How to Change Your GamerTag on Xbox Series X|S

Tired of your old GamerTag or want to game under a different name? Here’s how to change your GamerTag on the Xbox Series X and S.

As the name that everyone else sees when you’re playing games online, all Xbox players want to have the perfect GamerTag.

Coming onto the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, you may not want your old GamerTag, or you might just want to change the GamerTag that you first selected. It’s easy and free to change your GamerTag on the Xbox Series X|S.

To change your GamerTag on the Xbox Series X|S follow these steps:

  1. Press the Xbox button on your controller;
  2. Move to the ‘Profile & system’ tab;
  3. Select your profile (the first tile, showing your GamerTag and Gamerpic) and then click on ‘My profile;’
  4. On the ‘Welcome’ tab, select ‘Customise profile’ on the right-hand side;
  5. On the left side, you’ll see your current GamerTag in large writing, press A on the GamerTag;
  6. Type in your new GamerTag via the keyboard;
    • A GamerTag can be up to 12 characters, including spaces, and can’t start with a number.
  7. Once you’ve typed your new GamerTag, press B to drop the keyboard, and then press A on ‘Check availability;’
  8. If your GamerTag is available, you’ll be taken to another screen to confirm it or a variant as your new GamerTag. Select ‘Change gamertag’ to confirm the switch.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S GamerTags can be far more diverse than they used to be on older Xbox consoles. The new system caters to many more languages, meaning that you can change your GamerTag to just about anything suitable.

If you’re looking to change your GamerTag on the Xbox Series X or S, simply follow the steps above.

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