Immortals Fenyx Rising: Complete Controls Guide for PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox

Learn all the Immortals Fenyx Rising controls on console and PC.

Developed by the team that created Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, Ubisoft’s action-adventure title Immortals Fenyx Rising launched across platforms on 3 December 2020.

Set in the mythical Golden Isle, our heroic protagonist Fenyx must restore the Olympian Gods and free the land from the clutches of the evil Typhon.

The Golden Isle is fraught with danger as you enter into a mythological tale for the ages. From the Hall of the Gods to the depths of Tartaros, you’ll encounter all kinds of mythic beasts to slay, including Minotaurs and Harpies.

To give you a fighting chance from the off, we’ve got all of the basic Immortals Fenyx Rising controls across all platforms, plus a few handy tips.

In this Immortals Fenyx Rising controls guide, the analogues on both Xbox and Playstation platforms are shown as L and R. Pressing down on each analogue activates the buttons known as L3 and R3.

Immortals Fenyx Rising default console controls

Whether you play on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, or either of the next-gen consoles, these are the default settings for the Immortals Fenyx Rising controls.

ActionPS4 / PS5 ControlsSwitch ControlsXbox One / Series X Controls
NavigateLLeft StickL
Auto MovementL3 (press twice)L3 (press twice)L3 (press twice)
Camera ControlRRight StickR
Far SightR3 (hold)R3 (hold)R3 (hold)
Jump / Swim UpX / X (hold)B / B (hold)A / A (hold)
Double JumpX (tap twice)B (tap twice)A (tap twice)
Crouch / Drop Down / Swim DownCircle / Circle (hold)A / A (hold)B / B (hold)
Dodge / Sprint / Dash (In Water) / Fast Travel (Available Locations)Square / Square (hold)Y / Y (hold)X / X (hold)
Interact / Call MountTriangle / Triangle (hold)X / X (hold)Y / Y (hold)
Light AttackR1RRB
Heavy Attack / Throw Object / Shoot Arrow (Aiming)R2 (hold to charge throw)ZR (hold to charge throw)RT (hold to charge throw)
Melee Ability WidgetL1LLB
Free Aim Bow / Ranged Ability WidgetL2 (hold)ZL (hold)LT (hold)
ParryL1 + R1L + RLB + RB
Character Menu / MapTouchPad–  / – (hold)View / View (hold) – next to menu
Pause Menu / RestOptions+ / + (hold)Menu / Menu (hold)
Attack PotionD-Pad UpD-Pad UpD-Pad Up
Health Potion / PomegranateD-Pad Left / Left (hold)D-Pad Left / Left (hold)D-Pad Left / Left (hold)
Stamina Potion / Blue MushroomD-Pad Right / Right (hold)D-Pad Right / Right (hold)D-Pad Right / Right (hold)
Defence PotionD-Pad DownD-Pad DownD-Pad Down
Photo ModeL3 + R3L3 + R3L3 + R3

Immortals Fenyx Rising glide controls

Here’s how to navigate the world of Immortals Fenyx Rising while in mid-air, using your wings to glide around the map.

ActionPS4 / PS5 ControlsSwitch ControlsXbox One / Series X Controls
Open Wings (in mid-air)CircleAB
NavigationLLeft StickL
Camera ControlRRight StickR
Drop / Dive DownCircle / Circle (hold)A / A (hold)B / B (hold)

Immortals Fenyx Rising PC controls (default)

Image Source: Ubisoft

Here are all of the basic controls for Immortals Fenyx Rising on PC, as listed per the default settings.

ActionKey Bind PC Controls
NavigateW, A, S, D
Auto MovementZ
Camera ControlMouse
Far SightV
LockLeft Control
Jump / Swim Up / ClimbSpacebar
Double JumpSpacebar (double tap)
Crouch / Drop Down / Swim DownC
SprintLeft Shift
DodgeLeft Alt
Call MountR (hold)
Light AttackLeft Mouse Click
Heavy Attack / Throw ObjectLeft Shift + Left Mouse Click
Melee Ability WidgetMouse Wheel Click
Free Aim Bow / Ranged Ability WidgetRight Mouse Click
Character Menu / MapLeft Tab (hold)
Photo ModeF3

Immortals Fenyx Rising ability controls

As you progress through Immortals Fenyx Rising, you will collect items known as ‘Coins of Charon’ by completing Myth Challenges. Taking these coins back to the Hall of the Gods and using them in the River Styx Cistern will allow you to unlock and upgrade various Skills and Godly Powers.

The powers granted at the River Styx Cistern can be deployed to enhance your combat experience and to help you beat the puzzles. Here’re the ability controls that you need to know once you’ve unlocked each power

AbilityPS4 / PS5 ControlsSwitch ControlsXbox One / Series X Controls
Athena’s Dash (charged if owned)L1 + Square (hold)L + Y (hold)LB + X (hold)
Herakles’ StrengthL1 (hold) + Triangle (hold)L (hold) + X (hold)LB (hold) + Y (hold)
Ares’ Wrath (charged if owned)L1 + X (hold)L + B (hold)LB + A (hold)
Phosphor’s AttackL1 (hold) + CircleL (hold) + ALB (hold) + B
Hephaistos’ Hammer (charged if owned)L1 + R2 (hold)L + ZR (hold)LB + RT (hold)
Apollo’s ArrowL2 (hold) + R1 (hold) – Direct with RZL (hold) + R (hold) – Direct with Right StickLT (hold) + RB (hold) – Direct with R

How stamina works in Immortals Fenyx Rising

The use of stamina within Immortals Fenyx Rising is crucial to your success, whether it be in combat or solving one of the many puzzles throughout the Golden Isle. When traversing the diverse environment, stamina can be depleted in many ways, but it will always regenerate.

As shown in the image above, using your wings to glide depletes stamina, but don’t worry too much about running out while in mid-air as the wings will stay open until you safely reach the floor. Sprinting also won’t leave you in a dangerous predicament, so you don’t have to be mindful of going everywhere in a rush.

There are other types of movement which could leave you in a spot of bother, though, as swimming for too long will leave you sinking to the bottom if you run out of stamina. Climbing too high without resting is also perilous, and will have you sustaining deadly fall damage very quickly.

While unlike other games that implement stamina in combat, Immortals Fenyx Rising doesn’t punish you for over-exerting your character. The only way that stamina is depleted during a fight is by using powerful Godly abilities. Stamina will be slightly regenerated with every light attack that you land on enemies, so dodge and swing your sword or axe to your heart’s content until the enemy is vanquished.

A useful tip for approaching combat is to employ the stealth attack. While crouching if an enemy is yet to notice your presence, you can sneak up on them and use the stealth attack, dealing a massive amount of damage to give you the upper-hand.

Stamina can be upgraded while you work through the game by collecting bolts of Zeus’ lightning from the various Vaults of Tartaros and taking them to the Hall of the Gods.

How to manually save and load games in Immortals Fenyx Rising

There is an autosave feature within this game, but if, like many gamers, you are still sceptical of this, you can easily perform a manual save to protect your precious hard-earned progress.

To manually save Immortal Fenyx Rising, head to the main menu. The first two options at the top of the menu will be ‘Save’ and ‘Load,’ with you also having the choice of creating multiple saved game files.

How to customise and remap controls in Immortals Fenyx Rising

To customise or remap the controls within Immortals Fenyx Rising, simply head to the main menu and select Options. Next, scroll one tab to the right to find the Controls menu: under the General section, you’ll find the ‘Customise Controls’ option, where you can entirely remap the Immortals Fenyx Rising control layout.

Now, you’re ready to immerse yourself into the modern retelling of Greek mythology and liberate the Golden Isle in Immortals Fenyx Rising.

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