Ghost of Tsushima: Tips and Hints for Becoming a Mongol’s Nightmare

Embarking on the quest to save Tsushima? Here’s how to become a mighty samurai and discover everything that the map has to offer.

Ghost of Tsushima is filled with different things for you to do, from unravelling ancient myths to upgrading your weaponry, but the one aspect that remains all-but constant is the need to defeat the Mongol invaders.

As Jin, a survivor of the decimated order of samurai, you must take on the forces of Khotun Khan by means of honourable combat and by sneaking in the shadows.

To help become this ultimate warrior who inspires fear amongst the Mongols, here are some tips and hints to keep in mind while liberating Tsushima.

Defence is the best form of attack

Of all of the samurai controls in Ghost of Tsushima, L1 is the most important. You don’t get a very big health bar in the game, so you’ll need to block plenty of strikes.

As you level-up and accumulate Technique Points, you’ll be able to enhance your block a great deal, making it the best form of attack – particularly in the big boss duels.

By going down the Deflection tree in the Technique part of the menu, you can turn your block into a parry, creating a way for you to block attacks, expose the foe, and then instantly rain down attacks.

You’ll also want to get used to dodging as you can’t block every attack that comes your way, but timing your dodges well can also leave your enemy exposed and open to quick attacks.

Don’t forget to heal

As mentioned above, you don’t start with much health in Ghost of Tsushima, so you need to keep an eye on the red bar in the bottom left of the screen.

Especially early in the game, if you haven’t worked on increasing your health bar, just a few quick hits can see you fall to any Mongol grunt.

You need to press Down on the D-pad to heal, using your Resolve (the little orbs above your health bar) to recover a portion of your health.

Regardless of what you’re up against, when all of your Resolve orbs are full, use one to heal – even if you’ve only lost a little bit of health.

You recover Resolve by fighting, so you’ll quickly recover it for another use while giving yourself the best chance of surviving a flurry of attacks.

Get dirty, or rather, sticky, to even the odds

After you’ve unlocked your first Ghost Weapon, the Kunai, the next time your Legend grows, you’ll be able to select another – make that second pick the Sticky Bomb.

It’s an excellent Quickfire Weapon to help take a Mongol out of play. Once you throw one at an enemy, it sticks and explodes. If it doesn’t kill them, it’ll stun them for a long time and cut down their health significantly.

When approaching a conflict, identify the ones that’ll give you the most trouble and hit them with a sticky bomb to help even the odds.

You can’t win every battle from the start

While you may want to liberate every dojo and free every prisoner that you come across, you’ll sometimes find that you’re outmatched.

Mongols fight dirty and are more than happy to beat you with numbers and stabs in the back.

Most of the time, after you’ve been barbarically executed, you’ll start again nearby. So, suffering a defeat isn’t a huge deal.

However, to save some time, you may want to just come back to some areas later in the game, when you’re stronger or sneakier.

Make the most of some downtime in the Hot Springs

To give yourself a better chance when faced with a camp of angry Mongols, you’re going to want to increase the size of your health bar.

There are a few ways that you can go about increasing your maximum health, with bathing in the Hot Springs being one of them.

Whenever you stumble across a Hot Spring or follow a golden bird to one, hop in, reflect on something (it doesn’t matter which option you pick) and benefit from an increase to your maximum health.

Follow the foxes

Many natural forces are helping to guide you to victory in Ghost of Tsushima, with the humble fox offering one of the best boosts.

If you see one of the little orange-coated canids strutting around or hopping into the air, be sure to follow it to its destination.

The fox will lead you to an Inari Shrine. By honouring just one Inari Shrine, you’ll unlock another charm slot on your sword. More charm slots mean more perks, making Jin even more powerful.

Also, follow the birds

In Ghost of Tsushima, the golden bird will always act as your guide to hidden locations and items. If you catch a glimpse of one, follow it to its destination.

The golden birds rarely fly very far, but if you’re in the vicinity of something useful, like some attire, a Hot Springs, or a Haiku spot, they’ll flutter around you and lead you there.

More than just Mongol target practice

Throughout the game, you’ll be battling Mongols to save peasants or liberating settlements to give the peasants back their homes.

As your Legend increases, peasants will bring offerings of gifts to set locations for you, but much more importantly, they’ll unlock missions.

Some of the most challenging but rewarding side quests are the Mythic Tales, with the likes of The Legend of Tadayori and The Curse of Uchitsune earning you powerful weapons and armour.

To trigger these Mythic Tales and several other Tales of Tsushima, such as The Other Side of Honour, you need to talk to peasants.

Whenever you’re in settlement and see a peasant with an R2 prompt to speak, or see a camp of peasants out in the wild, approach them and talk to them to unlock some great missions.

Use these tips to build up your strength and eradicate the Mongol hordes from the island of Tsushima.

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