Ghost of Tsushima: How to Get More Health Guide

Find out how to increase your maximum health so that you can sustain more Mongol attacks in Ghost of Tsushima.

Ghost of Tsushima can be a brutal game, especially when a whole camp of Mongols corners you, so it’s good to know that you can take several hits before any of them get the chance to execute Jin.

You start the game with a fairly small health bar, but increasing your maximum health in Ghost of Tsushima can be achieved with relative ease if you’re happy to do some exploring.

Find the Hot Springs to increase maximum health

The easiest way to get more health in Ghost of Tsushima is by locating and meditating in the Hot Springs.

To get a maximum health boost from Hot Springs, you’l need to find the steps into the spring, opt to rest, and then select a topic for Jin to ponder. Each Hot Spring only offers an increase to your health once.

You’ll be able to find Hot Springs dotted around the map, with more becoming unlocked as you progress through the main story acts.

To help you to find them with the help offered in the game, you’ll want to follow the golden birds.

They won’t always lead you to Hot Springs, but the health-increasing landmarks are among the hidden areas that the golden birds can lead you to in Ghost of Tsushima.

You could also upgrade your Guiding Wind from the Techniques menu, with the Wind of Health upgrade costing one technique point to buy.

On the other hand, you could just consult our list of all Hot Springs locations in Ghost of Tsushima, keeping an eye out for the well-like symbol on your map and utilising the golden birds and Wind of Health to get there faster.

All Hot Springs locations in Ghost of Tsushima

Here are all of the locations of the Hot Springs in Ghost of Tsushima, with the locations noted being relative to the location names visible on the map from the menu.

Hot SpringLocationAct Available
Carved Mountain Hot SpringNorth of River Falls BridgeAct I
Castle Lookout Hot SpringWest of Isonade CoastAct I
Firefly Hills Hot SpringWest of Izuhara ClearingAct I
Golden Leaf Hot SpringSouth of Golden ForestAct I
Hiyoshi Inn Hot SpringWithin Hiyoshi, by the innAct I
Mountain View Hot SpringNorth of Winding TrailAct I
Quiet Basin Hot SpringSouth of Azure PondAct I
Rising Trees Hot SpringNorth of Archer’s RiseAct I
Seaside Hot SpringWest of River Child’s WetlandsAct I
Bamboo Forest Hot SpringSouth of Old Toyotama HillsAct II
Maple Shade Hot SpringEast of Serene ForestAct II
Marsh Tide Hot SpringEast of Hakutaku ForestAct II
Morning Glory Hot SpringSouth of Urashima’s VillageAct II
Mossy Rest Hot SpringEast of Umugi CoveAct II
Yoshinaka Hot SpringWest of Mamushi FarmsteadAct II
Jito’s Foothills Hot SpringIn Jito’s Foothills or West of Kin FallsAct III
Morimae Hot SpringNortheast of Iwai VillageAct III
White Mist Hot SpringSoutheast of Deep Forest LakeAct III

Apply Charms to increase maximum health

You’ll find loads of charms while playing through the main story and tales of Ghost of Tsushima, with the ones that increase your health having a shield icon.

As you can see above, the Charm of Vitality offers a moderate increase to your health. All that you need to do is apply it to one of your sword’s empty charm slots, which you can find under the Gear menu.

To focus on missions that have a chance of rewarding you with health-boosting charms, go into the Journal part of the menu and then scroll through the tales until you find one offering a Defence Charm.

As you progress in the story, missions with better rewards become available, so you’ll be able to swap out your weaker Defence Charms for stronger ones later in the game.

You can freely select and unselect charms to use on Jin without them being destroyed or lost.

Grow your Legend to increase maximum health

As you complete more missions, tales, and when you just happen to save peasants while roaming the wilds of Tsushima, your Legend will increase.

When your Legend grows, you’ll earn numerous boosts to Jin, one of which is an increase of maximum health.

To speed up this process, target missions from the Journal that show a greater amount of Legend Increase as a reward, and be sure to stop and take down any Mongols with prisoners in the wild.

If you want to have more health in Ghost of Tsushima, seek out the Hot Springs, apply Defence Charms, and grow your Legend.

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