Harvest Moon One World: How to Stop Fainting in the Desert, Heat Resistance Guide

Keep seeing your Stamina bar plummet when trying to explore the desert area of Harvest Moon: One World? Here’s a quick trick to help you survive the heat.

Venturing to the beach in the east, you’ll soon find yourself wanting to explore the desert to the north for all of the new seeds to find.

However, shortly after entering the desert, your character will feel the effects of the desert heat, causing Stamina to plummet at an alarming rate and you to faint in the desert.

The first time that this happens, Jamil will rescue you and take you to Pastilla, but how do you get back there, venture around the massive surrounding desert, or run a farm in the desert without fainting?

How to get a Kitchen in Harvest Moon: One World

To ensure that you can survive the desert heat, you’ll first need to get yourself a Kitchen. In this playthrough, the chance to get a Kitchen came about shortly after talking to Holokai in his beach restaurant, Cafe Mahalo, and him telling you about the recipes for sale.

On the same day, though, Pastilla was also discovered for the first time, so that may be the event that prompts Doc Jr to give you a call via the DocPad.

When they call, Doc Jr will ask you to acquire three Iron to build the Kitchen in your home. Iron is quite to easy to find in any of the accessible mines by smashing the crystals within.

The earliest mine that you’ll likely encounter is found on the route over the bridge to the west of Calisson Village, with its entrance being up the second path leading northwards.

With the Iron in your bag, head back to the starting location, give Doc Jr the items, and they’ll build a Kitchen within the house on your farm.

How to get heat resistance to stop fainting in the desert on Harvest Moon

With a Kitchen installed, you’ll be able to make the most of the recipes being sold by Holokai. So, head back to Cafe Mahalo on the beach and purchase the Coconut Milk Recipe for 3,000 Gold.

On the way back to your home, you’ll want to shakedown every Coconut tree that you see because, as you’d assume, Coconuts are the key ingredient of the Coconut Milk Recipe.

Next, head back to your farm, press the action button on your Kitchen set, and then select Coconut Milk from the second tab of the Kitchen. To make one Coconut Milk, you only need one Coconut.

After you’ve created some Coconut Milk, you’ll be able to find them in your Bag. Eating one will recover one heart of your Stamina bar and will offer you the cooling perk that enables you to avoid fainting in the desert of Harvest Moon: One World.

The best way to use Coconut Milk is to wait until your Stamina depletes by one heart in the desert, and then eat one. Just one Coconut Milk is plenty to grant you heat resistance for a long time.

After you’ve eaten a Coconut Milk item, you’ll find that your Stamina burns at its usual rate. However, its heat resistance effects will eventually wear off, so be sure to watch your Stamina bar closely while in the desert.

How to get around the desert faster in Harvest Moon: One World

When you first meet Jamil in Pastilla, you’ll awaken in their Animal Shop. Unique from the other Animal Shops that you’ve visited, the Pastilla store sells Camels instead of Horses.

For 15,000 Gold, you can get this ultimate desert travel companion. Riding the Camel around the desert is the fastest way to get across the sands. Combining Coconut Milk and Camel riding will allow you to explore the whole Harvest Moon: One World desert without fainting.

Of course, the Camel isn’t cheap, but while you accumulate the funds, the Coconut Milk will be plenty to at least get you to Pastilla and allow you to farm in the hot desert.

So, if you want to avoid fainting in the desert of Harvest Moon: One World and grab all of the seeds in the area, get yourself on a Camel while drinking Coconut Milk.

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