League of Legends Free Agency: Biggest Potential 2021 Roster Moves

Take a look at the top roster rumours and agreements that have been confirmed prior to the free agency.

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With the League of Legends free agency window going live today, rumours, confirmations, and verbal agreements have already been made in just the past few days. From even more imports to North America, to the release of a world contender’s roster, here are some of the most surprising free agents and rumours of the 2021 League of Legends free agency.

‘Perkz’ to Cloud9?

Image Source: Dotesports

This would possibly be the most surprising and shocking move of the 2021 offseason. It had been teased for weeks on Twitter that Luka ‘Perkz’ Perković would be finding a new home in North America. On 12 November 2020, sources were relayed by Dotesports that Perkz looks set to join Cloud9 to become their star mid-laner in North America.

Perkz started his career in Europe and found a permanent home in G2 Esports just a year into his competitive career. He continued to put in star performances, carrying G2 to many trophies, and even to the World finals in 2019. alongside Rasmus ‘Caps’ Borregaard Winther.

This year saw G2 Esports make it to the semi-finals of the World Championship, so it would come as a surprise to see ‘Perkz’ take-up an offer from a North American team. However, the allure of money can draw-in just about anyone, and ‘Perkz’ looks set to enjoy a hefty payday.

‘PowerOfEvil’ to Team SoloMid?

With Team SoloMid going 0-6 during the 2020 League of Legends World Championship, as well as the retirement announcement of Søren ‘Bjergsen’ Bjerg, many were wondering who would be stepping into his shoes. The legendary mid-laner has become synonymous with the organization, and many were left wondering where they would go next.

So, who would have thought that the one to replace ‘Bjergsen’ would be the one that was considered one of his greatest adversaries? On 10 November 2020, Jacob Wolf cited sources, via Twitter, that Tristan ‘PowerOfEvil’ Schrage may be signing with Team SoloMid at the beginning of the free agency period. ‘PowerOfEvil’ is best known for hopping from team to team in both Europe and North America. However, his most recent venture with FlyQuest saw him at his most successful.

After leaving Counter Logic Gaming in 2019, ‘PowerOfEvil’ joined FlyQuest for the 2020 Spring and Summer split. He became the catalyst for their success, helping them place second in both Splits, as well as taking them as the second seed from North America to the League of Legends World Championship. Although they did fall in the group stage with a 3-3 score, it was far better than their ninth-place finish in the 2019 regular Summer Split.

‘Kk0ma’ signs with DAMWON Gaming as head coach

Image Source: DWG_Official, via Twitter

It’s not typical for coaching staff switches to come in as being overly important when it comes to free agency windows in League of Legends. However, this coaching change can only be seen as a power move by both parties. Having been crowned as the world champions in 2020, DAMWON Gaming terminated their contracts with head coach Lee ‘Zefa’ Jae-min and coach Yang ‘Daeny’ Dae-in.

In their places, DAMWON Gaming announced, via social media, that they have signed legendary coach Kim ‘kk0ma’ Jeong-Gyun. ‘Kk0ma’ is best known for his time with SK Telecom T1, mentoring Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok and leading the team to three World Championships (2013, 2015, and 2016).

After a disappointing time with SK Telecom T1 in 2019, ‘kk0ma’ ended up going to China to coach Vici Gaming for a year, but returned to the Korea Republic for personal reasons. His signing with DAMWON Gaming sees the return of the only person ever to have an in-game skin while not being an active professional player.

Regardless of which moves come to fruition, this League of Legends free agency looks set to see plenty of high-profile roster changes in preparation of an exciting season ahead.

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