of the house facing the hostage. Climb along the roof, and you’ll see a tree with the option for you to use your grappling hook.

Swing across to the opposite building, get to the small window at the top, and press R2 to pass through the opening. As soon as you enter, you’ll see the third and final hostage being guarded by one Mongol.

Assassinate the Mongol, to all-but save the hostage, and then take out the others wandering around downstairs and just outside. As soon as the hostage is safe, free them to get the Key of Kuta.

You will also receive eight Steel and a minor legend increase if the mission coincides with you liberating the farmstead from Mongol occupation.

Tips for finding the Gosaku’s Armour key in Omaha Fishing Village

Continuing the zigzagging nature of this extensive Mythic Tale, you’ll have to ride out west once again, to the coast, tasked with finding the key of the Omaha Fishing Village.

Coming in from the northeast side of the village, you can get a good view from the overlooking hills. Approach the occupied area from the rocks down the left (see below), sneaking into the hut directly opposite to assassinate the unaware Mongol archer when they walk into the doorway.

Leave through the door where you assassinated the archer and leap onto the opposite building. Move around the back of the next house until you have a clear sight of the hostage by the watchtower.

From here, if you’re quick, and preferably using the Longbow with Heavy Arrows to increase your chances of one-shot kills, you can shoot down a Mongol, pass through the opening (see above), wait for them to stop searching, and repeat.

There could be as many as 11 enemies around this first hostage, most of them being the middling shielded or spear-wielding Mongols, so picking off a bunch cautiously would be wise.

The next hostage is towards the beach, near the burning hut. If you caused enough noise saving the first hostage, the second might be completely free of guards.

If approaching from the north, the third hostage is on the other side of the watchtower, which you can use to scan the area after saving the first hostage.

This last hostage is in between a bunch of houses, with a few Mongols on guard. Save them and claim the Ohama Key, the fifth key leading to Gosaku’s Armour.

Liberating the Omaha Fishing Village – if you haven’t done so already – will also get you a minor legend increase and eight Steel.

Tips for finding the Gosaku’s Armour key in Aoi Village

Your sixth and final part of this farmstead tour takes you further south to Aoi Village. It’s a large area with several eagles on patrol.

Coming in from the north, you can see a tall house on the left side of the path (see below). Get to the top of the house and scan the area.

At the top, turn inwards to see the path running through Aoi Village. On the path, you’ll find a Mongol and another outside of the house and storage barn opposite.

Jump down into the tall grass to hide and, when none of the Mongols are watching, run across the path to assassinate the Mongol in the open and then crawl under the storage barn on the left – there will be an eagle in the area.

From under the storage barn, sneak into the house to find the first hostage and a Mongol. Keep pressing the TouchPad to scan the area as one eagle is flying around the hut if you haven’t shot it down already.

There will also be a couple more Mongols outside.

Continue through the house and towards the beach: the next hostage in on the sands near the watchtower. You’ll want to hide in the tall grass here as two eagles are circling the area.

The eagles can usually be spotted on the perches either side of the hostage’s position. Hide in the tall grass, bow them down without getting detected, and then move in to assassinate and battle the four guarding Mongols.

The third hostage of Aoi Village is near the hostage on the beach, between the huts along the far side of the settlement, near the destroyed, burning house.

The Mongols here are quite spread out, being in and around the surrounding houses, so they’re quite easily assassinated.

Once you’ve received the Key of Aoi, you’ll have all six of the farmers’ keys guarding Gosaku’s Armour. Freeing the village will also get you a minor legend increase and eight Steel as additional rewards.

Travel to the Hill in Akashima and find Gosaku’s Armour

After getting all six keys in The Unbreakable Gosaku side-quest, you’ll be asked to return to Akashima. You don’t need to go all the way to Akashima Village; fast travelling to Fort Ito is the best way to go.

From Fort Ito, if you ride directly across towards the mission marker for the hill, you’ll be in an advantageous position to take on the Mongols trying to find Gosaku’s Armour.

Approaching from this side, you’ll see three archers on watch from atop the rock formations. There’s also a Mongol Leader with a sword and shield, one flash bomb Mongol, one brute carrying a cannon, another with a spear, one with a giant sword, and a Mongol brute that swings a giant axe.

Deal with them as you see fit to gain access to the passage to Gosaku’s Armour. Use the keys to go through the stone doors and look up to spot the broken tree with grappling rope.

Once you’ve grappled up the tree, you’ll climb around the wall on the right, double swing across a gap, swing across another gap, and then find the mythical chest holding Gosaku’s Armour.

Mythic Armour: Gosaku’s Armour

Finishing The Unbreakable Gosaku tale will grant you Gosaku’s Armour and Gosaku’s Headband – both of which are automatically equipped at the end of the mission.

Gosaku’s Armour is one of the best armour sets in Ghost of Tsushima, with Gosaku’s Headband being purely cosmetic.

You can upgrade Gosaku’s Armour three times, with each stage offering the following perks:

  • Gosaku’s Armour I: Moderate increase to health; Moderate increase to Stagger Damage; Killing a Staggered enemy restores 10% of health.
  • Gosaku’s Armour II: Massive increase to health; Moderate increase to Stagger Damage; Killing a Staggered enemy restores 10% of health. (Cost: 250 Supplies, 10 Linen)
  • Gosaku’s Armour III: Massive increase to health; Major increase to Stagger Damage; Killing a Staggered enemy restores 10% of health. (Cost: 500 Supplies, 20 Linen, 10 Leather)
  • Gosaku’s Armour IV: Massive increase to health; Major increase to Stagger Damage; Killing a Staggered enemy restores 20% of health. (Cost: 750 Supplies, 30 Linen, 20 Leather, 6 Silk)

Having completed The Unbreakable Gosaku Mythic Tale, you now have the almighty Gosaku’s Armour set, which is one of the best in Ghost of Tsushima.

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