King of Seas: Complete Controls Guide for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S

Here are the controls that you need to rule as a pirate captain on King of Seas across all major consoles.

Set for its full release on 25 May 2021, King of Seas launched a demo, offering an hour to experience the procedurally-generated pirate world of adventure, naval combat, and revenge.

The game offers a surprisingly deep controls set, giving you more than just the options to move your ship around with the analogues. Instead, you have much more control over the use of your sails and need to take other elements into the equation.

Here, we’re going through all of the controls that you need to know to play King of Seas on each console, as well as have a look at some of the other core mechanics.

In this King of Seas controls guide, the buttons on each controller’s d-pad are shown as Up, Left, Right, and Down. The analogues are denoted as (L) and (R), with the buttons activated when clicking them being L3 and R3.

King of Seas controls list for Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Series X|S

These are all of the navigation, combat, ability, and menu access controls that you need to know to play King of Seas on consoles.

ActionPS4 / PS5 ControlsSwitch ControlsXbox One / Series X|S Controls
Zoom Camera InUpUpUp
Zoom Camera OutDownDownDown
Turn the Ship(L)(L)(L)
Open Sails One at a TimeR1RRB
Close One Sail at a TimeL1LLB
Fire Left CannonsL2 (press and release)ZL (press and release)LT (press and release)
Fire Right CannonsR2 (press and release)ZR (press and release)RT (press and release)
Use Boatswain’s SkillTriangleXY
Use Specialist’s SkillOAB
Use First Mate’s SkillSquareYX
Use Ship’s Special WeaponXBA
Open MapR3R3R3
Open InventoryTouchPadN/A
Open Pause MenuOptions+Menu

How to use the map on King of Seas

To access the map on any console, you need to press the right analogue to activate the R3 button.

From there, you can see your location, as marked by your ship, anywhere that you’ve revealed so far, and your current quest marker – shown by a circled red X.

It’s a vast map, so remember to use the right analogue to zoom in and out if you’re struggling to locate something, and use the left analogue to move the focus around.

By pressing the right bumper of your controller, you can switch to the Treasure Maps page. Here, all of the maps that you’ve collected are held. Once you use one, you can track down some treasure, as marked by the X on the map.

How to save the game on King of Seas

Whenever you want to save your game on King of Seas, you need to sail to a port, move in between the red buoys, and then select the option to ‘Dock and Save.’

Doing this will save your game, as shown by the icon in the top right corner, and grant you access to ship upgrades, storage, the Market, and the Tavern.

How to upgrade, buy items, store inventory, and hire pirates

Whether you want to make your ship stronger, repair it, buy items, or hire more pirates for your crew, you’ll need to dock at a port – marked by the red buoys – and then select ‘Dock and Save.’

Here is the list of services available at the port:

  • Carpenter: Ship repairs and upgrades
  • Bank: Store inventory items
  • Market: Buy and sell items
  • Tavern: Hire pirates and accept new quests

In most of these menus, you can use the left analogue to change the category of items and upgrades shown on the screen.

So, those are the controls and game mechanics that you need to know to navigate the open waters of King of Seas on the Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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