Ghost of Tsushima: Why is the PS4 Controller Vibrating?

Is your PlayStation 4 controller rumbling and vibrating for seemingly no reason while you’re roaming around Ghost of Tsushima?

Early in Ghost of Tsushima, you might find that your controller vibrates for extended periods of time, seemingly without cause.

The controller does rumble when you’re low on health, but after a key point in the early game, the PS4 controller will vibrate a lot more.

Here’s what you need to know:

Why does the PS4 controller rumble on Ghost of Tsushima?

The sometimes excessive controller vibrations are because you have the Traveller’s Attire equipped to Jin.

You get given and automatically equip the Traveller’s Attire early in the game, with one of its perks being that the controller will vibrate when you’re within 30 metres of an Artefact.

While this can be useful for anyone hoping to collect all of the Mongol Artefacts in the game, as they are fascinating and collectable, the vibrations can become rather tedious.

This isn’t so much because they make the controller rumble a fair bit, but more because the vibrations don’t directly indicate the height or level of where the Artefact lies.

If you’re just running around following the increasing vibrations of the PS4 controller, you could end up frustrated – particularly in multi-story buildings or multi-tiered camps on hills.

The Traveller’s Attire does offset this, somewhat, by allowing you to track Artefacts with the Guiding Wind.

So, when your controller vibrates without reason on Ghost of Tsushima, go to the map, remove the Guiding Wind’s current tracking – if you have one set – and then swipe upward on the TouchPad to find the source of the rumbling.

If you know that you’re using the gear, the Traveller’s Attire can be very useful for any completionist on Ghost of Tsushima, and it helps to reveal more of the map when you’re riding around.

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