Ghost of Tsushima: Save Maki and Enter the Rowboat, Lost At Sea Guide

Here’s a full walkthrough for conquering the two ships of Mongols and completing the Tales of Tsushima mission entitled ‘Lost At Sea.’

You encounter some strange characters while completing the many Tales of Tsushima missions in the game, but perhaps the most unexpectedly tame person is the one described as “a disturbed man swinging a blade.”

After being informed of this person, who’s situated on a tiny island off of the south coast, you end up taking on much more than one peasant with a sword.

In this Ghost of Tsushima guide, we’ll be breaking down the best route for defeating the many Mongols on this search and rescue mission, as well as how to get the daughter to enter the rowboat.

Warning, this Lost At Sea walkthrough contains spoilers, with each part of the tale detailed below.

How do you start the Lost At Sea Tale of Tsushima?

Like many of the Tales of Tsushima quests, you can unlock the Lost At Sea by saving and talking to peasants or interacting with peasants in settlements and camps.

Once the Lost At Sea quest has been unlocked and marked on your map, you’ll need to ride to the south coast and then swim across a small body of water to Tsutsu Island.

On the island, you’ll find a man with a small camp practicing with his sword, overlooked by a couple of ominous Mongol ships.

For completing the Lost At Sea tale, you’ll receive a minor legend increase, a Minor Defence Charm, and four pieces of Leather.

A step-by-step guide to completing Lost At Sea

After talking to the man on the island, you’ll learn that his daughter, Maki, has been taken by Mongols to the adjoining ships. So, you get into a rowboat and sail over to the vessels.

When you arrive, you’ll need to climb the rope ladder to get onto the first ship, keeping crouched (R3) as this is a sneak-orientated mission.

If the Mongols are alerted to your presence, they won’t hesitate to kill Maki, so you’ll need to be strategic about which ones you kill at which moments.

Step 1: After climbing aboard, you’ll see two Mongols on deck. Crouch, sneak-up, and assassinate the one by the arrow cache when the other has their back turned, then do the same to the one closer to the front of the ship.

Step 2: Next, turn to the left, where there’ll be Mongols in the cabin. First, climb up the steps to the side of the doors to assassinate the Mongol up top.

Next, go back down those steps, use your Focussed Hearing in the cabin by pressing the TouchPad, take out the one on their own, and then quickly assassinate the other two.

Be sure to avoid the doors on the other side of the cabin: there’s another Mongol out there who you don’t want to alert.

Step 3: Sneak out onto the deck out back and assassinate the last Mongol of the first ship. Now, you have two options: creep across the bridge connecting the ships, or go for a swim.

Step 4: After killing the Mongol out back, jump off of the side of the ship and climb onto the oars of the second boat. Head towards the back of the second ship (opposite where you jumped in) and climb the steps.

Step 5: There’ll be a Mongol with their back turned to you. Be sure to sneak up alongside the cabin’s walls and then assassinate them to avoid being seen by those in the cabin.

With that one out of the way, climb the steps up to the top of the cabin and kill the Mongol up top. From here, you can use Focussed Hearing to see the many Mongols on the main deck as well as those in the cabin.

Step 6: Facing the back of the ship (away from the main deck filled with Mongols), go towards the ladder hole to the left and look down.

You’ll see a single Mongol who you can assassinate from above. If the prompt doesn’t show, however, you’ll need to drop in behind, quickly crouch (R3), and then assassinate.

Step 7: On the other side of the room are two more Mongols, and the man’s captive daughter, Maki.

You can sneak around the side of the cabin which would lead to the main deck, assassinate the crouching Mongol, and then the massive Mongol with a shield who’s taunting Maki.

Once you’ve talked to Maki, you’ll then need to keep her alive while you escape. Unfortunately, you can’t just jump back into the water and onto the other ship as she’ll just retreat to the second boat’s cabin.

Step 8: Leave the cabin out of the back (where you first climbed onto the second ship) and then take the ladder up to the top and scan the area.

Step 9: You should see two Mongols patrolling the very far side of the ship on the raised levels. Take out the one right at the back first, then the one on the level down.

There’s also one towards the back of the main deck who you can take out without being noticed.

Doing it this way should keep you hidden, provided that you use the non-fire or non-explosive arrows.

If you’ve completed The Curse of Uchitsune and The Legend of Tadayori, it’d be a good idea to equipped the reward items as you want to make sure that you kill the distant Mongols in one shot.

Step 10: Line-up a shot of a flaming arrow, explosive arrow, the rather good sticky bombs, or any other high-damage projectile to stir-up the other Mongols on deck.

Next, draw your sword, take a step back from the ladder that leads to the deck, and wait for them to come up one by one, cutting them down as they reach the top of the steps.

All that’s left to do now is search the ship for a load of loot, get back onto the first ship via the bridge, and then enter the rowboat.

Ghost of Tsushima: Lost At Sea enter the rowboat bug

While you’ll likely run ahead and then jump down off of the ship to board the rowboat, this can cause a kind of bug to occur where Maki doesn’t get on the boat.

The tasks read ‘Leave the ship with Maki’ and ‘Enter the rowboat,’ but to complete this, you’ll need Maki to enter the rowboat first.

If you jump in and find that Maki won’t enter the rowboat, all you need to do is take the ladder out, move to her position, lead her to the steps, and then wait for her to climb down first.

Once you’ve managed to enter the rowboat in Lost At Sea, the mission will conclude, with you, Maki, and her father safely back on Tsutsu island.

There you have it: you now know which Mongols to take out and when, allowing you to save Maki in the Lost At Sea mission and get her to enter the rowboat.

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