King of Seas Pairs With Team17 for Pirate Action RPG but Delays Release

King of Seas
Source: Team17 Official YouTube Channel

Just one week prior to the planned King of Seas launch on 18 February 2021, a press release today has delayed the title and confirmed a new partnership between developer 3DClouds and veteran gaming publisher Team17. The pirate-themed action RPG is being pushed back at least three months, but they’ve now got a valuable new part of the team.

King of Seas developer 3DClouds already has four games under their belt, but their previous titles have all been in the racing realm. Their first title, All-Star Fruit Racing, launched in late 2017, and they’ve since followed suit with Xenon Racer, Race With Ryan, and the free-to-play CARRUMBLE.

They first announced King of Seas in July of 2020, at which point it was scheduled for an Autumn 2020 release on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. While the platforms have remained the same, the eventual release date has been pushed back yet again.

King of Seas partners with veteran publisher Team17

While the delay may be frustrating for some, it comes with a valuable new addition as 3DClouds will now be working with Team17 as the publisher for King of Seas. Team17 has been in the gaming industry for over three decades now, and they’re most known for the beloved Worms franchise that started in 1994.

While they’ve been involved in publishing since the early days of the company, Team17 set a new focus in 2013 on pairing with indie game developers as a publisher. They started with Light on Linux, macOS, and Windows in 2013, and Team17 published 34 more titles between 2013 and 2020.

Where 3DClouds may have felt a bit less experienced, Team17 is now there to pick up the slack and bring that publishing consistency to the table. Unfortunately, the new partnership also means the title is facing yet another delay, but hopefully this will be the last one.

Team17 partnership pushes back release by three months

King of Seas
Source: Team17 Official YouTube Channel

3DClouds initially aimed to have King of Seas out in Autumn of 2020, but that got pushed to the same year’s holiday season by September. Eventually they’d settled on an exact release date of 18 February 2021, but that’s no longer the plan.

In their press release announcing the new partnership with Team17, it was also revealed that King of Seas has been pushed back to May 2021. While the three month delay is significant, it’s actually good news for those who were hopeful about the game.

We’ve seen several developers and publishers crash and burn when refusing to delay a game in order to iron out improvements and polish the final product, most notably with Cyberpunk 2077. While King of Seas doesn’t have near the size or presence of CD Projekt Red’s title, they want to deliver on what looks to be the developer’s biggest release to date.

As noted in the press release, the delay will allow for increased gameplay quality and the addition of German, French, Spanish, and Chinese translations within the game. This will give their final product a more international reach, and it should mean a higher quality release when May 2021 does finally arrive.

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