Golf Story Sequel Sports Story Revealed in Indie World Showcase

Sports Story is coming exclusively to the Nintendo Switch, building on the superb indie hit Golf Story.

The very first game to be revealed in the Nintendo Switch – Indie World Showcase was the game that nobody knew they wanted: Sports Story. Its predecessor, Golf Story, took the Switch eShop by storm in 2017 and 2018, being a regular feature in the ‘Charts’ section. 

Now, Australian developers Sidebar Games are looking to build off of their unique sports adventure role-playing game Golf Story by bringing in more sports, more side activities, and more retro gameplay. 

A high bar set by Golf Story

Let’s face it: golf isn’t the most enticing sport for a game, but it’s the sport that Sidebar Games wanted to feature at the core of their game – somewhat ironically it seemed at times. 

The funny and wildly entertaining story mode of Golf Story fused games of golf with classic RPG and adventure game elements very well. In the game, you can unlock new locations by teeing off in the open areas, collect experience points, loot containers, and talk to NPCs. 

With simple controls but many variants to understand, the actual golf-playing aspects of the game were also very fun. One of the benefits of golf in gaming is that it easily lends itself to the co-op experience. 

Sidebar Gaming recognised this, bringing in a bunch of multiplayer courses and customisable rules in a quick play mode. The ability to take someone on in couch co-op mode made the game last well beyond the conclusion of the story mode.

Golf Story was very well-received critically and by players and it’s still available on the Nintendo eShop for £13.49 ($14.99). 

Sports Story to build on the foundations of Golf Story

Golf Story focussed on one sport, with a few others like lawn bowling and disc golf mixed in a bit, but now players will be tasked with mastering more sports and taking on alternative activities. It may be called Sports Story, but it looks as though there’s going to be so much more than playing sports in retro graphics. 

In the Sports Story trailer above, you can see that the game will include dungeon exploration, some puzzling, towns to explore, and people to meet. The game description also says that you can go on fishing expeditions, become a student at the tennis academy, sneak around in stealth missions, and seek buried treasures. 

The aim of the overall story is said to be to compete in the ‘Decasportathon,’ which most likely means a competition comprised of ten different sports. In the trailer and game images for Sports Story, football, cricket, volleyball, tennis, golf – as you would assume – and possibly hand-gliding are all present. 

There was also a clip of a coach kicking a football to the player, who then hit the ball into a goal with what appeared to be a blue baseball bat – at a knight, no less. But the Sports Story trailer also featured the player being pitched a toaster and then also knocking it with the same blue bat. 

Sports Story release date 

Sports Story is set to be a Nintendo Switch exclusive, as was its predecessor, Golf Story. The first sports adventure role-playing game was a smash-hit game on the Switch, so hopefully, Sports Story can follow its lead and build on its unique concepts. 

As it stands, the Sports Story release date is pencilled in as mid-2020.  

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