How to study and what has changed in the engineering profession in the Dragonflight update for World of Warcraft

Read about Dragonflight’s WoW update: master engineering changes with our guide!

How to study and what has changed in the engineering profession in the Dragonflight update for World of Warcraft

WoW is a very dynamic project that has been actively developed and reworked by developers from Blizzard for more than 10 years.

They modified the system of professions several times, either making it relevant or practically useless, and now, with the release of the Dragonflight update, the situation has changed again.

How to study and what has changed in the engineering profession in the Dragonflight update for World of Warcraft

The fact is that even in the previous Shadowlands update, it was easier and faster for players to buy in-game gold and redeem key items than to spend time mastering a profession. But in Dragonflight the situation has changed radically and mechanics have been added, including constant earnings on your craft and ease of development.

The benefits of engineering and the incentive to study it

It may seem unusual, but engineering is one of the most popular professions in World of Warcraft, and despite its outlandishness, it should not be underestimated.

You will be able to create:

  • Bombs.
  • Tools for other artisans.
  • Metal bracers.
  • Helmets.
  • Mechanisms and turrets.

UI and main profession changes since the Dragonflight update

The first step in rekindling player interest in the profession system was to simplify the overall interface about crafting.

Now it has a list of all potential items that you can create even if you don’t have enough resources, a list of items and how to get them, quality variations that are formed from your skill and characteristics, which we will talk about later.

Now, for any crafted item within your profession, you will receive knowledge points for mastering craft specialization, which will allow you to achieve a significant increase in crafted items within the same direction, for example, bracers and helmets.

In the future, you will be able to learn all specializations and become a full-fledged master, but you will learn one specialization in the process of pursuing a profession, and the rest will have to be received from quests that have a cooldown of 7 days.

Now all representatives of craft professions will be able to create and remake items to order – this can be done through a special table that allows you to create a request for the creation of any item and find a master who is ready to complete this assignment.

The process itself and performance guarantees are controlled by the World of Warcraft system. The client must make all the necessary resources and indicate the minimum qualification of the master to whom the order will be available and the amount that he considers fair for such a service.

The master will be able to fulfill orders depending on his qualifications and increase the overall indicator in the skill of engineering and other specializations.

The new format of crafting and earning for both parties helps to solve one important nuance in World of Warcraft – all items with a quality higher than usual after creation become nominal and cannot be transferred, which means craft is excluded from the methods of obtaining items of the highest category and goes to raids.

UI and main profession changes since the Dragonflight update--World of Warcraft

Having ordered the manufacture of a high-quality item directly, or received randomly due to the luck of the crafter, the item automatically becomes yours as a customer and is immediately attached to your hero.

Characteristics, their meaning and role in the engineering profession

The next major update to the profession system in Dragonflight was the addition of a stat system for crafting and gathering professions, which greatly help leveling and crafting and add an element of luck to the quality and quantity of resources and items that are eventually created.

The most important characteristic for all artisans will be skill – a parameter that allows you to increase the overall indicator of the profession and increase the likelihood of creating a masterpiece when working.

  • Overproduction is a skill that allows you to get more use when working with resources and items due to the chance to get twice as many final items as originally planned in the recipe.
  • Resourcefulness – if this effect is triggered, you will be able to create the item that you planned and spend much less resources than was originally included in the recipe.
  • Inspiration is a parameter that allows you to increase the Mastery indicator once and increase the likelihood of creating masterpiece items.
  • Speed – affects the pace of work with resources and items, which has a good effect in the end if you work with a large number of items.

The interface will tell you not only all the principles of working with resources, but also notify you when any effect from the characteristics works. The message will be in the process of triggering, and is described in the crafting results.

In terms of priority, it is better to develop skill and inspiration in order to have a better chance of creating a more valuable item that will be effective for you, or will have a higher price for sale.

Then focus on overproduction and resourcefulness – the fewer resources you spend and the more final items you get, the more gold and skill levels you will get in the end.

Speed can be left for last, as it is a nice skill that will speed up your pace, but it is very difficult to call it a priority.

Equipment and its use in the system of professions and engineering in WoW Dragonflight

Now World of Warcraft has equipment for all types of professions that collect resources and create items.

Each profession has three slots for each item, which will give an increase to the key characteristics for the craft.

Each of the items is created by an artisan who is most suitable for such crafting from a logical point of view and not one master can create all three items for himself – this is necessary to increase the level of communication and the basis for the dependence of the heroes on each other and popularize the order table among all players.

  • Protective gloves – created by a leather craftsman and gives an increase in resourcefulness and production speed.
  • Brain Wave Amplifier – Increases the parameters of overproduction and inspiration. Created by the engineer himself.
  • Samoflange – increases a random parameter for an engineer and gives an increase to the general level of the profession. It is recommended to catch up to inspiration.

Complete orders through a special table to quickly upgrade your profession skill and earn gold. Take on any, even the most trifling orders, but check who gets the resources for production, and if you are indicated, then the price for such a service should be higher, otherwise this is a full-fledged attempt at deception.

Strive to develop your specializations to be a full-fledged expert in the entire path of engineering, not in mechanical engineering as an example.

If you wish, you can even not leave the order table, but simply constantly rivet orders to clients and earn your gold even without actually leaving the peaceful zone, since the client will provide you with resources and payment for production.

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